Friday, July 26, 2013

 hiking badger mountain - me and lammie 

happy 20th birthday!! princess for the day! 


lakisha and juan

maria sanchez - powerhouse member 

lupe - aka Jonesies best friend. I love her!! 

birthday fun! 

more birthday fun!! surprise!!! 

Happy Birthday to Me from Kennewick

Hola Familia y Feliz Cumpleanos a mi!!!! hehehe.

You all know how much I love my birthday. I thought that birthdays would be really lame out here on a mission but I am loving it! These packages are so much fun! Thank you so so much for all of your sweet letters and packages. I am one spoiled hermanita! The family I now live with made me cake this morning and I opened my presents this morning too. I LOVED THEM ALL!!! I am planning on going ziplining today with the other english sisters and then going to play volleyball with our zone and then we are off to COSTA VIDA!!! Closest thing to cafe rio right now, and they give missionaries 75% off. SCORE! Then we are going to one of my favorite members house tonight. Its gonna be a good day!

Now for the craziness that happened this week. I got a call on Tuesday morning from President Ware that said that one of the Hermanas was going home for health reasons. So..I was Emergency Transferred to Kennewick 4 hours later. It was a very bittersweet thing because I have heard so many good things about Kennewick but I was so sad to leave Pasco so soon (and of course momma pierce). 

Kennewick is only about 10 minutes from Pasco but it is over the river so it seems like another city over there haha. Kennewick is really cool. Lots and lots of apartment complexes and lots of mexicans :). I am now companions with Hermana Foster. She is from Orem UT and she is a powerhouse. She has only been out for 7 weeks but I swear she knows more than me. Either me or her will probably be transferred out of here in 3 weeks because of the 9 Hermanas coming in, but we are making the best of the time together. At first it was hard to adjust because I have been with Pierce and Jones my entire mission but I love hermana foster. She is a professional dancer and she is just legit.

When I got here to Kennewick she told me about this family that was going to be baptized THIS saturday. So basically I kinda got thrown into the wolves to help plan a baptism but it was so fun! The Ibarra family is SO LEGIT. You would never think they would be interested in this church but they have completely turned their lives around and they are so ready for the church it is unbelievable. I have been so blessed to know them and see them through this step in their lives. Juan is 28 and Lakisha is 23. They have 2 kids named Uvia and Ricky. They are so freaking cute and I love them.

The baptism planning was all going smoothly and then Saturday approached. We started off the day by going to a branch activity to hike Badger Mountain (not really a mountain). It was a pretty big hike and we did it with the Ibarra kids too. It was really hot outside but we had fun. After that we were running around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to get everything done before 6pm. Everything went so well and smoothly and then people started to show up. And then more people. And then the AP's. And then President & Sister Ware. And we had about 30 people there. As Juan went to get into the font, the branch president looked up at me and said "The water is way too hot.." WHAT?!! We were so careful about making sure it wasn't too cold! And now it was too hot!? Me and Hermana Foster sang a duet and I shared my testimony on the spot to stall time. After about 15 minutes, everything went perfectly. Long story short is that it wasn't our fault. Someone messed with the temperature gages and they had to call a technician in. By the end of this week with all the changes in transfers, meeting new people, learning a new area, having a new companion, planning a baptism, and hiking a mountain...its safe to say that I AM EXHAUSTED. But a very productive exhausted. 

I am loving Kennewick so far. I am scared to get close to anyone because I could be leaving in about 3 weeks though. Hermana Jones told me story after story about the members in Kennewick because she LOVES this place. So it has been really fun to see the people that I have heard so much about. I am always just tracting behind in my momma's footsteps :)

Funny Moment: Alright I am takin a big move with my funny moment this week..We love all the missionary's in the mission. But I will say that I know that their are only the special ones that are called spanish speaking ;). So me and Hermana Foster have a new slang word that we use. When we want to call someone odd or just a little bit different...we say.. "They are so English" or "They were so nice..just very English" haha. Use it. Good stuff. And for all those who have served spanish know what I am saying. For those who didn't..don't be offended. hehe.

Spiritual Moment: After all was said and done during the madness of the baptism, watching these 2 people that I have only known for 4 days get into the waters of baptism was absolutely indescribable. The room got quiet and the spirit rushed in. I wish I could remember my special day a little better but it was a really strong reminder to me how important that day 12 years ago was. 

I love you all so much. I am having such an amazing birthday. I am so blessed by so many incredible people in my life. I can't believe that I will be home in a year! Time to get to work! Love you all so much!

Smile Always.
-Hermana McBride