Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lots of Pics. Lots.

 rockin' my Barcelona jersey 

 birthday cake from Lupe

Biscoff from Lupe

gots my shades onnnnn. 

la familia lopez (that jersey!)  Ronay is in the HIDEOUS Lakers Jersey and Nelson is in the stripes.

lammie the dog

biggest slurpee stop in the entire world. #Kennewick

life of miguelito lopez

me and foster

me and my child

mis bonitas - nathalia and nohemi

nathalia and nohemi's baptism

nerf gun. go'in go kill me some zombies. 

our way fun district

pancake flipping struggles

pink nerf gun. ready. 

sometimes I fall off my chair

Taco John's with momma pierce

Ibarra kidlins

found someone playing the ukelele and almost cried. 

love me some weekly planning. #swag

ziplining on my birthday. 

our zone 

Roller Coaster Ride

Buenos Dias:)

Alright so this week has been insane. Just up and down and all that nonsense. Welcome to my missionary life. My vivid dreams of being home are still haunting me every now and then but I am still trying to SEGUIR ADELANTE! We also found a family of 6 kids and single mother that we taught this week (The Morales Family). We have only taught them one lesson but they seem way solid and I am so stoked to teach them.

The main topic of my email will pretty much just be about Ronay and his baptism. On Tuesday we had a lesson with Ronay and little Michael and we taught them the 10 commandments/sabbath day. All went well but just because I am a big ball of stress I was so worried that he wouldn't be ready for this committment. I know I didn't come out here to rack up my baptism number because they stress me out so much haha. I have been having a hard time grasping that you don't have to know EVERYTHING before your baptized. And Ronay has lots of questions. But I had many pep-talks with some Elders and also Hermana Pierce called and I feel that this is his time. 

So on Saturday night we showed up for another lesson with them but since the whole family was participating, we taught in some espanol. It was all good but I couldn't read how much everyone was understanding and I started to get frustrated. At the end of the lesson, Ronay told us that he was leaving town for the week but would get back the day of his baptism. Oh good. Lets just add some more stress. We still have like 4 lessons with you Ronay. What the heck! So anyway, we came to the conclusion to teach him on Sunday and his interview would be on Saturday morning (same day as baptism).

Sunday, we talked to him and so did the Elders and I had strong confirmation that he is ready. I am so excited for that special day for him. It has been a roller coaster ride trying to get this whole thing planned with barely knowing anyone and having a brand new missionary. But I am SO excited for Saturday. 

We have been teaching the Ibarra's still. I am still obsessed with them. Thats all. 

There was a giant, insane, scary, quick thunderstorm yesterday. I was freakin out haha. I got in the car and turned on "My Favorite Things" from the sound of music. It was all better after that haha. 

Funny Moment: #1 brought to you by Elder Trotter: "Yolo is the Yo form of the verb Yolar (meaning to only live once). HAHAHA! I was dying. 
#2 Tuesday night I had a bad headache and so I decided to take some Ibprofen PM to help me sleep. I took it about an hour before bed. At about 3am my companion was SCREAMING her head off and I woke up (still on drugs pretty much) and was like "WHATS WRONG?!?!" She sat up and smacked her head on the ceiling fan and then told me that she always has these dreams about bugs and spiders coming to kill her. I woke up the next day and couldn't wake up. The medicine didn't ware off until about 12oclock. It was awful haha. So after all that we went to do service for a less-active member and we showed up and told us that she needed help removing her bedbugs. She says "just make sure to wash your clothes when you get home so that you don't carry anything with you". I looked at my Hermana Dixon and she was just on the verge of laughing and crying at the same time. Okay lady..listen. I got called to WASHINGTON. Not India or some place where I am gonna "carry something home". Hahaha. It was an interesting experience to say the least haha.

Spiritual Moment: This whole week has been ups and downs trying to figure out the whole baptism situation but I have felt the spirit throughout the whole entire thing. I have felt that God is always here to answer our prayers. I want you all to know that I KNOW without a doubt that God is real and that he is there even when we don't feel like he is. IF we are willing to do the things that he asks, that is how we will feel his support. I know that God hears my prayers when I am stressed, when I miss my family (cough cough all the time), when I need some help to be a better companion, or when I just need someone to talk to. Prayer is so powerful and I know God wants to hear each and everyone of us. 

Can I Come

Buenos Dias Bonitas:

Alright..lets get down to business. To defeat the huns. hehe. Sorry. Sidetracted. I have been listening to too much disney lately. #TheStruggle. I just want to jump right into this week. We started off by saying a lot of goodbyes to Hermana Foster. It was nice for me to meet more members. On Wednesday, we went to the transfer site to pick up our new greenies. We walked in and we all just starred in the gym like they were little fish or something. Finally we started talking to some of them and they told us that they weren't allowed to tell us their companions yet. So we just made small talk for a little bit until this one hermana came up to us and looked at my name tag and just LIT UP. She had this giant smile on her face. I just looked at her and said, "come give momma a hug". haha! She was like I wasn't supposed to say anything but oh well! hahah! It was way funny. Also at the transfer site, I FINALLY got to see Elder Junior Wolfgramm (from high school). I wasn't able to take a picture with him because it was so chaotic but it was so much fun to see him!

So my new companions name is Hermana Dixon. She is from Centerville Utah. She is just way chill. She makes corrections and is willing to try anything. She is a great little daughter. She came from the Mexico MTC and said it was a really good experience. She was part of the first generation to go there. She is cool. For any of you who know Quincie Fornelius..she kinda reminds me of her because she is just chill haha. We get along way well. We got in the car and I took her straight to a lesson. I make her do a lot of things and she probably hates me because of it but she is learning so fast.

Update on Ronay and Nelson: The night that Hermana Dixon got here, we went to teach the plan of salvation to them. It was all going well until someone went off about aliens. The whole lesson just dove south. We sat and talked about Aliens, Cain, Outterdarkness, who created satan, etc. It was awful but so comical. My poor little greenie. This whole thing was in spanish. Ronay just LOVES to know every detail. haha. We finally got a hold of the lesson and talked about baptism. Hermana Dixon sent the baptismal invite for the 31st of August. Nelson said he doesn't know because he doesn't see the significance because he has already been baptized in another church but he said he would pray to know if it is what he should do. Ronay said that he wants to learn more and gain a stronger understanding first. The both said they eventually want to be baptized, which was really cool. 

So then, on Sunday we were showing up to sacrament meeting and Elder Hobbs came up to us and said "I thought you said Ronay didn't have a date for baptism yet? He is inviting everyone to his baptism on the 31st of August!" WE WERE STOKED! We marched right up to him at the end of sacrament meeting and I said, "Hey Ronay, Sooo...I hear you are being batized on August 31st...Can I Come???" He just laughed and said "I dunno, do you got any money?". He told us that he has really been thinking about it and wants to be baptized and has seen so many blessings in his life lately. He even stopped drinking coffee before we taught him! SO STOKED! We have family home evening with them tonight and we are going to learn how to make honduran food :). Love their family so much!

We are finally out finding people more. Our less-active work is starting to pay off a tiny bit because some families are returning to church! It has been so exciting to see that.

Funny Moment: My greenies first door. The lady wasn't very interested. Said she would take a card. We give her the card and she looks at it and says this (VERY dramatically), "Latter-day saints huh?..*Crumples the card* I DON'T LIKE YOUR TOWERS!" ***SLAM***. Hahahaha! I think she meant temples but at the same time I am not sure. Maybe she was talking about the church office building. Sometimes I don't like towers either. They block the view of so many lovely sights. 

Spiritual Moment: One thing Hermana Pierce showed me on exchanges has had a huge impact on me this last week. There are so many scriptures in the bible and book of mormon that talk about praying during times of trial. One example of this is in 1 Nephi 7: 17-18 when Laman and Lemuel bind up Nephi in cords in the hope that he will be eaten by beasts. (If my siblings ever did that, i would pop them right in the out). is interesting that during that time, Nephi doesn't pray that God will take the bands off. He prays for THE STRENGTH to break free. Sometimes we pray for our circumstances to change when in reality what we need to pray for is for THE STRENGTH to get through things. I have used that principle so much more this week and it has helped me so much.

I love you and think about you all more than you know. Les Quiero MUCHO!

smile always.

-Hermana McBride

Pregnant with Greenie

Hollllla Muchachos :)

So...ya the headline pretty much says it all. I am going to be receiving a new missionary on Wednesday, here in Kennewick. I am so so excited but I am a little nervous. She is coming from the mexico MTC since they are doing that now. Hopefully that will mean she knows the language better than I did. haha! PRAY FOR ME. Hermana Foster is getting sent to Wenatchee with a greenie. Sad that our little companionship is over already but we had a really good 4 weeks together. 

So last time I talked about the missionary nerf-gun obsession. Well..I am pleased, and somewhat emberassed to say that I bought my first nerf gun haha. I bought it and felt kinda dumb so I also bought some pink spray paint and glitter to make myself feel better about the whole situation. HAHA! My zone thinks im a little cray cray. Gotta play zombies in style though right? 

I talked a little bit about the part-member family we are teaching (Lopez family) from Honduras. They are so legit. The ones that we are teaching are Ronay (rone-eye) and Nelson. They are about 26 and 35ish. They just want to learn more and more and more. They have a past but they want to change and want to know as much as possible. Before we even talked about baptism, they told us that they wanted to be baptized soon. Whoop whoop!! They come to church every week and love it. Yesterday was a bit awkward because we haven't taught them very much and the 3 lessons that were taught were about 1. The Word of Wisdom 2. Baptisms for the dead and 3. Ronay came up to us and said "Im confused kinda...whats the Urim and Thummin?" Bahaha! Poor guy. His mind was just so blown. He told us he was confused but felt the spirit so strong. He described it as "Un fuego en mi corazon". Even though he speaks perfect English haha. Anyway, I will keep you all updated with them. 

I got to do exchanges here in Kennewick with Hermana Pierce. MOMMY DAUGHTER TIME! WHOO! It felt like I was having a sleepover with one of my best friends haha. We planned our whole after-life in Provo. It is amazing to me how I can still learn so much from her. I was very blessed to have Jones and Pierce as my trainers. They both continue to teach me in ways I never thought were possible. I have kinda compared that to my own parents. Just because we leave the house and go off to school doesn't mean that we aren't learning from them. In fact, I think I have learned more being away and learning from their examples. Hermana Pierce told me that being a trainer is kinda like real life because as soon as your a "mom" or a trainer, that is when you have the most respect and gratitude for your parents and trainers. I am very lucky to have amazing mission "moms" but also amazing parents as well. Thank you so much for being such amazing examples in my life.

I have been trying to figure out why I am so exhausted this transfer and I realized that it is because we are teaching SO many less active members. It is like a full on puzzle to try to figure out how to help people get back to church. Some of them have 100% desire and 0% motivation to do anything about it. So that is exciting. haha. I love these people so much because of their strong testimony's but I am a little burnt out haha! 

Spiritual: Yesterday in Sunday School they brought up the Word of Wisdom. Me and Hermana Foster were so nervous because we had never taught that lesson to Ronay and Nelson. The conversation went on and I could see confusion all up in the air. I kept on trying to think of a way that I could somewhat help the situation. A thought came into my mind.."Ask Juan and Lakisha (Ibarra family) to share their experience with the Word of Wisdom". I was kinda confused because I wouldn't normally just tell someone to do something like that. I waited a few more minutes. Hermana Foster whispered to me.."I am going to share a scripture and then after, have Lakisha and Juan share their testimony about the Word of Wisdom". I was like WOAH that's weird, I was thinking the same thing. And then, Elder Abbott (who barely knows Juan and Lakisha) says.."Hermana McBride, have Juan and Lakisha tell their story with the Word of Wisdom". My mind was blown! Within literally 2 minutes, the spirit told us all the same thing. It was so cool to see how the spirit works and I know that it is exactly what needed to happen. Juan just through down with some amazing story. He told us later that he wanted to share his story the whole time but was a little nervous. So Cool!

Funny: Okay to start this out I am going to give you a little background. Maria Zamora was a 16 year old girl with blue hair, lip piercings, and gages. The missionaries knocked on her door and she told them she wasn't interested but her mom told her to be nice and listen. She told them straight up that she would never change or get baptized. Fast-forward to January 2013 and little miss not gonna change, was dressed in white, with brown hair, no peircings and a sweet spirit. All she wants now is to go on a mission. She is basically a legend in Kennewick. Hermana Jones already told me a ton about her. Anyway, we are teaching her new member lessons. She is a little FIREBALL. She is so freaking funny. So I just wanted to give you a few of my favorite Maria Zamora quotes:

1st Situation: Phone Call

Me: Hey maria we are just calling to make sure you can still come out to a lesson with us tomorrow.

Maria: I don't know. Guys, I have been so sick all day because I had this salmon stuff and I am like 99% positive that their is a fishbone stuck in my throat. I am gonna go to the E.R or something. Will you guys just say a little personal prayer and ask God if he could like get this fishbone out of my throat. 

2nd Situation: Lesson

Me: Maria what would your life be like without your family?

Maria: Well first of all, I would be like a little hobo baby on the streets not knowing what to do. 

3rd Situation: Casual Conversation

Maria: Ugh!! This guy from my work (mcdonalds) keeps on texting me. He keeps calling me "cutie". Like what the heck I am not a freaking tangerine!!

HAHAHAH!!! This girl kills me. In a lesson, she brings the bass. Her testimony is so strong and she is going to be an amazing missonary one day. 

I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you and miss each one of you so much! 


-Hermana McBride

Get That

Buenos Dias!

I had such an amazing birthday. THANK YOU so much for everything. It was so much fun. Everything is going really well here in Kennewick. This place has SO much work to be done. There are billions of apartamentos and mexicans everywhere. Its great. Me and Hermana Foster are having a really good time together. We get along so well and she is an amazing missionary. 

So this week we had exchanges with the Pasco Sisters. Whoop whoop! I got to see mommy pierce but I went with Hermana Ray to Pasco. It was really fun being back in pasco for the day. Except for the part where we had to drive a visa waiter to the airport at like 4 am. I have learned a lot about companionships lately. I was with the same 2 companions for almost half of my mission, so change was a little rough at first. I am obviously obsessed with Momma Jones and Pierce so I have learned how to adapt better with other people. I am learning so much more about people and how to adapt out here. It will definitely help me in real life a ton.

We have been going and finding a lot of old investigators from like years ago and it has been really frustrating because NOBODY ever still lives there. But this week while on exchanges, Pierce and Foster found this lady named Irma. They knocked on her door and she said "Oh my goodness, how did you find me!?" (in a really exciting happy way, not in a creepy way). She was so excited. We had an appointment with her this week and she is SO solid. She was like I already know this is true. I was bearing testimony to her and she said.."I can tell you weren't raised in the church. You REALLY know this is true". I told her I actually was raised into the church but I had to find out for myself. I am so grateful for all of the experiences I have had to make my testimony stronger and stronger. It wasn't always easy but I can actually say I know it for myself.  

We had Zone Conference this week. A M A Z I N G! President and Sister Ware are so legit. They taught me so many good things.One of the things I learned is that the perfect model of charity and love is Jesus Christ and God. So whatever situation we are in, we can use that overcome hard things. You all know me, I have an attitude sometimes but I am trying better to be willing to be more charitable and lovable...with the Madi Spunk too of course. Wait who is Madi? I mean hermana mcbride. weird. awkward. President Ware is really good at having the spirit but having fun at the same time which is exactly what I strive for. 

EXCITING NEWS: I asked President Ware about Nathalia's baptism and he almost said no. But being the nicest guy ever, he said YES!!! then he told hermana pierce YES! FAMILY REUNION IN YAKIMA WITH ALL OF MY FAVORITE PEEPS! I am so excited. Also, Nohemi (Nathalias daughter) and said she is planning on applying to BYU instead! SO cool! 

Spiritual Moment: In zone conference they had departing testimonys for those who leave this transfer. One elder got up there and said something that was very applicable to me. In my own words: Without my mission, I would have been totally fine. I wouldve been hanging out with my friends. Trying to choose the right. Hanging out with my family. BUT...because of my mission I have learned who I want to be. I have learned how to really live the gospel and how to be myself at the same time. I have a testimony now. a REAL one. I know the patterns that I need to live (making my bed, cough cough). My mission really means so much to me.

Funny Moment: There is an Elder in our district named Elder Sanchez. He is a native and doesnt know much english. I have been trying to teach him slang hahaa. This week we played volleyball and he was killing it! So I kept saying "GET THAAT ELDER SANCHEZ!" Kinda like "heck ya! or Good job". But he didn't really understand. So he goes over to hermana foster and says.."Hermana Foster...Que Significa...Get that?" bahaha!! She said, "Es una palabra de hermana mcbride". He now uses it all the time haha. good stuff. I also taught him how to say "WHATEVER!" and he has got an attitude now. good ol' elder sanchez.
Love you all so much. Have a BONITA week!

Les Quiero MUCHISMO!
XOXO! Smile Siempre.

-Hermana McBride 

God Loves Hermanas

Que Pasa Homies?

Can't believe how fast summer is flying by! I LOVE hearing from all of you and seeing all of your pictures. This last week has been pretty good. During P-day last week we always meet as a zone and play sports or write letters. This week, we played Zombie Apocalypse with nerf guns...Wait what? Who am I anymore? Apparently every missionary has nerf guns and they are like way nice. haha! I was laughing so hard. But it was way fun! We ran around the church shooting eachother with nerf guns. Like I said, I don't know who I am anymore. Today I am going to the mall to refind my interself haha!

First and foremost...NATHALIA AND NOHEMIS BAPTISM. It was such a great day. Me and Lupe (member from our branch) went to pick up Pierce and then drove up to Yaktown. I was so happy to be back there with Jones and Pierce. It was amazing! I literally jumped on Nohemi and Nathalia when I saw them. We sang nearer my god to thee in spanish and accapella and welp..WE KILLED IT. The spirit was unreal. Everything went perfect. I didn't want it to end. Apparently Nohemi might serve a mission too! They are moving to Utah in December and Nohemi is applying for BYU right now. SO LEGIT!

This week has been way good overall. I am having a hard time a little bit because I have VERY vivid dreams sometimes and they are almost always about coming home or being at home with friends and family. So by the time I wake up I have to remember that I am a missionary and its time to get to work. Its happened a few times where I will wake up just extremely confused. Once I get up for about an hour, its all good. It has just been really weird haha.

We had one day this week where we had NO appointments. It has been so hot and we knew we had to tract all day so we prayed for some clouds. Let me just say that God loves the Hermanas. We got clouds, wind, AND rain. The Elders texted us and said "I bet you guys prayed for this weather or something because hermanas get whatever they want". Ya pretty much how it works elders. #SorryNotSorry

Spiritual: This week I have been thinking so much about families. We are teaching so many different types of family dynamics and me and Hermana Foster have very different family situations as well. But regardless, I am so grateful for mine. They have made me who I am today. Yesterday we taught The Ibarra family, the ones who just got baptized, about eternal marriage. Lakisha said that it is hard for her to wait a year to be sealed because she wants it so bad right now. The desire she has is so unreal and it keeps her family so strong. Another family we are teaching just moved here from North Carolina. They are originally from Honduras but they moved to the U.S. They were on there way to move to Vancouver but there car stopped working here in Kennewick. So they will be staying here for a while until they decide to leave. They are members and they found the church time online and showed up last week. Me and Hermana Foster went to visit them this week. We walked into their apartment and they have no beds, no furniture, a small tv hooked up, blankets, and a cooler for a fridge. But I have never seen a family so happy and so loving with one another. We found out that 2 of them aren't members and are really loving church so we are going to be teaching them. I am so excited. This family has the light of christ. We felt it the second that we walked in. And its cool too because the dad looks like Doc Rivers. hehe. 

Funny Moment: We were at a members house and they showed us this video that some elders from our mission put up on youtube. Go search: "L.D.S Missionaries A Childs Prayer". It is a video of them lipsynching in the car. I was crying laughing so hard.

Also..Hermana Foster had a blonde moment this week. Here is our conversation:

Me: Where is Hermana Lemmons from? She looks american.

HF: She is from Peru.

Me: Oh thats way tight! She just has really light skin so I couldn't even tell.

HF: Ya well she has spent a lot of time in The United States so thats probably why.

Me: HAHAHAHA!! WAIT WHAT?! If thats how this all works then I am moving to Africa.

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Que Tengan Buena Semana!
XOXO! Smile Always.
-Hermana McBride