Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tongan dictionary and Animal Nation!

look what I found...a Tongan dictionary. :) 

me and a girl in the MTC who is related to the Durfees. looks just like them!

i love my lammie!

look what I found at the SLC airport. 

 mission home. not my home. 

i love to see the temple.

first day with jaeger and griffin.


yakima valley

me and my companions.

sopes with Juarez family. yum. 

rooster time.

jack the goat.

more of yakima. 

more yakima. 

my companeraaaaas!

love my new clothes.

peace out.

i straightened hermana jones hair. 

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little puppies at a member's home. animal nation. 

Buenos Dias Familia!!

Buenos Dias Familia!!!!
First of all, Thank you so much for the clothes mom! I love love love them. My companions have already raided my closet. Also, please update my address! The one on the package was wrong. My address is:

Sister Madison McBride
Washington Kennewick Mission
8202 W. Quinault Ave. Suite D.
Kennewick Washington, 99336
I can't email for that long so I love handwritten letters as often as you can :)
Okay diving right into the week...
After emailing on friday we had regular Pday until about 6 and then we went to knock on this one house that some members pointed us to. The house is in a richer part of town called terrace heights. The house was we were like no way these people are hispanic and no way are they going to listen to us. We knocked anyway. The lady opened the door and was like oh my goodness you cute girls going door to door come inside! What are you selling? We explained we were missionaries and stuff and she was so cool. Her name is Esperanza. She is really into her Christian church but she told us how she has been praying for her son a ton lately because he is going through a hard time right now with friends choosing bad decisions. Her son, Anthony (17), was there with us and explained how he doesnt like his moms church because they are hypocritical and he doesnt like it there. We were able to talk to him about mutual and having the strength of youth pampthlet and his mom LOVED it. We were able to come back and teach the first lesson and they seemed to enjoy it. We have another appointment with them on tuesday. Esperanza said that she doesnt care what church her son goes to as long as he is feeling the love of god in his life. YIPPEEEE.
In bad news, our only 2 progressing investigators (calypso and the espinosa family) dropped us this week. It was way tough because we have had to spend so much time tracting and finding people. But we are having a great time doing it! And when we work really hard, we go find an agua fresca stand and drink it up!! SO GOOD. try it.
Another cool thing happened this week. We were really discouraged and we were trying some people back in a trailer park when we ran into a lady named Carmen and her mother. It was the moms trailer but carmen was just at the door visiting. They both didn't have much interest but before we left, my companion told her about how the gospel blesses families and how our church has a great primary program. We walked away and Hermana Jones said, "Ya know, I never think they are actually gonna call us but I dont know I feel like she could actually come around". Well come around, she did. Much faster than we thought. As we circled the block (it was dark), I saw a lady getting something out of her car and so I offered to help. She turned around and it was carmen! She lived around the block. She said no but she said "Actually I have a quesition, Do you teach on the weekends too? because I really do want to learn a little bit more". We ran to our car and did the happy dance for like 10 minutes straight. Good thing it was dark cuz we were going crazy! hahaha! God puts people in our path for a reason, we just have to recognize it and figure out why.
Saturday was tough becuase we had a full schedule which never happens and NONE of them were at there houses. But Sunday was full of wonderful people and we got into Carmen and some other cool people. Oh and I volunteered myself to play piano in the relief society. If you have ever heard a congregation of hispanics, you should know that a piano is well needed reguardless of skill. so ya here i go with that one. Wish i wouldve stuck with those lessons. Sorry aunt paula and michelle...:/
Oh highlight of the week had to have been when we texted one of the dropped appointments named alberto (who was married 2 weeks ago...) and he says in a text message, "ya idk when I can but FYI you 3 are hot for some mormons".
Why thank you Alberto, but can we get back to your salvation. Hahaha JK we didnt respond. haha. his poor wife.
Okay funny moment of the week...So hard because we litterally are laughing all the time. But the common theme of this week is awkward encounters in door approaches.
1. Shadraq, this black guy, probly a basketball player. I think I might have written about him in my last email. But he was a kick. We told him about prophets being on the earth today and he said "Ya I know all bout that prophet life. I was supposed to be prophetized actually"...oh were you? hahahahhaha we tried so hard to hold it in.
2. Rogellio. We go in for our appointment and he BOOKS it down the hallway and locks himself in his room. So awkward. hahaha.
3. Hermana Pierce couldn't stop hiccuping and we all lost it. We just started laughing right in front of these people. Luckily, they were like 25ish and they were so entertained. It took a solid 3 minutes to gain composure.
4. And now our aetheist friend. We knocked on his door on like Friday and he told us he was aetheist and that was chill. We talked to him for a bit. The door next to him in this complex had an appointment the next day. But...we wrote down the wrong house on accident. So when we came back for the appointment with Norma...We accidentally knocked on the aetheists door. His son opened the door then went and got him cuz he was asleep. I noticed it was him and me trying not to make this look like an accident I say.."Heyyy sorry to wake you, we just wanted to see how you were doin." Remember that we saw him maybe 12 hours before that. We were DYING LAUGHING SO HARD!!! Still aethist? K cool. We will check back tomorrow. Hahahaha!
Okay now, Spiritual thought: The language is not easy. In fact it is super super hard. but I am understanding more and more everyday. But one thing Hermana Jones told me is totally true. When we cant tell someone something we can show them. So, although i sometimes don't know what is going on and i can't express myself. I have learned that I can show my love to these amazing people by serving them. Last night we taught a single dad of 4 girls under the age of 6. I spent the entire time playing with them so the spirit could be with him and he didn't have to worry. So there might be times in life that we cant SAY anything but we can always DO. and that means so much more anyway.
Love you all!!! Have an amazing week!! :)
-Hermana McBride

Monday, April 15, 2013

Welcome to Washington...the Land of Baby Killer Goats!

Hello Familia!!!
Okay so.. After the plane ride home we went to meet the presidents outside of the gate. They are so awesome. Sister Greer is super spunky and Presdient Greer is way cool too. WE went and ate dinner and had a little orientation the first day. I found out that there are 225 missionaries in Kennewick and only 6 (now 9) are Spanish Sisters. "Many are called to Washington, Few are chosen to speak spanish". Hahahaha! The chosen ones right here. So with 9 hermanas I knew that one of us was going to be put into a trio. Later I found out that it was ME!!! Whoooo. I was a little hesitant because I was scared It would be overwhelming but I love these girls. It makes things way more fun haha.
The next day (April 10), I was driving to the transfer sight and the first person I saw, I just knew she was my companion. I was right, it was sister Jones. So we headed about an hour and a half North to Yakima. I got out of the car and we met up with Hermana Pierce. She was so enthusiastic to meet me and so excited to see Hermana Jones again because they were companions in the MTC. She was like "grab your things and hurry because we have a lesson in 10 minutes". Ya i was freaking out a lil bit. LUCKILY this lesson was going to be taught in English. We drove to teach our investigator named "Calypso". Let me just tell you, best first lesson ever. She is like JLO. Speaks spanish and english. And the best part is, we teach her at her Bridal and Dress store. It kinda looks like a store on state street. She is so freaking funny. After that we got all settled in and shtuffff.
Hermana (Morgan) Jones: Southern Bell from North Carolina (and yes she knows the only other person I know from North Carolina. Her little sister is dating Anders Jacobson..SMALL WORLD). She is 22 years old. She acts about 19. hahaha. Not in a bad way. She is freaking hilarious. Her humor makes me laugh constantly. Freaking love the girl.
Hermana (Hailey) Pierce: Cute girl from Santa Rosa California. She reminds me a lot of my friends back at home. She is a great teacher and helps me a lot with my spanish. Her spanish is way good. She is 21 I think. When her and Hermana Jones are together and hyper, nothing gets done. Okay not true but we laugh A LOT.
Living Situation: We live with the Mitchell Family. They are spanish speakers but they are white. Their house is kinda like grandmas house. The beds are great and the study and bathroom are all awesome. No complaints. Sister Mitchell was awesome this week, I got a little sick and she was getting me stuff to make me feel better. So sweet.
My Area: I am serving in Yakima but my specific area is in Moxee, Union Gap, and Terrace Heights. These 3 places are kinda undefinable. The only way I can describe it is like if you put Heriman Utah mixed with Mexico with like a ton of farmland like napa, That is yakima. So whoever said this place isn't a foreign mission was lying. BIG TIME. I love it though. The fruit and veggies are soooo fresh. The weather looks nice and warm but they didn't mention how freaking windy it is here. It is COLD. My 3 layers of coats isn't doin much for me so I am planning on buying a new coat at target today.
Food: We have 9 missionaries in our Spanish branch (district) so we kinda got jipped. We don't really get to eat with the members because the Elders do. So we eat with the English wards. Thats all great. But the other night we went to the Juarez family's house and they fed us the most amazing food called Sope's. They were BOMB. Problem with eating with the Spanish is that 1. They insist you eat like 4 rounds of food or they are offended (so ya my whole plan on not getting fat isn't working out so well). And 2. I usually can't understand what the heck they are saying. But that food is amazing.
We are in a driving area. I probably will be the entire time I am here. Thats nice on the knees.
We tract everyday and we are struggling to get people to keep there appointments. We have yet to teach a new investegator. This area has a strong branch but the people we try to bring to the gospel are not so willing. A lot of the people say they are "catholic". The people that do let us in, are usually super nice though. We pray everyday to find those people who are willing to open their hearts to our message. It is a hard transition going from the MTC to real life because in the MTC the spirit is always there and I am constantly studying the gospel and spanish. When you are here, you kinda just get thrown into it. I thought I had better spanish than I really do have. I am starting to understand people more but my spanish is no bueno. I am working my hardest to build my vocabulary though. There are so many people I have met that I wish so badly that they would open their doors but they don't. Hopefully one day those very people will be willing. My expectations of a mission are very different than what really happens. I thought because I wasn't serving in Europe that this whole journey would be easy. But that is not true at all. This is hard work but I am loving every minute of it. Me and my companions are having so much fun everyday. We are going to try to reach out to members for more refferals.
Funny moment of the week: Apparently the people of Yakima like to have farm animals as pets. After we got rejected at this one house, we were leaving and there was a rooster tied up to a tree. So we tried to take a picture with it. Welp, the guy came back out. Hermana Jones says "Es Este Su Rooster? Porque tiene un rooster??" I about died laughing. He came out and picked it up and put it in Hermana Jones' arms (she hates animals). He says "Photo?". We were dying. We took pictures then left.
Yesterday we were going to an appointment and we walked into the gate and i saw a little dog running towards us. Hermana Pierce was like "Don't worry the dog won't bite". I say "Okay good...what about the...goat?" Running towards us was a little baby goat. Just walking around like a dog. We were like running around him trying to get to the door but he kept following us. He jumped up on me and I thought he was going to attack. So here we are, 3 sister missionaries, trapped on the front porch because we are scared a tiny baby goat is going to kill us. HAHAHA it was the best thing ever. We came to find out his name was Jack and he cried when we left so we fed him some grass. 
I will say the highlight of my week is that Kobe is out for a year. WHOOOO!!!
Okay now Spiritual Moment of the week: we were teaching a less active family and we were mostly going to focus on their dad because he is an alcoholic. He has a strong testimony but his addiction overcomes him. It was sad because when we got there he was passed out in bed in the middle of the day. We got to teach the family the importance of the atonement though and it was awesome.
Welp I gots to go but I love you. I pray for you all everyday. Please keep Yakima in your prayers as well. (and my spanish). haha. Love you all so much! Have an amazing week.
-Hermana McBride

Sunday, April 7, 2013

You Know You've Been at the MTC TOO LONG when...

You know you’ve been at the MTC TOO LONG when..
Triangles make you crazy
Fake. Contagious. Coughing. Between pauses make you CRINGE.
Knee caps are considered scandalous…
You judge girls by the length of their maxi skirt.
Microwavable food is considered gourmet compared to MTC food.
You make this list…
Chewing gum is rebellious.
TALL= Naptime! (Lang. learning comp. thing)
Funeral potatoes are heaven…ha see?!
Gym time is like recess.
Walking across the street feels like jailbreak.
15 minutes of free time is equal to 1 hour in real life.
You see the skirt you’re wearing 4 times a day. Sister missionaries sponsored by DownEast.
Papa Johns never looked so good!
You pronounce is Papa “Juans”.
Everything is funnier in Spanish.
Mormon jokes. All day. Every day.
Saying “guys” is a swear word.
You come in contact with an Elder other than a handshake- feel like you committed adultery! SINNER!
Waking up at 5 am on PDay is perfectly okay.
Your name tag is lost- you feel naked and as if you lost your child. Neither of which are good feelings FYI.
Packaged sandwiches are the secret to making through the MTC…alive
The real world is so close yet so far away – Spiritual prison
Not knowing what day it is because every day is Sunday!
Nail polish is considered “Worldly”
You go to alterations for a spiritual thought.
Girls think shower time is Mormon sing along.
A testimony is never enough- “True conversion”
English speakers are lazy!
You rationalize “Teaching by the spirit” because it sounds better than “winging it”
You use a sharpie to touch up clothes and shoes.
You laugh at people who leave their dork dot on.
English and Spanish make a baby in your brain and come out your mouth.
You treat the Elders from “The District” like celebrities.
You measure time in weeks.
You think running to catch the door takes less effort than swiping the card.
Your clock radio accidentally plays Neon Trees and you feel like you need to repent.
You stand outside in the cold for an hour waiting to go into Devotional
First names are a weird mystery.
You consider non-missionaries “real people”
You sing Dora or Blues Clues at least once a day
Wearing sweats is a gift from God.
“Swiper no swiping!” means not eating today.
You tape up 12 pictures of Jeffery R Holland.
In the 3 hour classes you check your watch and warn everyone else not because you want to die.
You plan weddings for your elders and their girlfriends.
You’re not fazed by girls crying every day.
You stalk the District Leader for letters.
Your mind gives out and you start thinking some of the MTC food is actually good.
You get in trouble every day for calling missionaries by only their last name.
You figure out which showers have hot water.

Called to Swerve!

 brother raban

brother clifford

 chillin' with president holland

called to swerve

 from my muzzy-bunny

 sister love

 selfies - sort of

 gym is like recess

 my district, the domans, brother clifford and president bowen

 me and sister haglund

 templo con mi compenera

 president bowen

 my amazing hermanaaaas 

 me and the doman's 

 the tools to scrape my knee. woof. 

my best friend loves me 

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my number one guy GPA!!!! I hope you all had an amazing Easter. I missed you all a ton..BUT my easter probably would beat your easter in a fight. 
We didn't have anybody crazy (one of the 12) come to talk but it was still so freaking cool. Bishop Causse' from the presiding bishopric spoke. But the day was beautiful. And the coolest part of it all...3,000+ people took the sacrement all at the same time. We had over 100 people helping with the sacrament. It was so freaking cool. I don't know why but it was. Strongest spirit during sacrament ever. Then later we were pleased to hear from Brother Doman again. Of course we all ended up in tears. Him and Sis Doman are incredible people. Sister Doman said the coolest thing that got be so excited..."Work harder than everyone else. Love more than you have ever loved before. And Laugh A LOT."  Later I got to go to the temple to walk around after with the entire MTC. It was amazing. 
Thank you for your Easter packages. I devoured them. hehehe. The big giant egg was cooler on tuesday. And when I saw the elders faces when I walked through the MTC with a victorias secret box was PRICELESS. Hahaha!!

So.. I have my travel plans!! :) Yippeeee. I leave Utah on Tuesday April 9th at about 11:30. Meaning, I will probably call around 9-11. sorry that is way broad but I have no clue. haha. 

-Physical Therapy went well this week. Painful but so good for my knees. I have one more follow up with the orthapedic specialist to get approved for the mission and I am set! Whoop! My physical therapist showed me that kid from Duke who broke his leg in half. SO NASTY. I may or may have not seen some of the Boston Yankee game...Thinkin of you Brando and Daddykins.
-I got to Host the new missionaries on Wednesday. So much fun. They look so scared, I swear I wasn't like that hahaha.
-I had to say goodbye to Brother and Sister Doman and Brother Clifford(teacher). So sad. A handshake isn't enough for those kinds of moments.
-Brother Raban came in (our Zone Resource Trainer) and just taught us for an hour. He is the funniest guy. I am not kidding he is Tanner Eldredge in another body. I learned more spanish from him in an hour than a whole class combined. He is a freakin boss. He brings the spirit by having fun and laughing and thats exactly what I want to be like. He is such a role model.
-Awkward moment of the week: Saying goodbye to an Elder and he says "Okay wellppp see you when you get home! Lets be Facebook friends and maybe we can date.." Me .."uhhh yaaa! for sure" HAHA!!! I mean I am down but dang that was awkward. Me and Hermana G were laughing so hard after. Especially cuz he is the one that looks like my step brother. hahaha!
-On sunday night, the president of the MTC's wife got up and taught us a quick arrangement of  Called to Serve. We started the first verse as if we were behind a hill just whispering it. And gradually it got louder. By the end we were standing up and singing so loud. IT WAS SO COOL. I wish I could've recorded. The work is gettin cray cray. So many missionaries. Its awweeeesome.

Funny moment: So there is this one particular Elder who is just a good looking kid. Like I am not kidding. He is a stud. Don't know him and I probably never will but I think its fun to look sometimes haha. We were at dinner and he was walking past us (poly cough and pinstriped suit cough). So I pointed out to Hermana Jaeger that he was swaggged out. He like walks like he loves jesus but in the coolest way possible haha. Then right when we looked over he was swag walking and tripped over some food he dropped. Me and Hermana Jaeger (who does not laugh quietly) were laughing so freaking hard. He looked over and realized we were laughing at him. GAME OVER. haha. Before, In my head I was just singing "Hey I don't know you and this is crazy, but heres my email, See you in 2 maybe?". And now he just thinks I am so weird and that will never happen haha. God def jumped in on that one. MADI NO GETTING DISTRACTED (he falls). NOT SWAGGIN ANYMORE... hahaha! Ironic huh? 

Anyway...So many cool spiritual moments I wish I could share. But this week, I am so sad that the MTC is coming to an end but I AM SO PUMPED. After a while, you just really feel like teaching REAL people. I am nowhere near ready but I am as ready as I ever will be. I read in D&C 136:11. Go look it up. I am going to work my hardest and serve as faithfully and with my entire heart. But I will have fun doing it. And I am doing it so that other families can be together forever. And at the end of 11 it talks about families, I am doing this because I KNOW with out a doubt that God will bless my family at home.  Love you all so much.


-Hermana McBride

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

From Hermana McBride: 

DO NOT send mail or dear elders starting friday and this weekend... We leave tuesday morning and wont get any mail delivered.