Friday, March 29, 2013

 ice packin'. 

 saying goodbye to elder kap pauni.

 service time. woooot! 

 snow. yuck. #normalpeopleclothes

 team washington! 

 sometimes.....we put hair extensions on the elders. hahaha!!

the real world. 

Team Jesus

Happy Easter!!!! I am probly gonna have a better easter than all of you but hope you have a good day too ;) I am hoping someone cool will come speak to us. There are rumors that nobody too exciting is coming but I am hoping so. And then general conference. WHOO!! I get my travel plans today!!! Only 11 days to go! Insane. 

Last P-day it snowed. Woof. My companion and Hermana Jaegar were acting as if they had just seen it for the first time. Probly cuz it was haha. My new roommates are way cute and all but holy crap...They talk about what they are going to wear the next day for about an hour, about their boyfriends on a mission, and about all sorts of other stuff missionaries shouldnt be thinking about. At first it was kinda funny but now its just annoying haha. Love them to death but I think those English speakers are gonna get a kick in the pants in the field. 

KNEE UPDATE: Alright, so I got an Xray which showed that my knee caps are higher than they should be. My joints are very loosey goosey. The doctor said if I wanted I could probably flip my knee cap over if i wanted to. Gag me. What I have is called "Patella Alta with Femoral Pain". While I was at the doctor, I forgot that I was doing a bet if I could not shave my legs the entire MTC time. Ya my poor doctor. He was laughing so hard. I went home and shaved -_____-. I went to a physical therapist and they have me going 2-3 times per week. It is way nice to go out into the real world but It is so weird that i can see my apartment from where the doctors office is. My physical therapist is awesome. He keeps me updated on sports and stuff. CANT BELIEVE THE HEATS WINNING STREAK! #Lebron. The only REALLY bad pain I have been in is when I am at the physical therapist, they do this thing called Graeshin or something (its like A-stem). They take this metal tool and some cocoa butter and litterally scrape at my knee to move the scar tissue. Wowwwwzza. I don't have to cry I just want to scream hahaa. My companion holds my hand and quizzes me on Spanish. We call it "having a knee baby". They give me Ice chips and everything. After It feels so great though. 

One of our Elders was diagnosed with Strep and Mono this week. I am avoiding him. Ain't nobody gots time for that. 

I had a devotional on Tuesday night. The speaker asked "Why are you here". Only about 5 people got up. For some reason, I was thinking I got up in front of about 4,000 other missionaries. I said "I am here because I have an older brother who suffer and died for me. 18 months is the least I could do, to give back to him." After the devotional, we have reviews with our district but I had an extra choir rehearsal. Apparently, in the review, Brother Doman and Sister Doman were talking about how what I said was the most spiritual part of the entire devotional. A few people told me that. YOLO never fails. 

Speaking of Brother Doman...I have the coolest experience. Telling it over email doesn't do this story justice but I will go for it. On Sunday Brother Doman grabbed me and said Hey I want to interview you. He said I wasn't on his schedule that day but he has wanted to talk to me for a while. We went in a room and he was telling me that I remind him so much of his daughter. With tears in his eyes (and mine), he said, "If you were my daughter, I would be so proud of you...and I know your family is so proud of you." It is so cool because he knows Dad. And he met Andrea and Mckell in California at the cheer competition last week. He was talking to me about how He knows that me meeting him was no coincidence. He told me to write him often, come visit a ton when I get home, and he told me he wants to be one of those guys that my future husband has to talk to before marrying me. He literally is like my mission dad. Afterwards he said that he wanted to do a prayer for my knees and comfort. The prayer that was supposed to be for my knees turned into about a 10 minute prayer that was not brother Doman speaking. God was speaking though him I am not kidding. He had so much power and conviction. It was the most powerful prayer I have ever heard. The coolest part is towards the end he started talking about how one day I am going to be an amazing mother and my kids are going to be incredible. At the end of the prayer he said.."Hermana McBride..Go write in your journal about that prayer. I don't know why I felt so impressed to talk about your future family but I saw your kids and they were amazing." Wowza. Nobody knows how he is not a prophet or something. Me and The Domans have a special bond and I know God put them in my life for a reason. 

I finished the Book of Mormon this week!!! YAYYYYY!!! Took me about 20 days. That book changes lives. I know that for a fact. It makes me happy and comforts me. It just makes sense. A verse I really liked that I think is applicable to all of you is in 3 Nephi 12:16. Such a common verse...but really think about it. Are you being the person that people can pick out in a crowd? Be the light of christ and people will notice. :)

I am the same old crazy Madison "McBreezy" McBride...I just love jesus more. Remember that. Hehehe!

Esta La Iglesia es Verdadera. 

Con Amor,

Hermana McBride

Friday, March 15, 2013

pics, pics, and more pics

elder dixon! parker's twin! haha! 

district picnic. 

familiar face from home; jessica ivory. 

sunday selfie.


yay! it's timmy g! i finally found him! so good to see this guy! 

zone leaders leaving. 

workin' outtttt. 

books on books on books. 

Taylor Swift...nobody gots time for dat!

Hola Amigos y Familia!

To start out this email...
1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE DEAR ELDERSS, LETTERS, AND PACKAGES!! I am not kidding, they mean the world. I might not be able to respond right away but I promise that I read every single one and I love it. So even if you feel like your talking to yourself, please keep sending! :)
2. GOOD LUCK MCKELL AND THE COTTONWOOD COLTS TODAY AND THIS WEEKEND AT NATIONALS!!!! Tell Lena and Stephen how much I love love love them!! Give it everything colts!! :)
3. If you do send me mail through please remember to put my MTC box number (127) and my mission (Washington Kennewick). It makes it much easier for me to get it. If not I don't get  it for about 3 days after.
Whatta week! The MTC is full of really highs and some lows. Everyone of my weaknesses is exposed and I have to work my very hardest to strengthen that. What doesnt kill you makes you stronger right???...Except the food. Pretty sure my stomach hates this whole MTC thanggg. We got to go to the temple last week on Pday and me and Hermana G. went down to the cafeteria at the temple. Holy crap. IT WAS HEAVEN. Ribs and potatoes never looked so good.
I absolutley LOVE my companion! We are so close. We never fight. We are so opposite of eachother but we think the exact same. For example, When we see a creepy looking skirt or somethin we just give eachother THE look. HAHA! Sorry not sorry. Sadly, this week she had a very bad sinus infection that just didnt want to get any better. So we spent a lot of time in our room. I took care of her and made her velveeta and peanutbutter/honey sandwhiches (thanks mom and ange!). I had a lot of time to my self during that time. 3 hours here is like a full day back in SLC. So during all that time i did take a nap haha but then I had so much time to read the BOM. I restarted reading it last week and I am already 200 pages into it! I am now in wish me luck. Its a little harder to push myself cuz its so long. I don't know how ive read so much cuz i hate reading but I am actually understanding and it is awesome.
My district is the freaking bomb. We are all so different but we really are like a family. Me and Hermana G. just try our hardest to give our district leader a hard time. It is seriously so much fun hahaha. I have taught my entire district how to say STHURRRREE!!! (in THE voice). It is really entertaining to watch them all try hahaha. They all think im on crack or somethin.
I love the other districts in my zone as well. Unfortunately my amazing Zone leaders left this week. Very sad. In one of the districts there is a poly who brought his ukulele...I hunted him down and he brought it to laundry this morning. YES, HERMANA MCBRIDE HAD A JAM SESH IN THE MTC. Best day ever. He was so confused how i knew all the polyjams hahaha. All the other kids wanted him to play taylor swift...nobody gots time for dat! Not when there is an amazing Ukulele playe in our midst. There is another kid in my zone i am about to have a Mormon Rap battle with..Its gonna be dope. Mcbreez gonna throw down.
My girl Shaunie leaves this week! So sad! But it was good to see Jessica Ivory and Timmy Glenn. I love seeing people from home.
Funny of the week: I keep having dreams consisting of two themes. 1. The Book of Mormon (ancient times) 2. Beyonce and Jayz.....Last night the 2 of them collided. You do the math. It was weird.
Spiritual story of the week: Me and hermana g. were supposed to teach one of our investegators on Saturday but one of the Elders was sick so he gave us 20 MINUTES to prepare a lesson and teach. HAHAHa. funny. but really it was the most amazing lesson because we relied on the spirit so much. Me and G. were able to speak in spanish pretty well without stopping! Your prayers are working!! :)
I love you all. I miss you so much. I am happy. I smile everyday. I laugh. I study..ALOT. I am so grateful to be here. Although the field would be nice too.
The church is true. Keep smiling.
-Hermana McBride

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Proof that life is still GOOD!

my first package. 

after our first good lesson. we were so excited! 

district at the temple on our Sunday walk. 

 me and hermana ayre from home. 

eating up the Provo sunshine. 

MTC clothing line models. 

we don't like the lab. 

district - at the map. 

my amazing zone leaders (buellllller) 

me at the map. 

me and shaundog. 

me and elder manwill. my homie. 


my room. 




Freestyle Rappin'!

Go go go Madi! Its your PDAY im gonna party like its my PDAY!!

Okay so first of all, I want to thank everyone who is sending me letters, dear elders and packages! It really means the world to me!!! As far as people who are emailing me, i have litterally 30 minutes and I hardly have time to read them so i cant respond. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just copy and paste it or write a dearelder so i can respond quicker. Andrea and Mom...THANKS FOR THE AMAZING PACKAGES. The food here is so disturbing. I am not kidding. Its so creepy. Love you all.

Alright so i am gonna start talking about this week. Its gonna be so random but its 5AM and i am trying to get my brainstrul in order.

So i did Choir this week and it was so so cool. Unfortunately they will not have us sing at conference but there is something we are "preparing" for. I think its for the Easter program...COUGH COUGH GENERAL AUTHORITY...(please be Thomas S. Monson).

Me and my district have become like a family. We are so close. Sometimes maybe too close. Our district leader, Elder Moody tries so hard to get us to focus and learn spanish it is so funny. The other day my companion started singing "MOODY MOODY MOOODY ROCKING ERYWHERE" hahahahhaah!! He is a gent. 

On Sunday we got to hear the coolest talk given by Elder Bednar. I found out that it can't be found in the public but it was so cool.

My spanish is coming along. I am trying hard but It doesnt just happen overnight like I thought it would either. 

My companion found the coolest scripture and it became our District Motto. Its pretty cool. Go look at it. Alma 26:27

Oh so on Wednesday the new sisters came in and I met this girl who lives next door to me. She is poly and she grew up in west valley, so im like stoked. We are gonna be so tight. Makes me miss my friennnndddssss.

I walk around everyday singing or freestyle rapping about the church. Its great. I am having a rap battle with an elder from my Zone. Im stoked about it. I wont let you down KTizzle.
So here is my latest work:

Sing with Beyonces Love on Top..(my favorite song ever)

Elder Elder I can see the field all the way from here
Cant you see the sun from the MTC
I can fell the spirit everyday Im here
Everytime our hands shake I just melt away

Everybody asks me why i smiling from ear to ear 
(they say its hard)
But I know (that it takes a little work)
Nothings perfect but its worth it
and Ill work until im speaking Espanol...(one day ill be able to say more than HOLA)

Spirit its YOU 
your the one i love
your the one i need
even though i can't

Oh ya Jesus its you
your the one that was on the cross
the one i can always call
when i need the hard times to STOP
Hermana McBride puts GOD ON TOP.

your welcome. hehehe.

Alright so in all realness. I am having the time of my life. Me and my companion are usually way too hyper for our own good but when the time comes we can feel the spirit so strongly. The MTC is a great place. This week I had one of the coolest experiences this far. We were teaching our investegator and that night we went to bed and in the morning I had the strongest feeling that we needed to talk to Rodrigo (investegator) about baseball. I told Hermana G. But Why baseball? that was so random..A couple of my roommates told me that they heard me YELLING in my sleep. Not just yelling but IN FLUENT SPANISH. They said I was talking to rodrigo about something but they couldnt figure out what for. Later that day we were teaching and I got up in the middle of the lesson and drew a baseball diamond on the board. On first base: repentence and faith, second base: babtism and holy ghost, third base: enduring to the end, home plate: eternal life. It was seriously so cool to teach something that was obviously inspired by God. Our investagor was so touched and impressed. He totally was able to understand it. In that lesson me and Hermana G were able to teach better than ever before. It was the coolest experiece. God has odd ways of showing us his way, but his way is always the right way. 

I love you so much. Keep sending me dearelders and letters. You are in my prayers every single day! Have a good week familia

Sunday, March 3, 2013

First Pics from the MTC

 my first letter. 

 my first pday...wearing normal clothes. 

 Hermanas Griffin, McBride, Jaegar and Gutknecht (my companion.) 



 me and Kapi Pauni. 

pinterest workouts - a big hit. 

me and Shaundog! 

Hola Familia

I can't believe i have already been here for 4 days. Tomorrow will be such a big sigh of relief. I want to give you as much detail as I can without going overtime on the computer. 

Alright...So the MTC is so much fun. Everyone is so happy all the time. There are A LOT of rules but they aren't very hard to follow and when you break a rule you just smile and say "LO SIENTO". I use that word a lot. I am trying my very hardest though. My companions name is Hermana Gutknecht. She is from Florida and is serving in Carlsbad California!! She is a very sweet girl. We get a long so well. My district is way fun as well. My instagram friend from cali (Hermana Kelsey Jaegar) is in my district and my room and we are seriously like sisters. We talk about everything. Here is kinda a run down on how my last 3 days have gone:

Day 1:
We walked in and the first person I met was an Elder from New Zealand. He was way cool. Then i walked in the door and I saw this Lady who knew me because of Marci. Then i met my host who was chill but it was only 5 minutes later when I saw MOTRA SHAUNTEL FORTE. I literally jumped on her and started screaming. I am so blessed to have her here with me. After the first night she brought me a teddy bear and chocolate and made sure I was doing ok. Alright so I walked in my room and put my stuff down and went straight to class. Our teacher just started speaking spanish to me right away and i was MUCHO CONFUSIDO. (i think that is a made up word but I do that a lot). We then were able to go to a meeting held for the new missionaries. It was very powerful and motivating. The first day was long but so upbeat and exciting.

Day 2: 

More and More spanish in class. We got to go to the gym though. My book of pinterest workouts were a hit though. Yipeee!!!! Get big. We learned in class about an investegator for the church that we have to teach a lesson to. I was all fine and dandy until i realized we had to teach in spanish. I don't know spanish. I repeat, I DO NOT KNOW SPANISH. So yes the stress was on. Me and my companion tried to come up with a lesson in english and somehow translate it. Later that night we got to meet with Branch President Bowman and the whole presidency. It was such a powerful meeting. Brother Doman (counselor) got up and talked to our district about the importance of sister missionaries. We all just cried. He looks like a young Elder Holland. We all got to bear our testimonys and talk about our reasoning for a mission. I talked a lot about christs sacrifice. After the meeting Brother Doman pulled me out of the room to tell me how he was so impressed with my testimony. I was so honored. Its moments like those where i wish i could pick up the phone to call you all but I know its the best that I don't because this mission is teaching me to grow. My zone leaders are so tight as well, one of them looks like ferris buelerr mixed with Teema Tapusoa hahaha! The coordinating sisters are way cool too they are a little strict though.

Day 3: 

Stressful. We had to teach our first lesson and we were all just so confused on what we would say and how to say it. We got to teach a guy named Rodrigo Rodrigus (Haley hutchins you will know why i laughed at that). We went in there not knowing anything but we prayed so hard for the gift of tongues and the spirit. We walked in and somehow I taught this stranger how god loves us and how we are his children and he wants us to live with him again. I told him that through his plan we can live with Heavenly Father, Jesus, and our families forever. It was so cool. It was not me talking. It was jesus christ. I am only a representative of him. I was only able to speak spanish and bring the spirit because of him. My companion didn't say much but her testimony in spanish was very strong. She knows SO much of this gospel in english and we balance eachother out very well. 

I have seen Kapi Pauni (etus cousin) and Kennedy Ayre! Its so nice to see familiar faces. Matt Kelly wrote me my first letter from FAMILY YOU ARE SLACKIN. I NEED LETTERS. Not just to have letters but they really will get me through the day. Even if you write some 2 sentence on dearelder I will get it that day and it will make me so happy. 

The food in the MTC is sppooooookkkkyyyy....I try to stick with salads and wraps or else i end up sick. There are cute boys. But i have been good :) On wednesday 800 missionaries came into the MTC. We have made a record in that this is the first time in a LONG TIME there has been more sisters than elders in a district. GIRL POWER. 
I am so happy here though. I have no doubt in my mind that this is where I am supposed to be. Yo se Que (i know that) this is the true church on the earth today. Yo se que GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS. (so please pray for me hehe). People think that I got it off easy by getting spanish as my language but that is so far from true. I am very happy im not speaking bulgarian but any new language is hard. I know that i will not be able to do this alone.

This has been the most exhausting yet most rewarding 4 days of my entire life. I can't wait to learn more. I love you all so much. I pray about you every single day. If you ever need help with anything, pray to god. He will always help. 

D&C 6:36. 

Hasta Luego! Te Amo.

<3/Hermana McBride

P.s: I need to get an SD card reader for the computer but the bookstore is closed so I will send pictures on my P-Day (friday)