Sunday, April 7, 2013


First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my number one guy GPA!!!! I hope you all had an amazing Easter. I missed you all a ton..BUT my easter probably would beat your easter in a fight. 
We didn't have anybody crazy (one of the 12) come to talk but it was still so freaking cool. Bishop Causse' from the presiding bishopric spoke. But the day was beautiful. And the coolest part of it all...3,000+ people took the sacrement all at the same time. We had over 100 people helping with the sacrament. It was so freaking cool. I don't know why but it was. Strongest spirit during sacrament ever. Then later we were pleased to hear from Brother Doman again. Of course we all ended up in tears. Him and Sis Doman are incredible people. Sister Doman said the coolest thing that got be so excited..."Work harder than everyone else. Love more than you have ever loved before. And Laugh A LOT."  Later I got to go to the temple to walk around after with the entire MTC. It was amazing. 
Thank you for your Easter packages. I devoured them. hehehe. The big giant egg was cooler on tuesday. And when I saw the elders faces when I walked through the MTC with a victorias secret box was PRICELESS. Hahaha!!

So.. I have my travel plans!! :) Yippeeee. I leave Utah on Tuesday April 9th at about 11:30. Meaning, I will probably call around 9-11. sorry that is way broad but I have no clue. haha. 

-Physical Therapy went well this week. Painful but so good for my knees. I have one more follow up with the orthapedic specialist to get approved for the mission and I am set! Whoop! My physical therapist showed me that kid from Duke who broke his leg in half. SO NASTY. I may or may have not seen some of the Boston Yankee game...Thinkin of you Brando and Daddykins.
-I got to Host the new missionaries on Wednesday. So much fun. They look so scared, I swear I wasn't like that hahaha.
-I had to say goodbye to Brother and Sister Doman and Brother Clifford(teacher). So sad. A handshake isn't enough for those kinds of moments.
-Brother Raban came in (our Zone Resource Trainer) and just taught us for an hour. He is the funniest guy. I am not kidding he is Tanner Eldredge in another body. I learned more spanish from him in an hour than a whole class combined. He is a freakin boss. He brings the spirit by having fun and laughing and thats exactly what I want to be like. He is such a role model.
-Awkward moment of the week: Saying goodbye to an Elder and he says "Okay wellppp see you when you get home! Lets be Facebook friends and maybe we can date.." Me .."uhhh yaaa! for sure" HAHA!!! I mean I am down but dang that was awkward. Me and Hermana G were laughing so hard after. Especially cuz he is the one that looks like my step brother. hahaha!
-On sunday night, the president of the MTC's wife got up and taught us a quick arrangement of  Called to Serve. We started the first verse as if we were behind a hill just whispering it. And gradually it got louder. By the end we were standing up and singing so loud. IT WAS SO COOL. I wish I could've recorded. The work is gettin cray cray. So many missionaries. Its awweeeesome.

Funny moment: So there is this one particular Elder who is just a good looking kid. Like I am not kidding. He is a stud. Don't know him and I probably never will but I think its fun to look sometimes haha. We were at dinner and he was walking past us (poly cough and pinstriped suit cough). So I pointed out to Hermana Jaeger that he was swaggged out. He like walks like he loves jesus but in the coolest way possible haha. Then right when we looked over he was swag walking and tripped over some food he dropped. Me and Hermana Jaeger (who does not laugh quietly) were laughing so freaking hard. He looked over and realized we were laughing at him. GAME OVER. haha. Before, In my head I was just singing "Hey I don't know you and this is crazy, but heres my email, See you in 2 maybe?". And now he just thinks I am so weird and that will never happen haha. God def jumped in on that one. MADI NO GETTING DISTRACTED (he falls). NOT SWAGGIN ANYMORE... hahaha! Ironic huh? 

Anyway...So many cool spiritual moments I wish I could share. But this week, I am so sad that the MTC is coming to an end but I AM SO PUMPED. After a while, you just really feel like teaching REAL people. I am nowhere near ready but I am as ready as I ever will be. I read in D&C 136:11. Go look it up. I am going to work my hardest and serve as faithfully and with my entire heart. But I will have fun doing it. And I am doing it so that other families can be together forever. And at the end of 11 it talks about families, I am doing this because I KNOW with out a doubt that God will bless my family at home.  Love you all so much.


-Hermana McBride

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