Sunday, April 7, 2013

You Know You've Been at the MTC TOO LONG when...

You know you’ve been at the MTC TOO LONG when..
Triangles make you crazy
Fake. Contagious. Coughing. Between pauses make you CRINGE.
Knee caps are considered scandalous…
You judge girls by the length of their maxi skirt.
Microwavable food is considered gourmet compared to MTC food.
You make this list…
Chewing gum is rebellious.
TALL= Naptime! (Lang. learning comp. thing)
Funeral potatoes are heaven…ha see?!
Gym time is like recess.
Walking across the street feels like jailbreak.
15 minutes of free time is equal to 1 hour in real life.
You see the skirt you’re wearing 4 times a day. Sister missionaries sponsored by DownEast.
Papa Johns never looked so good!
You pronounce is Papa “Juans”.
Everything is funnier in Spanish.
Mormon jokes. All day. Every day.
Saying “guys” is a swear word.
You come in contact with an Elder other than a handshake- feel like you committed adultery! SINNER!
Waking up at 5 am on PDay is perfectly okay.
Your name tag is lost- you feel naked and as if you lost your child. Neither of which are good feelings FYI.
Packaged sandwiches are the secret to making through the MTC…alive
The real world is so close yet so far away – Spiritual prison
Not knowing what day it is because every day is Sunday!
Nail polish is considered “Worldly”
You go to alterations for a spiritual thought.
Girls think shower time is Mormon sing along.
A testimony is never enough- “True conversion”
English speakers are lazy!
You rationalize “Teaching by the spirit” because it sounds better than “winging it”
You use a sharpie to touch up clothes and shoes.
You laugh at people who leave their dork dot on.
English and Spanish make a baby in your brain and come out your mouth.
You treat the Elders from “The District” like celebrities.
You measure time in weeks.
You think running to catch the door takes less effort than swiping the card.
Your clock radio accidentally plays Neon Trees and you feel like you need to repent.
You stand outside in the cold for an hour waiting to go into Devotional
First names are a weird mystery.
You consider non-missionaries “real people”
You sing Dora or Blues Clues at least once a day
Wearing sweats is a gift from God.
“Swiper no swiping!” means not eating today.
You tape up 12 pictures of Jeffery R Holland.
In the 3 hour classes you check your watch and warn everyone else not because you want to die.
You plan weddings for your elders and their girlfriends.
You’re not fazed by girls crying every day.
You stalk the District Leader for letters.
Your mind gives out and you start thinking some of the MTC food is actually good.
You get in trouble every day for calling missionaries by only their last name.
You figure out which showers have hot water.

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