Thursday, April 25, 2013

Buenos Dias Familia!!

Buenos Dias Familia!!!!
First of all, Thank you so much for the clothes mom! I love love love them. My companions have already raided my closet. Also, please update my address! The one on the package was wrong. My address is:

Sister Madison McBride
Washington Kennewick Mission
8202 W. Quinault Ave. Suite D.
Kennewick Washington, 99336
I can't email for that long so I love handwritten letters as often as you can :)
Okay diving right into the week...
After emailing on friday we had regular Pday until about 6 and then we went to knock on this one house that some members pointed us to. The house is in a richer part of town called terrace heights. The house was we were like no way these people are hispanic and no way are they going to listen to us. We knocked anyway. The lady opened the door and was like oh my goodness you cute girls going door to door come inside! What are you selling? We explained we were missionaries and stuff and she was so cool. Her name is Esperanza. She is really into her Christian church but she told us how she has been praying for her son a ton lately because he is going through a hard time right now with friends choosing bad decisions. Her son, Anthony (17), was there with us and explained how he doesnt like his moms church because they are hypocritical and he doesnt like it there. We were able to talk to him about mutual and having the strength of youth pampthlet and his mom LOVED it. We were able to come back and teach the first lesson and they seemed to enjoy it. We have another appointment with them on tuesday. Esperanza said that she doesnt care what church her son goes to as long as he is feeling the love of god in his life. YIPPEEEE.
In bad news, our only 2 progressing investigators (calypso and the espinosa family) dropped us this week. It was way tough because we have had to spend so much time tracting and finding people. But we are having a great time doing it! And when we work really hard, we go find an agua fresca stand and drink it up!! SO GOOD. try it.
Another cool thing happened this week. We were really discouraged and we were trying some people back in a trailer park when we ran into a lady named Carmen and her mother. It was the moms trailer but carmen was just at the door visiting. They both didn't have much interest but before we left, my companion told her about how the gospel blesses families and how our church has a great primary program. We walked away and Hermana Jones said, "Ya know, I never think they are actually gonna call us but I dont know I feel like she could actually come around". Well come around, she did. Much faster than we thought. As we circled the block (it was dark), I saw a lady getting something out of her car and so I offered to help. She turned around and it was carmen! She lived around the block. She said no but she said "Actually I have a quesition, Do you teach on the weekends too? because I really do want to learn a little bit more". We ran to our car and did the happy dance for like 10 minutes straight. Good thing it was dark cuz we were going crazy! hahaha! God puts people in our path for a reason, we just have to recognize it and figure out why.
Saturday was tough becuase we had a full schedule which never happens and NONE of them were at there houses. But Sunday was full of wonderful people and we got into Carmen and some other cool people. Oh and I volunteered myself to play piano in the relief society. If you have ever heard a congregation of hispanics, you should know that a piano is well needed reguardless of skill. so ya here i go with that one. Wish i wouldve stuck with those lessons. Sorry aunt paula and michelle...:/
Oh highlight of the week had to have been when we texted one of the dropped appointments named alberto (who was married 2 weeks ago...) and he says in a text message, "ya idk when I can but FYI you 3 are hot for some mormons".
Why thank you Alberto, but can we get back to your salvation. Hahaha JK we didnt respond. haha. his poor wife.
Okay funny moment of the week...So hard because we litterally are laughing all the time. But the common theme of this week is awkward encounters in door approaches.
1. Shadraq, this black guy, probly a basketball player. I think I might have written about him in my last email. But he was a kick. We told him about prophets being on the earth today and he said "Ya I know all bout that prophet life. I was supposed to be prophetized actually"...oh were you? hahahahhaha we tried so hard to hold it in.
2. Rogellio. We go in for our appointment and he BOOKS it down the hallway and locks himself in his room. So awkward. hahaha.
3. Hermana Pierce couldn't stop hiccuping and we all lost it. We just started laughing right in front of these people. Luckily, they were like 25ish and they were so entertained. It took a solid 3 minutes to gain composure.
4. And now our aetheist friend. We knocked on his door on like Friday and he told us he was aetheist and that was chill. We talked to him for a bit. The door next to him in this complex had an appointment the next day. But...we wrote down the wrong house on accident. So when we came back for the appointment with Norma...We accidentally knocked on the aetheists door. His son opened the door then went and got him cuz he was asleep. I noticed it was him and me trying not to make this look like an accident I say.."Heyyy sorry to wake you, we just wanted to see how you were doin." Remember that we saw him maybe 12 hours before that. We were DYING LAUGHING SO HARD!!! Still aethist? K cool. We will check back tomorrow. Hahahaha!
Okay now, Spiritual thought: The language is not easy. In fact it is super super hard. but I am understanding more and more everyday. But one thing Hermana Jones told me is totally true. When we cant tell someone something we can show them. So, although i sometimes don't know what is going on and i can't express myself. I have learned that I can show my love to these amazing people by serving them. Last night we taught a single dad of 4 girls under the age of 6. I spent the entire time playing with them so the spirit could be with him and he didn't have to worry. So there might be times in life that we cant SAY anything but we can always DO. and that means so much more anyway.
Love you all!!! Have an amazing week!! :)
-Hermana McBride

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