Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's About Him

Holaa. again. So so so good to see all of you yesterday. It seems like a distant dream but it was so good to see you. It didn't make me homesick because I can tell that everything is same old. I am glad you are all doing well and happy. I am sad I didn't get to see Parker but LOVE YOU PUNK!! I told my companions that I feel closer to you than ever because we are experiencing similar things and even though we don't communicate often, I can feel your prayers as I pray for you. Love you Park.
I have pretty much given you all the low down on what is going on here in the 509 but I will write it anyway haha. The weather is SCORCHING hot. 25 degrees above normal. There are also wild peacocks on the loose and we hear them all the time when we tract. scary.
We had zone conference this week and I learned so much. The theme was "Its about him". The main point is that everything we go through, regardless of the trial or difficulty or happiness or sorrow...ITS ABOUT HIM. Jesus Christ died for us and we owe him our lives. I read a talk this week by Jeffery R. Holland that says "It's not going to be easy, it wasn't easy for him, why should it be for us." There were so many times when Heavenly Father had to watch his son go through so much pain and sorrow but he didn't step in because he knew what his son was capable of. Its the same for us. Life sucks sometimes lets be real. But the answer to all of what we go through is the atonement of Jesus Christ. I remember when I was younger in the living room of our house in Sandy and I saw that picture of Jesus Christ kneeling and I never understood why he looked so sad. It has taken me to go on a mission and really use the atonement to have about 1% of what he suffered. Incredible. Mind blown.
Anyway, we are teaching a lot of cool potentials but for some reason they aren't coming to church. It is really frustrating but we are trying to keep our heads up and push on.
Me and the companions are having so much fun together but we are starting to suffer from seperation anxiety because the transfers are next week. SCARY. Wahhhhhh. So sad. I am excited to see what happens though with only 4 available trainers and 6 incoming hermanas.
Funny Moment: When at one of our investigators house she says.."Your my grandaughter calls you the angelitos (pointing to hermana pierce and jones), but she calls YOU (pointing to me) the ANGELOTE. Remember that those 2 are about 5 inches shorter than me so I hope she wasn't calling me something else...hahaha! We died laughing.
Spiritual Moment: We realized this week that every single day of our missions we are forced to jump out of our comfort zones. Some of the stuff I do here, I would never do before my mission. I thought about that concept for a while and I realized that we can't grow unless we stretch. Only Heavenly Father knows our real potential and thats why we have trials. He knows what we can become. So next time you have a trial, remember that its just a growing pain in this crazy life. Read Henry B. Eyrings talk "Mountains to Climb". Good stuff.
Sorry this email was so short. Love you all so much. XOXO!!!!
-Hermana McBride

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