Friday, May 3, 2013

There is Sunshine In My Soul Today....Well, Sort Of.

Hello Familia! So good to read all of your emails! So much going on! LOVE IT.
First things first...
Skype for mothers day! WHOOO!!! I got permission to talk to each of you for 45 minutes each! Yay! Please send me your skype names in the next email. I can't wait to see all of you. Also, write down questions or things you want to talk to me about so we don't waste those precious minutes haha.
Mom: I will be calling in at 9:00 Washington time
Dad: I will be calling at 2:30 Washinton time.
Okay now lets get dizowwn.
Miracle Monday seems to be a trend nowadays and I love it. So last monday after Pday, another miracle happened.
First let me give some background info: On the 18th while tracting we ran innto these little kids and talked to them and knocked on the door but the parents didn't answer. So later we tried again and there was a 12 year old girl who was there so we talked to her about our purpose as missionaries and she set an appointment. Not very promising right? Okay so monday rolls around and we were joking all day about how we had this appointment with a 12 year old and her family who we have never met. We drove over to Union gap and as we were pulling up to the house they were out in there yard just starring us down. Like I was scared. We pulled around the block and knocked on some other doors and drove back and they were still outside (we are babies i know). But they really did look so mad. So finally they went inside and we decided to knock. The lady came out and had this HUGE grin on her face. She said "Hello!! I am Ana. My daughter told me you were coming but I didn't think you were ever going to show up. We want to listen but we have to go to the store right now. I am open to learn more and I need a religion for my family." Then she proceeded to say the best words a missionary could ever hear..."AND IF WE LIKE WHAT YOU SAY WE WILL STAY".
LIKE WHAT????!!!!
So we have a lesson with there family tonight and I am so stoked. They are GOLDEN. What I learned is that we need to be bold and set aside our fears sometimes for miracles to happen.
Okay then I went on exchanges this week. So funny. I was talking in "the voice" all week about how my "moms(trainers)" were sending me away. I went with an english sister who I call "Aunty Clegg". It was pretty chill. I learned how greatful I am to be a spanish speaker. I learned how lucky I am to drive a car. I also realized how much I have learned from my trainers because I didn't get to rely on them. It was perrrrty cool.
We have made really good friends with this family from the English ward named the Stillwaughs. The grandma who lives with them is about 89 and she is so funny. She isn't a member but loves the missionaries so we always go have bathroom breaks there. She reminds me of what Grandma Olive probably was like, so spunky.
Funny Moment: So remember how I told you about how I was gonna play piano for relief society? Ya that happened. So I saw the song in spanish and went to play it with the simplified book. I was feeling all confident.
IT SOUNDED LIKE A DYING COW. I was playing the wrong song. So the woman were all so confused and so was I because I just thought they were singing it wrong. Finally I just stopped playing. Note to self: Make the pathway bright, and There is Sunshine in My Soul Today are NOT EVEN CLOSE to being the same song. There was no longer sunshine in anyones soul, thanks to me. I looked over at Sister Pierce and Sister Jones and they were in tears laughing so hard.
Spiritual Moment: So one day this week I had a breakdown. Happens to the best of us. I was just having a hard time because thats what a mission is. Hard times and Good times that make up for those times. I was totally fine like 10 minutes later. But my companion shared this story with me that really reminded me of an experience I have had in my own life.
Remember my sophomore year of cheerleading? When I came home everryday in the summer just crying and so mad that I was on the team. I hated it. But Andrea, Mom, and Dad all told me to get through the year and if I still didn't like it then I could quit. But quiting was NEVER the option. I ended up finding my best friends and best experiences through cheerleading in which I would never have had if I would've quit. The same goes for this mission. I have too many good times to outweigh the bad for me to quit. I am so greatful for a family who has taught me to NEVER GIVE UP! I miss you all so much but I remember the things you taught me and I get through the hard times.
One more thing to share. We were eating dinner with this family who has recently moved to Yakima and they were way funny. I was telling them about Tuscon being the "armpit" of Arizona and they all thought it was funny because they are from there. Then, one of the sons from the family said..
"Dad, what is the 'armpit' of Washington?"
The dad says: "Look around son".
HAHAHA I WAS DYING!!! I love it here though. Some of the weirdest things go on but I laugh and love it.
Love you all so so much. Have an amazing week!!
-Madison McBride

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