Monday, June 10, 2013

Jesse the Preacher Man and Taladega Nights

Hello everyone! Happy Summer!
First of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cassidy, Hermana Jones (same day as yes i will celebrate for you while your at girls camp but Im not sure which is better girls camp or a mission..), Aimee Myers my bff, and Happy Fathers day daddykins!!!! Love you and think about you all the time guys! Enjoy your special day.
So summer has struck the Yakima Valley. It is really getting so beautiful here. All of the produce is getting ripe and its gorgeous. But with that, we have been having a hard time getting the hispanics to schedule appointments because of cherry season. EVERYONE and their dog is out working in the field. And because we don't have a lot of teaching appointments we are tracting A LOT. The average number of people we talk to a week has been around 75. The mission standard of excellence goal (which we haven't reached until now) is 84 people. This week our number was 112. Unreeaaaal. So ya its nice and toasty and Im getting some pretty attractive tan lines but we are having so much fun.
BREAKING NEWS: WE BROKE THE YAKIMA HERMANA CURSE!!!! We had investigators at church!!!! YAYYYY!!!! Nohemi and Natalia loved it and I was just so happy haha. Natalia and Nohemi are planning on getting baptized within the next week or so. We are sooo excited. I absolutley love them.
This week I reflected on my mission call. I remember being like welp...sure if thats where I am supposed to go? This week I recognized how my mission is better than any other (for me at least). Every missionary says their mission is the best but I think my points are pretty undebatable:
-Warm Showers
-We have a car (even though we aren't always using it haha)
-Regular food (for the most part)
-No culture shock
-I get to learn the 2nd most common language in america the way it is actually spoken here
-useful language
-I get to speak english when i can't express myself otherwise and they understand
-Mail is easy to send and recieve
-Pretty good weather
-I get to teach really humble people
GOD BLESS (the spanish missionaries) in AMERICA!!!!
Love my mission.
We said goodbye to my mission presidents this week. It was sad but Im excited to see how this transfer goes. We find out on Saturday. I am really hoping I stay on this side of the mission and im like 75% chance that I am but we will see..
Spiritual Thought: Hermana Jones shared a really cool thought at dinner this week. She talked about how after Jesus died the apostles (mainly peter) were under so much pressure. They didn't understand how they were going to carry on this work and how they were going to have miracles like Jesus performed. But Jesus told them to teach to every nation, kindred, and tongue. So they took a leap of faith and went. She compared this to me and the other young missionaries who dodin't really think about this whole mission thing before. But we heard the announcement at conference and we did what peter did and went forth to serve with faith. I wasn't the girl to think about a mission before but I absolutley love it here and I am seeing miracles every single day.
Funny thought: Alright I saved the best part for last. Buckle down and try to imagine this story in your head. We tracted into this house and this lady let us in to give us some water. We thought she was mexican but she wasn't after all. As we talked with her, she told us about her whole entire life story of drugs/living on the streets/alcohol etc. Then she decided to turn her life around through God. She moved to Yakima and met her husband at a church. Long story short they are super non-denomonational christians and her husband is planning on starting his own church in Moxee to be a minister. So naturally we taught the restoration right?..We obviously had disagreements but she listened and we had a very cool conversation. This lady is super nice and easy going. At the end before we left her husband walked in the door. Jessie..from yakima but has a very (fake) strong preacher from the south accent. Both such nice people. So we asked them if we could say a prayer at the end of the lesson and jessie says "OF COURSE we LOVE to pray". Jessie Sits down. Him and her both put their hands out to hold our hands. Not what I was expecting. At this point, all I can think of is the fact that Hermana Jones is holding hands with a guy. Then Jones starts to say the prayer. I was still holding it together. They yelled out a few AMEN's here and there. Still holding it together. Finally at the end, Jessie, in his preacher accent, yells "AMEN, OH AND MY DEAR GOD BLESS THESE DAUGHTERS OH PLEASE...(needless to say, he went off for a good 2 minutes". At this point I am doing everything in my power not to laugh because I felt like I was in the prayer scene of Taladega Nights. After that we walked out and I said..."if only my parents could see me in moments like that..hahaha" We laughed and laughed. Good times. Jessie the preachermannnn.
Love you all so much have a good week!!!!!
Smile Always.
-Hermana McBride

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