Saturday, June 1, 2013

Taco Bell and Pedicures

Holaaa from the WKM.
Alright well..on monday we went straight to get Taco Bell and Pedicures. Lets just say I really know how to use my P-day wisely. Its been raining a lot here in Yaktown but at the same time people are getting darker from the sun. This is a huge problem because we can't tell who is just really tan or mexican...#SpanishMissionaryProblems
Mommy Pierce left us on Wednesday and yes I cried for a minute. She taught me so much and our companionship felt empty for a few days. But me and Jonesyyy are having a grand ol' time.
On Monday we taught Natalia and her daughter and I invited them to be baptized..AND THEY SAID YES!!! We are hoping for the 15th of June but we will see what happens. They both have wanted change in their lives and at the end Nohemi (18year old daughter) said the prayer and was crying the whole time. It was so cool. The spirit was amazing. We talk about Salt Lake all the time.
We got the Joseph Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat CD and I seriously felt like it was christmas. We have listened to the whole CD like 10 times. hahaha.
We have been also teaching this family (chavez) who are so freakin legit. They are so solid. They just understand everything we teach them and they get it. The Catholic forefather thing is whats holding them back I think. We had a lesson on wednesday and we walked out like skipping. Just so stoked. And we got in the car and Josh Groban was singing "When troubles come...and my heart blah blah blah..." I say.."JOSH WE AINT GOT NO TROUBLES SO HUSH!!!" Hahaha good times. I love the feeling after teaching a way cool family. We are teaching some other really solid people.
Spiritual Moment: In the effort to save miles on Saturday we got a ride to Union Gap and walked from 1-9pm. We ate at Miners (famous hamburger shop) and then got frozen yogurt for dinner. The day was beautiful but my body was dying by the end of the day haha. That night I was thinking about how many cool experiences I have as a missionary. I am here becuase God needs me in his work. But its ironic because I need him to do it. There are so many things in life God wants us to do but we need him to do it. Just a thought.
Funny Moment: When we were at a members house for dinner I was getting food and I said "welp go big or go home" and dished up my plate. Hermana Jones responded "Or just go home big". Hahahaha. Missionary Life right there.
Love you all so much. <3
Smile always.
-Hermana McBride

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