Monday, June 24, 2013

Transferred to The Promised Land aka Pasco

Hola from Pasco Washington!!!
Welp I am here in what is called "The Promised Land" of the mission. Unfortunatley we are in the very white parts of the city because we are sisters (Although I would like to believe I could totally handle a gangbangin neighborhood). Just to give you an idea, I live in an apartment that has a gym and a tanning bed..yes i have utilized both already. Our apartment is a 3 bedroom apartment because we live with 2 of the English sisters. Hermana Ray is a cute gal from Mesa, AZ. Its weird adjusting to these Trio companionships especially because I have served with Hermana Pierce already but its going good I think. I jumped into Hma. Pierce's arms when I saw her. Love the girl. We are planning on living in Provo together after the mish.  Hma Pierce and Ray opened this area only 4 weeks ago, so just like Yakima, we are kinda starting from square one but Its all good. We are having a good time and my spanish is doing so much better. So here I am in Pasco. I learned so much in Yakima and I really did love it there so much. I am going to miss Jonesy so much. I already do. It was sad saying bye to people too. Its crazy how close I get to know these people in such a short amount of time.
Before I got here to Pasco, we were knocking on some doors in Yakima and we asked this one white man if he had any spanish speaking neighbors that we could teach. Usually, they are always down to point out the neighbors..not this guy. He went off for about 5 minutes about how much he hated these mexicans and got into all of the political details. I was sick to my stomach. It was right then when I realized my love for these people. They are some of the most hard-working, humble, loveable people who just want a better life for their families. Sure, there is more to it than that..BUT my point being..I am so grateful to get to teach these people.
Hermana Pierce and Jones are now "Sister Training Leaders" AKA: Girl Zone Leaders. So that just proves how I really did get the best trainers on the block. Anyway, they had a meeting in Kennewick and so me and Hma. Ray just stayed behind. The phone wrang like 10 times and I had to try to figure out what these people were trying to say in spanish. EPIC FAIL. It was pretty hilarious though.
Temptation of the week: NBA FINALS. Walked into a house and they had a giant screen of the game. Game 7. 4th Quarter. 5 Minutes. ABORT MADISON MCBRIDE ABORT!!! Luckily, Hermana Pierce caught on and we peaced out pretty quickly. But dangggg...Missin the NBA. Glad the Heat won. Anything that will tick Kobe off is good news to me.
Funny Moment of the week: Now that I am out of Yakima we actually eat with the Branch. Mexican food for days. Lets just say my stomach was not ready for that. The 2nd day we went to this ladys house and had this shrimp (legs still attatched)/oyster/mussel/octupus soup with tortillas, white rice, and insanely hot salsa...yaaa. Pierce is like an anti-fish eater so it was very interesting. Then, to show our thanks we ask for more. Its been a rough go for my tummy. But I think Im handling it all pretty well (psych). I did miss some good mexican food just trying to figure out the 2 huge servings. Please pray for my stomach to find more room for all of it haha.
Spiritual Moment: We went to try a less active but nobody lived there so we did a tryback to this lady. Ray and Pierce told me about this girl and how she lived with this very abusive guy. They have avoided him everytime they are over there because he is very loud and rude. Well at the door, She said that she didn't have time because she was sleeping. As we were walking away the man started getting loud and was saying "NO PLEASE COME IN...I WANNA HEAR WHAT YOU GUYS NEED TO SAY. COME ON. I HAVE 20 MINUTES". We were scared but we knew the lord would be with us. We went in and talked to him what we do as missionaries. He told us that he has felt very lost and doesn't know how to feel God. We had the coolest conversation with him. It was amazing to see his accountance change within minutes. He told us how much he desired to have a relationship with God. At the end of the 20 minutes we taught him how to pray and he brought his wife in and prayed. It was so amazing to see the work of the Lord and how much he can soften the hardest heart. I have never wanted hope for someone so much. Missionary work is amazing.
Te Amo Mucho Familia!!!
Que tenga buena semana.
-Hermana McBride

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