Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hola Familia

I can't believe i have already been here for 4 days. Tomorrow will be such a big sigh of relief. I want to give you as much detail as I can without going overtime on the computer. 

Alright...So the MTC is so much fun. Everyone is so happy all the time. There are A LOT of rules but they aren't very hard to follow and when you break a rule you just smile and say "LO SIENTO". I use that word a lot. I am trying my very hardest though. My companions name is Hermana Gutknecht. She is from Florida and is serving in Carlsbad California!! She is a very sweet girl. We get a long so well. My district is way fun as well. My instagram friend from cali (Hermana Kelsey Jaegar) is in my district and my room and we are seriously like sisters. We talk about everything. Here is kinda a run down on how my last 3 days have gone:

Day 1:
We walked in and the first person I met was an Elder from New Zealand. He was way cool. Then i walked in the door and I saw this Lady who knew me because of Marci. Then i met my host who was chill but it was only 5 minutes later when I saw MOTRA SHAUNTEL FORTE. I literally jumped on her and started screaming. I am so blessed to have her here with me. After the first night she brought me a teddy bear and chocolate and made sure I was doing ok. Alright so I walked in my room and put my stuff down and went straight to class. Our teacher just started speaking spanish to me right away and i was MUCHO CONFUSIDO. (i think that is a made up word but I do that a lot). We then were able to go to a meeting held for the new missionaries. It was very powerful and motivating. The first day was long but so upbeat and exciting.

Day 2: 

More and More spanish in class. We got to go to the gym though. My book of pinterest workouts were a hit though. Yipeee!!!! Get big. We learned in class about an investegator for the church that we have to teach a lesson to. I was all fine and dandy until i realized we had to teach in spanish. I don't know spanish. I repeat, I DO NOT KNOW SPANISH. So yes the stress was on. Me and my companion tried to come up with a lesson in english and somehow translate it. Later that night we got to meet with Branch President Bowman and the whole presidency. It was such a powerful meeting. Brother Doman (counselor) got up and talked to our district about the importance of sister missionaries. We all just cried. He looks like a young Elder Holland. We all got to bear our testimonys and talk about our reasoning for a mission. I talked a lot about christs sacrifice. After the meeting Brother Doman pulled me out of the room to tell me how he was so impressed with my testimony. I was so honored. Its moments like those where i wish i could pick up the phone to call you all but I know its the best that I don't because this mission is teaching me to grow. My zone leaders are so tight as well, one of them looks like ferris buelerr mixed with Teema Tapusoa hahaha! The coordinating sisters are way cool too they are a little strict though.

Day 3: 

Stressful. We had to teach our first lesson and we were all just so confused on what we would say and how to say it. We got to teach a guy named Rodrigo Rodrigus (Haley hutchins you will know why i laughed at that). We went in there not knowing anything but we prayed so hard for the gift of tongues and the spirit. We walked in and somehow I taught this stranger how god loves us and how we are his children and he wants us to live with him again. I told him that through his plan we can live with Heavenly Father, Jesus, and our families forever. It was so cool. It was not me talking. It was jesus christ. I am only a representative of him. I was only able to speak spanish and bring the spirit because of him. My companion didn't say much but her testimony in spanish was very strong. She knows SO much of this gospel in english and we balance eachother out very well. 

I have seen Kapi Pauni (etus cousin) and Kennedy Ayre! Its so nice to see familiar faces. Matt Kelly wrote me my first letter from FAMILY YOU ARE SLACKIN. I NEED LETTERS. Not just to have letters but they really will get me through the day. Even if you write some 2 sentence on dearelder I will get it that day and it will make me so happy. 

The food in the MTC is sppooooookkkkyyyy....I try to stick with salads and wraps or else i end up sick. There are cute boys. But i have been good :) On wednesday 800 missionaries came into the MTC. We have made a record in that this is the first time in a LONG TIME there has been more sisters than elders in a district. GIRL POWER. 
I am so happy here though. I have no doubt in my mind that this is where I am supposed to be. Yo se Que (i know that) this is the true church on the earth today. Yo se que GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS. (so please pray for me hehe). People think that I got it off easy by getting spanish as my language but that is so far from true. I am very happy im not speaking bulgarian but any new language is hard. I know that i will not be able to do this alone.

This has been the most exhausting yet most rewarding 4 days of my entire life. I can't wait to learn more. I love you all so much. I pray about you every single day. If you ever need help with anything, pray to god. He will always help. 

D&C 6:36. 

Hasta Luego! Te Amo.

<3/Hermana McBride

P.s: I need to get an SD card reader for the computer but the bookstore is closed so I will send pictures on my P-Day (friday)

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