Saturday, March 9, 2013

Freestyle Rappin'!

Go go go Madi! Its your PDAY im gonna party like its my PDAY!!

Okay so first of all, I want to thank everyone who is sending me letters, dear elders and packages! It really means the world to me!!! As far as people who are emailing me, i have litterally 30 minutes and I hardly have time to read them so i cant respond. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just copy and paste it or write a dearelder so i can respond quicker. Andrea and Mom...THANKS FOR THE AMAZING PACKAGES. The food here is so disturbing. I am not kidding. Its so creepy. Love you all.

Alright so i am gonna start talking about this week. Its gonna be so random but its 5AM and i am trying to get my brainstrul in order.

So i did Choir this week and it was so so cool. Unfortunately they will not have us sing at conference but there is something we are "preparing" for. I think its for the Easter program...COUGH COUGH GENERAL AUTHORITY...(please be Thomas S. Monson).

Me and my district have become like a family. We are so close. Sometimes maybe too close. Our district leader, Elder Moody tries so hard to get us to focus and learn spanish it is so funny. The other day my companion started singing "MOODY MOODY MOOODY ROCKING ERYWHERE" hahahahhaah!! He is a gent. 

On Sunday we got to hear the coolest talk given by Elder Bednar. I found out that it can't be found in the public but it was so cool.

My spanish is coming along. I am trying hard but It doesnt just happen overnight like I thought it would either. 

My companion found the coolest scripture and it became our District Motto. Its pretty cool. Go look at it. Alma 26:27

Oh so on Wednesday the new sisters came in and I met this girl who lives next door to me. She is poly and she grew up in west valley, so im like stoked. We are gonna be so tight. Makes me miss my friennnndddssss.

I walk around everyday singing or freestyle rapping about the church. Its great. I am having a rap battle with an elder from my Zone. Im stoked about it. I wont let you down KTizzle.
So here is my latest work:

Sing with Beyonces Love on Top..(my favorite song ever)

Elder Elder I can see the field all the way from here
Cant you see the sun from the MTC
I can fell the spirit everyday Im here
Everytime our hands shake I just melt away

Everybody asks me why i smiling from ear to ear 
(they say its hard)
But I know (that it takes a little work)
Nothings perfect but its worth it
and Ill work until im speaking Espanol...(one day ill be able to say more than HOLA)

Spirit its YOU 
your the one i love
your the one i need
even though i can't

Oh ya Jesus its you
your the one that was on the cross
the one i can always call
when i need the hard times to STOP
Hermana McBride puts GOD ON TOP.

your welcome. hehehe.

Alright so in all realness. I am having the time of my life. Me and my companion are usually way too hyper for our own good but when the time comes we can feel the spirit so strongly. The MTC is a great place. This week I had one of the coolest experiences this far. We were teaching our investegator and that night we went to bed and in the morning I had the strongest feeling that we needed to talk to Rodrigo (investegator) about baseball. I told Hermana G. But Why baseball? that was so random..A couple of my roommates told me that they heard me YELLING in my sleep. Not just yelling but IN FLUENT SPANISH. They said I was talking to rodrigo about something but they couldnt figure out what for. Later that day we were teaching and I got up in the middle of the lesson and drew a baseball diamond on the board. On first base: repentence and faith, second base: babtism and holy ghost, third base: enduring to the end, home plate: eternal life. It was seriously so cool to teach something that was obviously inspired by God. Our investagor was so touched and impressed. He totally was able to understand it. In that lesson me and Hermana G were able to teach better than ever before. It was the coolest experiece. God has odd ways of showing us his way, but his way is always the right way. 

I love you so much. Keep sending me dearelders and letters. You are in my prayers every single day! Have a good week familia

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