Friday, March 15, 2013

Taylor Swift...nobody gots time for dat!

Hola Amigos y Familia!

To start out this email...
1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE DEAR ELDERSS, LETTERS, AND PACKAGES!! I am not kidding, they mean the world. I might not be able to respond right away but I promise that I read every single one and I love it. So even if you feel like your talking to yourself, please keep sending! :)
2. GOOD LUCK MCKELL AND THE COTTONWOOD COLTS TODAY AND THIS WEEKEND AT NATIONALS!!!! Tell Lena and Stephen how much I love love love them!! Give it everything colts!! :)
3. If you do send me mail through please remember to put my MTC box number (127) and my mission (Washington Kennewick). It makes it much easier for me to get it. If not I don't get  it for about 3 days after.
Whatta week! The MTC is full of really highs and some lows. Everyone of my weaknesses is exposed and I have to work my very hardest to strengthen that. What doesnt kill you makes you stronger right???...Except the food. Pretty sure my stomach hates this whole MTC thanggg. We got to go to the temple last week on Pday and me and Hermana G. went down to the cafeteria at the temple. Holy crap. IT WAS HEAVEN. Ribs and potatoes never looked so good.
I absolutley LOVE my companion! We are so close. We never fight. We are so opposite of eachother but we think the exact same. For example, When we see a creepy looking skirt or somethin we just give eachother THE look. HAHA! Sorry not sorry. Sadly, this week she had a very bad sinus infection that just didnt want to get any better. So we spent a lot of time in our room. I took care of her and made her velveeta and peanutbutter/honey sandwhiches (thanks mom and ange!). I had a lot of time to my self during that time. 3 hours here is like a full day back in SLC. So during all that time i did take a nap haha but then I had so much time to read the BOM. I restarted reading it last week and I am already 200 pages into it! I am now in wish me luck. Its a little harder to push myself cuz its so long. I don't know how ive read so much cuz i hate reading but I am actually understanding and it is awesome.
My district is the freaking bomb. We are all so different but we really are like a family. Me and Hermana G. just try our hardest to give our district leader a hard time. It is seriously so much fun hahaha. I have taught my entire district how to say STHURRRREE!!! (in THE voice). It is really entertaining to watch them all try hahaha. They all think im on crack or somethin.
I love the other districts in my zone as well. Unfortunately my amazing Zone leaders left this week. Very sad. In one of the districts there is a poly who brought his ukulele...I hunted him down and he brought it to laundry this morning. YES, HERMANA MCBRIDE HAD A JAM SESH IN THE MTC. Best day ever. He was so confused how i knew all the polyjams hahaha. All the other kids wanted him to play taylor swift...nobody gots time for dat! Not when there is an amazing Ukulele playe in our midst. There is another kid in my zone i am about to have a Mormon Rap battle with..Its gonna be dope. Mcbreez gonna throw down.
My girl Shaunie leaves this week! So sad! But it was good to see Jessica Ivory and Timmy Glenn. I love seeing people from home.
Funny of the week: I keep having dreams consisting of two themes. 1. The Book of Mormon (ancient times) 2. Beyonce and Jayz.....Last night the 2 of them collided. You do the math. It was weird.
Spiritual story of the week: Me and hermana g. were supposed to teach one of our investegators on Saturday but one of the Elders was sick so he gave us 20 MINUTES to prepare a lesson and teach. HAHAHa. funny. but really it was the most amazing lesson because we relied on the spirit so much. Me and G. were able to speak in spanish pretty well without stopping! Your prayers are working!! :)
I love you all. I miss you so much. I am happy. I smile everyday. I laugh. I study..ALOT. I am so grateful to be here. Although the field would be nice too.
The church is true. Keep smiling.
-Hermana McBride

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