Friday, March 29, 2013

Team Jesus

Happy Easter!!!! I am probly gonna have a better easter than all of you but hope you have a good day too ;) I am hoping someone cool will come speak to us. There are rumors that nobody too exciting is coming but I am hoping so. And then general conference. WHOO!! I get my travel plans today!!! Only 11 days to go! Insane. 

Last P-day it snowed. Woof. My companion and Hermana Jaegar were acting as if they had just seen it for the first time. Probly cuz it was haha. My new roommates are way cute and all but holy crap...They talk about what they are going to wear the next day for about an hour, about their boyfriends on a mission, and about all sorts of other stuff missionaries shouldnt be thinking about. At first it was kinda funny but now its just annoying haha. Love them to death but I think those English speakers are gonna get a kick in the pants in the field. 

KNEE UPDATE: Alright, so I got an Xray which showed that my knee caps are higher than they should be. My joints are very loosey goosey. The doctor said if I wanted I could probably flip my knee cap over if i wanted to. Gag me. What I have is called "Patella Alta with Femoral Pain". While I was at the doctor, I forgot that I was doing a bet if I could not shave my legs the entire MTC time. Ya my poor doctor. He was laughing so hard. I went home and shaved -_____-. I went to a physical therapist and they have me going 2-3 times per week. It is way nice to go out into the real world but It is so weird that i can see my apartment from where the doctors office is. My physical therapist is awesome. He keeps me updated on sports and stuff. CANT BELIEVE THE HEATS WINNING STREAK! #Lebron. The only REALLY bad pain I have been in is when I am at the physical therapist, they do this thing called Graeshin or something (its like A-stem). They take this metal tool and some cocoa butter and litterally scrape at my knee to move the scar tissue. Wowwwwzza. I don't have to cry I just want to scream hahaa. My companion holds my hand and quizzes me on Spanish. We call it "having a knee baby". They give me Ice chips and everything. After It feels so great though. 

One of our Elders was diagnosed with Strep and Mono this week. I am avoiding him. Ain't nobody gots time for that. 

I had a devotional on Tuesday night. The speaker asked "Why are you here". Only about 5 people got up. For some reason, I was thinking I got up in front of about 4,000 other missionaries. I said "I am here because I have an older brother who suffer and died for me. 18 months is the least I could do, to give back to him." After the devotional, we have reviews with our district but I had an extra choir rehearsal. Apparently, in the review, Brother Doman and Sister Doman were talking about how what I said was the most spiritual part of the entire devotional. A few people told me that. YOLO never fails. 

Speaking of Brother Doman...I have the coolest experience. Telling it over email doesn't do this story justice but I will go for it. On Sunday Brother Doman grabbed me and said Hey I want to interview you. He said I wasn't on his schedule that day but he has wanted to talk to me for a while. We went in a room and he was telling me that I remind him so much of his daughter. With tears in his eyes (and mine), he said, "If you were my daughter, I would be so proud of you...and I know your family is so proud of you." It is so cool because he knows Dad. And he met Andrea and Mckell in California at the cheer competition last week. He was talking to me about how He knows that me meeting him was no coincidence. He told me to write him often, come visit a ton when I get home, and he told me he wants to be one of those guys that my future husband has to talk to before marrying me. He literally is like my mission dad. Afterwards he said that he wanted to do a prayer for my knees and comfort. The prayer that was supposed to be for my knees turned into about a 10 minute prayer that was not brother Doman speaking. God was speaking though him I am not kidding. He had so much power and conviction. It was the most powerful prayer I have ever heard. The coolest part is towards the end he started talking about how one day I am going to be an amazing mother and my kids are going to be incredible. At the end of the prayer he said.."Hermana McBride..Go write in your journal about that prayer. I don't know why I felt so impressed to talk about your future family but I saw your kids and they were amazing." Wowza. Nobody knows how he is not a prophet or something. Me and The Domans have a special bond and I know God put them in my life for a reason. 

I finished the Book of Mormon this week!!! YAYYYYY!!! Took me about 20 days. That book changes lives. I know that for a fact. It makes me happy and comforts me. It just makes sense. A verse I really liked that I think is applicable to all of you is in 3 Nephi 12:16. Such a common verse...but really think about it. Are you being the person that people can pick out in a crowd? Be the light of christ and people will notice. :)

I am the same old crazy Madison "McBreezy" McBride...I just love jesus more. Remember that. Hehehe!

Esta La Iglesia es Verdadera. 

Con Amor,

Hermana McBride

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