Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pregnant with Greenie

Hollllla Muchachos :)

So...ya the headline pretty much says it all. I am going to be receiving a new missionary on Wednesday, here in Kennewick. I am so so excited but I am a little nervous. She is coming from the mexico MTC since they are doing that now. Hopefully that will mean she knows the language better than I did. haha! PRAY FOR ME. Hermana Foster is getting sent to Wenatchee with a greenie. Sad that our little companionship is over already but we had a really good 4 weeks together. 

So last time I talked about the missionary nerf-gun obsession. Well..I am pleased, and somewhat emberassed to say that I bought my first nerf gun haha. I bought it and felt kinda dumb so I also bought some pink spray paint and glitter to make myself feel better about the whole situation. HAHA! My zone thinks im a little cray cray. Gotta play zombies in style though right? 

I talked a little bit about the part-member family we are teaching (Lopez family) from Honduras. They are so legit. The ones that we are teaching are Ronay (rone-eye) and Nelson. They are about 26 and 35ish. They just want to learn more and more and more. They have a past but they want to change and want to know as much as possible. Before we even talked about baptism, they told us that they wanted to be baptized soon. Whoop whoop!! They come to church every week and love it. Yesterday was a bit awkward because we haven't taught them very much and the 3 lessons that were taught were about 1. The Word of Wisdom 2. Baptisms for the dead and 3. Ronay came up to us and said "Im confused kinda...whats the Urim and Thummin?" Bahaha! Poor guy. His mind was just so blown. He told us he was confused but felt the spirit so strong. He described it as "Un fuego en mi corazon". Even though he speaks perfect English haha. Anyway, I will keep you all updated with them. 

I got to do exchanges here in Kennewick with Hermana Pierce. MOMMY DAUGHTER TIME! WHOO! It felt like I was having a sleepover with one of my best friends haha. We planned our whole after-life in Provo. It is amazing to me how I can still learn so much from her. I was very blessed to have Jones and Pierce as my trainers. They both continue to teach me in ways I never thought were possible. I have kinda compared that to my own parents. Just because we leave the house and go off to school doesn't mean that we aren't learning from them. In fact, I think I have learned more being away and learning from their examples. Hermana Pierce told me that being a trainer is kinda like real life because as soon as your a "mom" or a trainer, that is when you have the most respect and gratitude for your parents and trainers. I am very lucky to have amazing mission "moms" but also amazing parents as well. Thank you so much for being such amazing examples in my life.

I have been trying to figure out why I am so exhausted this transfer and I realized that it is because we are teaching SO many less active members. It is like a full on puzzle to try to figure out how to help people get back to church. Some of them have 100% desire and 0% motivation to do anything about it. So that is exciting. haha. I love these people so much because of their strong testimony's but I am a little burnt out haha! 

Spiritual: Yesterday in Sunday School they brought up the Word of Wisdom. Me and Hermana Foster were so nervous because we had never taught that lesson to Ronay and Nelson. The conversation went on and I could see confusion all up in the air. I kept on trying to think of a way that I could somewhat help the situation. A thought came into my mind.."Ask Juan and Lakisha (Ibarra family) to share their experience with the Word of Wisdom". I was kinda confused because I wouldn't normally just tell someone to do something like that. I waited a few more minutes. Hermana Foster whispered to me.."I am going to share a scripture and then after, have Lakisha and Juan share their testimony about the Word of Wisdom". I was like WOAH that's weird, I was thinking the same thing. And then, Elder Abbott (who barely knows Juan and Lakisha) says.."Hermana McBride, have Juan and Lakisha tell their story with the Word of Wisdom". My mind was blown! Within literally 2 minutes, the spirit told us all the same thing. It was so cool to see how the spirit works and I know that it is exactly what needed to happen. Juan just through down with some amazing story. He told us later that he wanted to share his story the whole time but was a little nervous. So Cool!

Funny: Okay to start this out I am going to give you a little background. Maria Zamora was a 16 year old girl with blue hair, lip piercings, and gages. The missionaries knocked on her door and she told them she wasn't interested but her mom told her to be nice and listen. She told them straight up that she would never change or get baptized. Fast-forward to January 2013 and little miss not gonna change, was dressed in white, with brown hair, no peircings and a sweet spirit. All she wants now is to go on a mission. She is basically a legend in Kennewick. Hermana Jones already told me a ton about her. Anyway, we are teaching her new member lessons. She is a little FIREBALL. She is so freaking funny. So I just wanted to give you a few of my favorite Maria Zamora quotes:

1st Situation: Phone Call

Me: Hey maria we are just calling to make sure you can still come out to a lesson with us tomorrow.

Maria: I don't know. Guys, I have been so sick all day because I had this salmon stuff and I am like 99% positive that their is a fishbone stuck in my throat. I am gonna go to the E.R or something. Will you guys just say a little personal prayer and ask God if he could like get this fishbone out of my throat. 

2nd Situation: Lesson

Me: Maria what would your life be like without your family?

Maria: Well first of all, I would be like a little hobo baby on the streets not knowing what to do. 

3rd Situation: Casual Conversation

Maria: Ugh!! This guy from my work (mcdonalds) keeps on texting me. He keeps calling me "cutie". Like what the heck I am not a freaking tangerine!!

HAHAHAH!!! This girl kills me. In a lesson, she brings the bass. Her testimony is so strong and she is going to be an amazing missonary one day. 

I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you and miss each one of you so much! 


-Hermana McBride

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