Wednesday, August 28, 2013

God Loves Hermanas

Que Pasa Homies?

Can't believe how fast summer is flying by! I LOVE hearing from all of you and seeing all of your pictures. This last week has been pretty good. During P-day last week we always meet as a zone and play sports or write letters. This week, we played Zombie Apocalypse with nerf guns...Wait what? Who am I anymore? Apparently every missionary has nerf guns and they are like way nice. haha! I was laughing so hard. But it was way fun! We ran around the church shooting eachother with nerf guns. Like I said, I don't know who I am anymore. Today I am going to the mall to refind my interself haha!

First and foremost...NATHALIA AND NOHEMIS BAPTISM. It was such a great day. Me and Lupe (member from our branch) went to pick up Pierce and then drove up to Yaktown. I was so happy to be back there with Jones and Pierce. It was amazing! I literally jumped on Nohemi and Nathalia when I saw them. We sang nearer my god to thee in spanish and accapella and welp..WE KILLED IT. The spirit was unreal. Everything went perfect. I didn't want it to end. Apparently Nohemi might serve a mission too! They are moving to Utah in December and Nohemi is applying for BYU right now. SO LEGIT!

This week has been way good overall. I am having a hard time a little bit because I have VERY vivid dreams sometimes and they are almost always about coming home or being at home with friends and family. So by the time I wake up I have to remember that I am a missionary and its time to get to work. Its happened a few times where I will wake up just extremely confused. Once I get up for about an hour, its all good. It has just been really weird haha.

We had one day this week where we had NO appointments. It has been so hot and we knew we had to tract all day so we prayed for some clouds. Let me just say that God loves the Hermanas. We got clouds, wind, AND rain. The Elders texted us and said "I bet you guys prayed for this weather or something because hermanas get whatever they want". Ya pretty much how it works elders. #SorryNotSorry

Spiritual: This week I have been thinking so much about families. We are teaching so many different types of family dynamics and me and Hermana Foster have very different family situations as well. But regardless, I am so grateful for mine. They have made me who I am today. Yesterday we taught The Ibarra family, the ones who just got baptized, about eternal marriage. Lakisha said that it is hard for her to wait a year to be sealed because she wants it so bad right now. The desire she has is so unreal and it keeps her family so strong. Another family we are teaching just moved here from North Carolina. They are originally from Honduras but they moved to the U.S. They were on there way to move to Vancouver but there car stopped working here in Kennewick. So they will be staying here for a while until they decide to leave. They are members and they found the church time online and showed up last week. Me and Hermana Foster went to visit them this week. We walked into their apartment and they have no beds, no furniture, a small tv hooked up, blankets, and a cooler for a fridge. But I have never seen a family so happy and so loving with one another. We found out that 2 of them aren't members and are really loving church so we are going to be teaching them. I am so excited. This family has the light of christ. We felt it the second that we walked in. And its cool too because the dad looks like Doc Rivers. hehe. 

Funny Moment: We were at a members house and they showed us this video that some elders from our mission put up on youtube. Go search: "L.D.S Missionaries A Childs Prayer". It is a video of them lipsynching in the car. I was crying laughing so hard.

Also..Hermana Foster had a blonde moment this week. Here is our conversation:

Me: Where is Hermana Lemmons from? She looks american.

HF: She is from Peru.

Me: Oh thats way tight! She just has really light skin so I couldn't even tell.

HF: Ya well she has spent a lot of time in The United States so thats probably why.

Me: HAHAHAHA!! WAIT WHAT?! If thats how this all works then I am moving to Africa.

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Que Tengan Buena Semana!
XOXO! Smile Always.
-Hermana McBride

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