Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lots of Pics. Lots.

 rockin' my Barcelona jersey 

 birthday cake from Lupe

Biscoff from Lupe

gots my shades onnnnn. 

la familia lopez (that jersey!)  Ronay is in the HIDEOUS Lakers Jersey and Nelson is in the stripes.

lammie the dog

biggest slurpee stop in the entire world. #Kennewick

life of miguelito lopez

me and foster

me and my child

mis bonitas - nathalia and nohemi

nathalia and nohemi's baptism

nerf gun. go'in go kill me some zombies. 

our way fun district

pancake flipping struggles

pink nerf gun. ready. 

sometimes I fall off my chair

Taco John's with momma pierce

Ibarra kidlins

found someone playing the ukelele and almost cried. 

love me some weekly planning. #swag

ziplining on my birthday. 

our zone 

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