Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Get That

Buenos Dias!

I had such an amazing birthday. THANK YOU so much for everything. It was so much fun. Everything is going really well here in Kennewick. This place has SO much work to be done. There are billions of apartamentos and mexicans everywhere. Its great. Me and Hermana Foster are having a really good time together. We get along so well and she is an amazing missionary. 

So this week we had exchanges with the Pasco Sisters. Whoop whoop! I got to see mommy pierce but I went with Hermana Ray to Pasco. It was really fun being back in pasco for the day. Except for the part where we had to drive a visa waiter to the airport at like 4 am. I have learned a lot about companionships lately. I was with the same 2 companions for almost half of my mission, so change was a little rough at first. I am obviously obsessed with Momma Jones and Pierce so I have learned how to adapt better with other people. I am learning so much more about people and how to adapt out here. It will definitely help me in real life a ton.

We have been going and finding a lot of old investigators from like years ago and it has been really frustrating because NOBODY ever still lives there. But this week while on exchanges, Pierce and Foster found this lady named Irma. They knocked on her door and she said "Oh my goodness, how did you find me!?" (in a really exciting happy way, not in a creepy way). She was so excited. We had an appointment with her this week and she is SO solid. She was like I already know this is true. I was bearing testimony to her and she said.."I can tell you weren't raised in the church. You REALLY know this is true". I told her I actually was raised into the church but I had to find out for myself. I am so grateful for all of the experiences I have had to make my testimony stronger and stronger. It wasn't always easy but I can actually say I know it for myself.  

We had Zone Conference this week. A M A Z I N G! President and Sister Ware are so legit. They taught me so many good things.One of the things I learned is that the perfect model of charity and love is Jesus Christ and God. So whatever situation we are in, we can use that overcome hard things. You all know me, I have an attitude sometimes but I am trying better to be willing to be more charitable and lovable...with the Madi Spunk too of course. Wait who is Madi? I mean hermana mcbride. weird. awkward. President Ware is really good at having the spirit but having fun at the same time which is exactly what I strive for. 

EXCITING NEWS: I asked President Ware about Nathalia's baptism and he almost said no. But being the nicest guy ever, he said YES!!! then he told hermana pierce YES! FAMILY REUNION IN YAKIMA WITH ALL OF MY FAVORITE PEEPS! I am so excited. Also, Nohemi (Nathalias daughter) and said she is planning on applying to BYU instead! SO cool! 

Spiritual Moment: In zone conference they had departing testimonys for those who leave this transfer. One elder got up there and said something that was very applicable to me. In my own words: Without my mission, I would have been totally fine. I wouldve been hanging out with my friends. Trying to choose the right. Hanging out with my family. BUT...because of my mission I have learned who I want to be. I have learned how to really live the gospel and how to be myself at the same time. I have a testimony now. a REAL one. I know the patterns that I need to live (making my bed, cough cough). My mission really means so much to me.

Funny Moment: There is an Elder in our district named Elder Sanchez. He is a native and doesnt know much english. I have been trying to teach him slang hahaa. This week we played volleyball and he was killing it! So I kept saying "GET THAAT ELDER SANCHEZ!" Kinda like "heck ya! or Good job". But he didn't really understand. So he goes over to hermana foster and says.."Hermana Foster...Que Significa...Get that?" bahaha!! She said, "Es una palabra de hermana mcbride". He now uses it all the time haha. good stuff. I also taught him how to say "WHATEVER!" and he has got an attitude now. good ol' elder sanchez.
Love you all so much. Have a BONITA week!

Les Quiero MUCHISMO!
XOXO! Smile Siempre.

-Hermana McBride 

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