Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Can I Come

Buenos Dias Bonitas:

Alright..lets get down to business. To defeat the huns. hehe. Sorry. Sidetracted. I have been listening to too much disney lately. #TheStruggle. I just want to jump right into this week. We started off by saying a lot of goodbyes to Hermana Foster. It was nice for me to meet more members. On Wednesday, we went to the transfer site to pick up our new greenies. We walked in and we all just starred in the gym like they were little fish or something. Finally we started talking to some of them and they told us that they weren't allowed to tell us their companions yet. So we just made small talk for a little bit until this one hermana came up to us and looked at my name tag and just LIT UP. She had this giant smile on her face. I just looked at her and said, "come give momma a hug". haha! She was like I wasn't supposed to say anything but oh well! hahah! It was way funny. Also at the transfer site, I FINALLY got to see Elder Junior Wolfgramm (from high school). I wasn't able to take a picture with him because it was so chaotic but it was so much fun to see him!

So my new companions name is Hermana Dixon. She is from Centerville Utah. She is just way chill. She makes corrections and is willing to try anything. She is a great little daughter. She came from the Mexico MTC and said it was a really good experience. She was part of the first generation to go there. She is cool. For any of you who know Quincie Fornelius..she kinda reminds me of her because she is just chill haha. We get along way well. We got in the car and I took her straight to a lesson. I make her do a lot of things and she probably hates me because of it but she is learning so fast.

Update on Ronay and Nelson: The night that Hermana Dixon got here, we went to teach the plan of salvation to them. It was all going well until someone went off about aliens. The whole lesson just dove south. We sat and talked about Aliens, Cain, Outterdarkness, who created satan, etc. It was awful but so comical. My poor little greenie. This whole thing was in spanish. Ronay just LOVES to know every detail. haha. We finally got a hold of the lesson and talked about baptism. Hermana Dixon sent the baptismal invite for the 31st of August. Nelson said he doesn't know because he doesn't see the significance because he has already been baptized in another church but he said he would pray to know if it is what he should do. Ronay said that he wants to learn more and gain a stronger understanding first. The both said they eventually want to be baptized, which was really cool. 

So then, on Sunday we were showing up to sacrament meeting and Elder Hobbs came up to us and said "I thought you said Ronay didn't have a date for baptism yet? He is inviting everyone to his baptism on the 31st of August!" WE WERE STOKED! We marched right up to him at the end of sacrament meeting and I said, "Hey Ronay, Sooo...I hear you are being batized on August 31st...Can I Come???" He just laughed and said "I dunno, do you got any money?". He told us that he has really been thinking about it and wants to be baptized and has seen so many blessings in his life lately. He even stopped drinking coffee before we taught him! SO STOKED! We have family home evening with them tonight and we are going to learn how to make honduran food :). Love their family so much!

We are finally out finding people more. Our less-active work is starting to pay off a tiny bit because some families are returning to church! It has been so exciting to see that.

Funny Moment: My greenies first door. The lady wasn't very interested. Said she would take a card. We give her the card and she looks at it and says this (VERY dramatically), "Latter-day saints huh?..*Crumples the card* I DON'T LIKE YOUR TOWERS!" ***SLAM***. Hahahaha! I think she meant temples but at the same time I am not sure. Maybe she was talking about the church office building. Sometimes I don't like towers either. They block the view of so many lovely sights. 

Spiritual Moment: One thing Hermana Pierce showed me on exchanges has had a huge impact on me this last week. There are so many scriptures in the bible and book of mormon that talk about praying during times of trial. One example of this is in 1 Nephi 7: 17-18 when Laman and Lemuel bind up Nephi in cords in the hope that he will be eaten by beasts. (If my siblings ever did that, i would pop them right in the out). is interesting that during that time, Nephi doesn't pray that God will take the bands off. He prays for THE STRENGTH to break free. Sometimes we pray for our circumstances to change when in reality what we need to pray for is for THE STRENGTH to get through things. I have used that principle so much more this week and it has helped me so much.

I love you and think about you all more than you know. Les Quiero MUCHO!

smile always.

-Hermana McBride

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