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(Nov 5, 2013)

Bienvenidos a mi correo-electronico :)
I hope you all had a great week and a fabulousaaaa halloween. Mine was pretty fun, i guess. Me and Hermana Flandro dressed up as Mario and Luigi..tehehe. It was pretty fun. We had a little lunch with the missionaries before our district meeting but me and her were definitely had the best costumes. We had to come in the apartment by 7 at we decided to eat Helotes (corn with mayo, parmesean cheese, and tapatillo) and tomalles for dinner. A halloween like non other! Haha! (see pictures)
This past Wednesday was crazy. We got a text from Ivett that said that she couldnt meet with us for dinner because her son (Bijan, 17) ran away from home. We were so worried but we just went about our day. At about 6:00 at night, I felt like we should go see how she was doing and if we could help in anyway. We went over there and her daughter, Freshte (17) told us she was glad we came because her mom needed company. We went and talked about all the possibilitys of where he could be and how to track down his Iphone and yada yada..during this whole time, Hermana Flandro was just praying that he would call. She finally said, "lets just all say a prayer together". Right then, Freshte's phone rang from an unknown number. It was him! He told her that he was in Chicago and all this stuff but he was acting way fishy. Anyway, we recorded the conversation on Ivetts Iphone and replayed it looking for clues. When Freshte asked him if he was with his friend "Johnny" he hesitated a ton. We started talking about who this Johnny kid was. As we sat there we just kept praying that we could know what to do next and where he could be. She then said "Well..I don't know much about him but he is 22 and he lives behind Vons I think..". Me and Flandro teach people all the time over in that area. All of the sudden it clicked. We teach our recent convert named Nelly and her son's name is Johnathen. He has taken the lessons before but was never baptized. She pulled up his instagram and we figured out it was him. We had even planned on visiting them that night. So we grabbed our stuff and drove over to see her. I felt like a freaking CIA agent. It was so intense haha. Welp..Johnny didn't show up until we were about to leave. We talked to him for a bit but he wasn't with anybody but we walked outside and talked to Ivett and she said that she found out he was in Hawaii. Crazzzy. Moral of the story though...PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED.
Crazy part of that story too is that we are now teaching "Johnny" and he came to church this week! Ivett went to Hawaii and picked her son up and we have a lesson with her tonight. Hopefully all is well!
Diana is doing awesome as well. She came to church and she really likes it. Her belief in God is growing so much. We invited her to be baptized on the 23rd of November and she accepted!! We aren't sure how sure it is but pray hard for her! She really wants an answer. Woop woop!
So..we had a record-breaking miracle this week. 8 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH! We were expecting about 2. Mayra's family came. One family brought their neighbors. It was so sweet. The member missionary work is starting to catch on fire here in CHULAJUANA! and I DOTH LOVE IT!
Not So Funny Moment of The Week: Besides Mothers Day and Christmas, there is one day that every missionary looks forward to..daylight savings. I have been stoked all week for that beautiful day that I get an extra hour of sleep. Well..I hurried to bed as fast as possible and we set our alarm and went to bed. Well..we are used to our great Iphones and how they change the time for you. Not these phones. We got up at 5:30 am..thinking it was 6:30. Went to pick up the other sisters and they said..uhhh its only 7:30. I was so mad!!!! Maybe next year..:(
Oh and also, word on the street is their is an underground tunnel from TJ to Chula Vistab equipped with air conditioning and heating. I think like it sounds like a great finding opportunity..we will see what the mission president thinks ;) bhahaha! SIKE.
Spiritual Moment: We went to Bishop Chavez's house for dinner on Sunday and they have gone through lots and lots with their family and everything. My companion was talking to Hermana Chavez a lot about forgiveness. She told us a personal story of her own family and how she knows when she forgives somebody. She told us.."I know that I have forgiven somebody when I pray for them or want what is best for them. Not in a judging way but in a genuine care for their well-being."
I, personally, haven't had any crazy grudge held up in my life or anything like that but I feel like there are little things that bother me or people in my past who I still have hurt feelings. I have learned that it isn't about becoming best friends with that person or having to be in contact with them but it is more to really try to see somebody as God sees them and hope that they do well in life. Anyway..just a cool dinner convo.
smile always.

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