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Hola from Chulauanna!

(Oct 29, 2013)

Hola from Chulauanna!
This place really is like lil mexico. In fact, Saturdays are like a ghost town because everybody and their chiwawa goes to TJ for the weekend. I am excited for Halloween although I have no idea what I am going to be. We get to do a little activity for the primary tonight which should be fun. We are also going to Old Town San Diego today to see all of the decoration for the Dia de Los Muertos.
Lots is going on with our investigators this week. We have a few solid people. We had 5 investigators at church and 3 less-actives too. SO COOL. I was stressed out of my mind the whole time but it was the primary program so it was comical as well as spiritual.
First, Mayra (21 years old). Her uncle that was deported came back somehow and the family is so so happy. They now want to come to church and take the lessons. We are so happy because we tried to get them to come before but they were very shy but now they are very grateful because the church helped them out with food for the next month. QUE UNA BENDICION.
Ivette (single mother of the teenagers) came to church too. She is so so solid. Her boss is LDS and talked to her for an hour about it and she called us and was so excited to tell her everything she learned from him.
We went by to see Charlie (Cota). He wasn't at home cuz he was at the hospital. We went the next day to visit him and Bishop Chavez came too. It was so sad to see that little guy so weak but it has brought their family so close. One of the sons even fasted with us for Charlie.
I have taught like 3 different teenagers this week about the nature of God and prayer. There are so many who don't believe and I can really see how wicked the world is lately. We are teaching a 14 year old girl named Dianna who is so freaking cool. She is so smart and has so many questions. She came to church this week and really liked it. Its just sad how many young kids don't have the hope of something more than this world.
Spiritual: There is a famous picture of Jesus Christ when he is standing at the door but there is no handle on the door. He is knocking but it is our choice to open the door. I had a cool thought this week about how Jesus Christ can help me out so much as a missionary because he knocks more doors than I ever could. He knocks on every single door and waits and waits until we are willing to open the door and let him help us. As a missionary, I get frustrated when someone won't keep their appointment or they are inside but ignore us..that is probably how Jesus feels. But he is patient and loving. In our lives we need to be more like Him, patient and loving and willing to wait for those who need our help but arent willing to ask.
Funny: We were walking and walking and walking on Saturday but nobody was outside. Well..I spent most of this time walking behind Hermana Flandro. I finally went in front of her to walk up some stairs in a trailer park and she just started laughing so hard. I turned around to see why and we both noticed that my backpack had pulled my skirt up in the back and basically I was just flashing the whole old-folks trailer park for who knows how long. HAHA! Good stuff. hopefully the old people couldn't see very well. oops..
Miss you and Love you all.
Feliz Dia de Los Brujaaasss!!!
-Hermana McBride

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