Saturday, December 7, 2013

Remember Gethsemane

(Nov 19, 2013)

Happy Tuesday everyone. First of all, SHOUT (hehe) out to poppa McBride this week! Happy Birthday old man! Love you so much. This week has been a great one. Mostly because I have been listening to christmas music all week and it is starting to get cold..60 degrees. Its great. I am really starting to feel like Lexi with all of this Christmas in November non-sense but whatever..feels like home haha.
This week we had the opportunity to visit with the granddaughter of this lady that we have been teaching. Her name is Avery. She is a 9 year-old with Cerbralpalsy. She is such a fire ball. Full of life and so girly. We visited with her for about 30 minutes and she was so freaking cool. She told us to go visit her friend who has to be in the hospital for 6 weeks because of surgery, and to go share a scripture with her brother, but mostly she wants us to teach her mom. Her mom wasn't there but she is an alcoholic and has been having a really hard time with a daughter with this life-trying disability. I was so humbled by going to visit her. She learned how to dial our phone number and we now get phone calls every so often to tell us hello. It is the little things in life..Be greatful for the life you have. Avery is so happy and full of light. (See Picture).
This week we also had these things called MTE's (Missionary Training Expierience). We have a meeting/training in our zone with President Clayton and then one of the sister training leaders comes with us for a day and we go out and teach in our area. The next day we report on all of the cool miracles that we saw. And man oh man did we see miracles!! We had 10 lessons in one day and we got 4 new investigators! It was so sweet. We had some amazing lessons. Also, Mayra committed to be baptized on Saturday! WHOOOO!!
Random things that happened this week:
-We have been teaching a 16 year old member. He is the piano player for our ward and he is way cool. He has a ton of quesitions about life and faith and theory. My mind is blown after every lesson we have with him. I feel like I am teaching Austin or Brandon haha. But I am learning a lot as we try to help him understand faith and how to use it. I really really hope he will serve a mission!
-We had an activity as a stake this week called "Meet the Mormons". It was a casual dinner for members to bring there non-member friends to see what we believe. They had every room with displays of things that we believe. IT WAS SO COOL. Soooo many people came.
-We ate Peruvian food with the Coca family this week. They are so sick. She is white. He is peruvian. And they have the cutest kids. And their food was amazing. She reminds me a lot of my aunt Marci so it was way fun to hang out with them.
Spiritual: President Clayton just got back from a missionary president training in Washington with 40 other mission presidents. He told us that Elder Ballard spoke to them and at the end he walked to his seat and right before he sat down, he walked back up to the pulpit. He pulled out of his pocket a pass-along card, a picture of Jesus Christ, and said.. "If you ever get tired, or weery, or want to give up...Remember Gethsemane. And you won't be tired anymore". As missionarys, as human beings, as disciples of Jesus Christ, there are so many times where we are tired and we just don't feel like we can go any further. I add my invitation as Elder Ballard said.."Remember Gethsemane".
Funny: Workouts are fun and all. Sometimes we go walk up to the hospital and look at the beautiful view of TJ and San Diego. Other days we go run on a track. This week we decided to get creative. I have a samoan upbeat song that I got from Hermana Pierce on my ipod and Hermana Flandro knows how to Polynesian dance. (Proabably an outcome from going to Cyprus High School). So she taught me how to polynesian dance in our apartment. Hehehe. Oh and yesterday we were doing service at a park and the elders wanted to know if we could do i threw a round-off back handspring. Without Stretching. I still got it and all but the poly dancing mixed with the tumbling...I AM SORE. Woof. haha.
smile always.
-Hermana McBride

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