Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Easter!

Dec 3, 2013

Howdy Y'aalll!!
It is December 3rd and I am wearing a short sleeve shirt. So weird. This week was my hump day! Crazyyy!! Time has flown by..most days at least haha. So..last week I told you how we got transfer calls and we were all going to stay the same. We were pumped and all that. Well..that night we recieved a call and I guess they made a last minute decision and decided to transfer Hermana Flandro. I felt so bad because it was the day before Thanksgiving and we made all these plans and then she got her hopes up and WHAM she was transferred. BUT..she also knew that it was where she needed to go. I was freaking out because I have only been in a new mission for 8 weeks and they need me to take over the area. I was kinda freaking out. But then I remembered that I had to take over Kennewick in only 4 weeks. The Lord always qualifies his missionaries.
So on Wednesday morning I picked up my new companion at transfer meeting. Her name is Brianna Barnes and she is from Springville, UT. She is like a little ball of sunshine. She is 5"0, blonde and just so happy all the time. She has been out for 7 months now. Her spanish is awesome. We get along great. She plays piano like a boss (which is nice cuz I am sure the ward is sick of me playing the same hyms in sacrament meeting every week). I can't wait for this transfer. We gonna tear it up!
My Thanksgiving was very odd but it was pretty expected. We did weekly planning (which usually takes 3 hours). In the middle of it, the apartment below us started on fire for a minute so we grabbed as much stuff as we could. It was a pretty dramatic 3 minutes of deciding what was most important to me haha. I grabbed my ukulele, pictures, journal, camera, and my ipod hahaha. It ended up being just a little tiny dinky flame and the lady freaked out and called the fire department. By the time the 3 fire trucks showed up, the alarm went off. It was pretty comical. Later we went to eat dinner at The Gallegos house. It was way fun. We ate turkey, potatoe salad, flan, and spaghetti. It was just so delightful haha. After, we met up with the other missionaries in the district and we went caroling while people waited in line for Black Friday. I played the uke and it was so sick. Our district can all sing so it was pretty legit not gonna lie. People were recording us and taking pictures and all that jazz. It was way cool. And then we got kicked out by Scrooge The Mall Manager. But hey, it was fun while it lasted.
Ivett and Freshte took us to this amazing restraunt this week. They aren't super ready for baptism yet but we are trying to help them get there. Same with Diana. She is progressing but we are gonna try to slow things down a little bit. Mayra got hit with some pretty crazy news...Before her baptism she had a boyfriend. She was fully repented of before her baptism and all and she was so excited to start a new life. Well..this week she found out she is pregnant. Super sad because she is only 22 years old and she doesn't have much money. PLEASE keep her in your prayers.
I am so excited for the holiday season to start!! The mission office will send mis padres an email but just in case you don't get it...If you want to send me something for christmas, make sure to write CHRISTMAS on the box so that they will hold them until christmas eve. They will give us all of our packages that night and then we will patiently wait until the next morning to open them haha.
Funny: Yesterday we were teaching Diana and her dad, Jose. He wanted me to say the closing prayer. In my prayer, I was asking to bless Jose and his family and he whispers to me..TRABAJO. So I say.."Y por favor bendice que Jose puede encontrar trabajo"..then I am about to the end the prayer and he whispers in my ear "JET PLANE". I was like..."QUE?" and I couldn't understand cuz he usually speaks spanish so I didn't know what the heck he was talking about. We ended the prayer and I was like "What did you say Jose??" He was like.."JET PLANE...hehehe...I want a Jet Plane." Probs should find the job first Jose..haha.  
Spiritual: This week I finished the New Testament, and The Book of Mormon again. I am now onto reading Jesus The Christ..(shes a long one..woof) and The Book of Mormon again. But this time I am really going to try to focus on The Atonement and how everything relates back to Jesus Christ. This week I was reading in Jesus The Christ and it talks about the knowledge of God. He knows more than we can even comprehend. He knows our hearts. He knows how we will react in every situation. He knows everything from the beginning to the end. It compared it to how much our parents know about us X100. We can't even comprehend the love he has for us. So, I was thinking a lot about why we come here and why we need to pray to him if he already knows how we will react. I have learned that we come here to learn by experience, to have joy, and to turn to him so that we can understand what HE wants us to do. And one day, we will get to meet him again. It will be kind of like the Salt Lake City Airport in 8 months but times that by 1,000,000,00...It will be a pretty legit. I am stoked.
Love you all so much! I hope you have a wonderful first week of December.
Eat some snow for me..
xoxo. smile always.
-Hermana McBride

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