Saturday, December 7, 2013

Estoy Agradacida - Happy Thanksgiving

Hola y Feliz Dia De Accion De short...HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
This week Mayra got "baptizized" as she would call it. YAY! It was the smoothest sailing baptism. Which was nice because given my past....batisms are always a little crazy. Mamma Ivett and her daughter Freshte accepted a baptism date as well as Diana (15 year old) for December 7th! YAY!!! It was a day of miracles thats for sure! Keep them in your prayers! Also, we found out today that our whole district is staying the same this next transfer!!!! YAY!!! We are all so pumped for the holidays. And pumped to play my new ukulele!!!! (THANKS MOM!!) I am so happy. haha.
Anyway..This email I just want to throw down a few things I am grateful for. Not just in general but from a missionary perspective.
1st and most important Jesus Christ: As a missionary I get the opportunity to teach His gospel and watch how it can change lives. But more than anything, I get to see how many situations that the atonement can change lives, including my own. Lately, I have been watching the new bible videos (highly recommended) before I go to bed. I have been trying hard to really focus on the atonement. Although I don't understand it completley, what I do comprehend is that for maybe a split mili-second He suffered there for me, Madison McBride. For my pains, trials, sicknesses, heartbreaks, sins, etc. And for that, I am eternally grateful.
2nd My Family: Every single prayer, I never neglect to pray for my family. I miss them more than words can describe but I have seen the most amazing blessings that they are recieving for their sacrifices. I am grateful for the house I have at home waiting for me, for the arms that I get to hug in the SLC airport in 9 months, for the life lessons that i have learned that I use while I teach the Gospel, and for the love and support that I get from them. I carry around 3 huge picture books around with me everywhere I go and I make sure that everyone knows how amazing MY family is.
3rd The Little Things: Some moments as a missionary are priceless but I can try to explain...
-Hearing somebody say "Nuestro Padre Celestial" for the first time
-The little party that you have in your head when your investigators come into the chapel on sunday.
-taco trucks
-watching someones heart completely change in a matter of 3 minutes of a street contact
-listening to christmas music in October
-hearing water running in the church for a baptism
-letters from home
-acting as if P-Day is christmas day EVERY week
-service (like last night, we gave out food to the homeless with Ivett and her kids)
This will probably be a thanksgiving like none other. I will probably be eating tortillas and flan. I hope you all enjoy this special day. THANK YOU. Everyone of YOU. for your love and support. I miss you like crazy but I am so happy and excited to see the work of salvation unfold here in Chulajuana.
Love you allll of the dayth.
xoxo. smile siempre.
-Hermana McBride

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