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Barrio 20 - Feb 25, 2014

Hello Hello from BARRIO 20.

Saying goodbye to my peeps in Chula was so insanely hard. I LOVE that ward so much. We luckily had an activity that night where we got to say goodbye to everybody. We got to sing at the activity and as we sang, I looked around the crowd and just thought of how blessed I was to have met such great people. After the activity, Sister Coca came up to me and we just hugged and cried haha. She then said to me "Sophie asked me why I was crying and I told her that it was because my friend is leaving tomorrow for a while". Dang...that was hard. I hate saying goodbyes. It was rough. I realized that Hermana Barnes is really one of my besties fo lyfe. She is such a boss and I miss her lots. 

I was transferred to City Heights in San Diego (Ward 20). AKA: party ward. At least that is what I have heard. I am super stoked to be here. I am finishing training Sister Hyde. She is basically a San Diego version of Hermana Dixon (my other child). It is so trippy. The district is all very new to the area and so we are basically just white-washing. We are about to tip this place upside down. We live in a little apartment that reminds me a lot of a little hide-away in Europe. There are a bunch of missionaries that live in our complex which makes it really fun. We play morning sports with them every morning for excersise. The senior couples do too. WHOO!  Also, my good friend Elder Bone is my district leader again. WHOO! I am super pumped for these next few transfers and I really hope I get to leave from here.

Welp, I got here in the area and we had about 4 investigators who were NOT progressing. So we are basically going to drop them all. So we have been contacting like crazy and praying hard. This week was sick. MIRACLES FOR DAYS. We contacted this guy named Bryan(18) and he didn't seem super interested but when we taught him he was super cool and accepted to be baptized on March 29th.

We also went to go contact a potential investigator and she was eating so she told us to come back in like 20 minutes. We came back and taught her (Ivette, 18) and her boyfriend (Raul, 19). They both have had a parent die in the last year and so we threw down the plan of salvation and it was so cool. THEY ARE SO SOLID! They have never been baptized and they accepted to be baptized on March 29th. WHOO!!! It was so cool!

Spiritual: I learned a lot about the symbolism of The Sacrament this week. As I was taking the sacrament I was really able to see things in a completely different way and I want you guys to do the same. We get passed the sacrament by the deacons (who could represent Jesus Christ). He gives us the tray (the atonement) and then we pass the tray (our pains and trials and sins) back to him. Then as we see, he takes it back to the table. But he gives it to somebody first. The priest represents Heavenly Father. We get to pass our pains and trials to him every single week. 

Funny: Alrighty...We had dinner last night at a members house. We had the usual shabang: meat, rice, tortilla, salsa. After we were SO full and I was just not feelin so hot so we had to stop at this ghetto chicken restraunt called CHURCH'S CHICKEN. We walked in and we were just laughing. probably cuz we were the only white girls in the place. So then we left and I said, " day..we will be fat and brave and eat at this joint haha". We went to go visit another memeber and Sister Hyde said that they don't usually feed us and it was way late so proabably not. Well, we went in and taught a boss lesson and then she told us it was her birthday and she prepared a "Arrozito" (a little bit of rice). We were like "Well...we ate a little already but we can eat more". We felt bad and we knew she wasn't going to feed us much so we accepted. WRONG. She walks in with a HUGE BOX OF CHURCH'S CHICKEN. WE BUSTED OUT LAUGHING. I started stuffing tortillas in my bag cuz I couldn't get the food down. It was bad. I probably gained 10 pounds last night. We were laughing so hard when we walked out that we both almost threw it all up. Welcome to the missionary life. hahaha. too good.

I love you so much. Can't believe I hit a year this week. WEIRD! 
Have a great week.
xoxo. be you.
Hermana McBride

Pictures posted above:
1. Church's Chicken..woof
2. The Celestial District
3. The Cocas
4. Mister Manuel

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