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Tearin' it up - Mar 4, 2014

Hey Hey! Happy March!

...aka worst month ever. like what are we gonna celebrate? St. Patricks Day? I proposed the idea to make a holiday called "Missionary Appreciation Day" on March 11th. Probably not gonnna happen. But hey..I thought it was a good idea. It rained for 4 days straight this week. Pretty sure that I hear 3 different rumors of a Tornado, Tsunami, Hurricane etc. The people here in Cali don't really know what to do with rain. It was quite comical. This week has just been filled of laughter. My companion is like my homie. We both think we aren't white and we just laugh at each other. Nobody else really understands our humor but that's okay. This week we were talking to a young girl and she told us that "swag" isn't even a real thing anymore. We were ticked. Sister Hyde just looked at her and said, "Listen...Swag never dies."

I CANT BELIEVE ITS ALREADY BEEN A YEAR!! What the heck? I am officially on my diet to come home looking good. I call it "5 months to Flaca (skinny)". I am doing my part during the day and everything but those dinner appointments are holding me back. FOOD FOR DAYS. hahaha. #PrayForMe

We have been playing sports every morning and on pdays and I am becoming a least thats what I think. After all those hours spent in the gym with dad and Parker are finally paying off..I still can't make a layup but its all good. This week I was guarding an Elder and my defense game is legit..I ended up getting railed in the jaw by his shoulder and I couldn't swallow big food for a meal or two. It was a fun day. haha. Like I said, me and my companion think we are some ballers in the NBA or something. 

We had the SICKEST miracle. So..Last week the Elders were backing out the car in a parking lot and this young mom stopped him and said.."Hey Elders! My mom just moved here from Utah and she wants to know where the spanish church is". Long story short, the mom was baptized like 8 months ago in Utah and her daughter (Marlen, 26) lives here in San Diego with her 2 kiddos (Chrisline, 10 and Junior, 5). Marlen and her kids came to church with her mom and loved it. And they aren't members. And they live in our area. We visited the and taught them prayer and they all prayed, even the little boy! It was sick! Then we taught the Book of Mormon and they loved it! Then yesterday, we taught Marlen about Joseph Smith and she loved it. We invited her to pray about the book of mormon to know if it is true. She told us, "Hermanas, I already did and I know its true. I can just feel it so strong. I love the church. My kids love it. I just know that I am ready. I want to be baptized." We set her and her daughter on date for March 29th!!! WHOO!!!! She also wants to move to Utah in a year or so. YEEAHHH BUDDY! She is so golden and ready.

I think the coolest part about being a trainer is seeing Hermana Hyde's face when somebody says that they actually read. Its like a little kid eating chocolate for the first time. haha. 

Ivette and Raul are doing awesome too. They are moving 2 streets out of our area but Elder Bone said we can still teach them. Whoo!

Chula Update: Ivett and Freshte are getting baptized on MARCH 15th!!!! I am so stoked! I heard they are doing so good and are really ready. 

Spiritual: My good friend, Andie has been teaching me a lot about the life of Jesus Christ. This week she was talking to me about how everyone of our emotions that we feel, he has felt. Not just when he died on the cross or prayed in the garden but actually during his life. I think we get into a habit of thinking..oh jesus suffered for this. But it almost doesn't seem real because it is so intangible. I have been reading Jesus, The Christ  and trying to think of the emotions Jesus has felt. For example, If I had an awkward moment and I did something embarrassing. How does Jesus Christ know what embarrassing feels like? Well, how about when he was in the temple teaching some doctors as a 12 year old and his mom came running in. He was probably a little embarrassed for himself but also for her. So anyway...its been fun trying to relate my life to His. 

Funny: i am the official pianist in the ward, primary, and relief society. i don't play piano. enough said. #PrayForMe

Love you all. so. much. 
I can't believe how fast time is flying. It is very bittersweet. 
Make it a great week. 

xoxo. be you.

hermana mcbride

Pictures above:
1. Deserted San Diego..due to the rain.
2. Me and Sista Hyde 

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