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Final Countdown - June 10, 2014

Yolaaaa Familia y Amigos:

Hows it going? I usually kind of plan out what I am going to write in these emails the night before writing but I was feeling a little bit lazy last night. Sorry bout it. First and foremost..HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASS!!! I can't believe i left when you were 12 and now you are 14. That is just weird. Also, Happy Birthday to momma Jones. She is a boss. 

So this week...I have been really trying to eat really..not cheating. And I gained 3 pounds. I blame it on the "water weight" and all of that running and working out. Maybe its all that muscle i am getting. Who knows? I just give up hahahaha. 

Temptations are rising with the NBA playoffs and the world cup. My companion is obsessed with soccer and I am obsessed with basketball. Going into houses with a wide-screen TV is always a tough one. But I am trying haha. Sunday we walked in with 1 minute left of the Miami vs. Spurs game. Woof. That was a doozy. But I have great companions who keep me in check haha. 

I am starting to have random spaz attacks about going home. Its like you talk about August your whole mission and how that is when you go home. It seems peachy and rosy and then BOOM...Its June and your freaking out because real life just looks awful. 

The trio is going just fabulous. I really do love my companions and although we can get under each other's skin, it is a partay most of the time.

We have been super busy filing down our teaching pool to the most solid investigators which is sometimes hard. Its hard to add people but its hard to drop them as well because maybe they were the ONE. 

President Clayton's time is winding down and there is kind of a sad ambiance in the air but I went through the whole mission president change in Washington and I know how cool it is to see that the Lord knows exactly what this mission needs. The new mission president will get here at the end of June. He is a dad of 4 youngish kids and he is only 40 years old. I am pretty excited to meet him.

Sorry if this email is quite lame. 

Spiritual:We had a super cool zone meeting. We walked in and on the table each of us had a giant envelope with our names on them. We opened them and it was a "re-commitment" mission call. I was mostly excited since I never got a real mission letter call for San Diego. It was written the exact same as our original call but it said how much time we had left. I read that letter and started to weep. 2 month left to completely 100% serve the Lord with all of my time. That was an eye-opener. We all promised to re-commit ourselves to the work. It was so cool and the spirit was so strong.

Later in the zone meeting some of the sisters talked about how we keep our covenants and promises with the Lord because of our family. Then they invited us to be the missionary that our family thinks we are. I have had that invitation once in the past and it really was cool to think about. But this time I really thought about the people who looked up to me the most. Who is the person who thinks missionary work is for only the best people in the world? Who thinks missionary work is going to a foreign place to wear a name tag. The person who thinks I work until I sweat and keep on working after. The person who talks about me to every single person that they meet. Who is this person? Lexi McBride. I committed myself to be the missonary that Lexi McBride thinks that I am. She has the most simple mind and that is how I want to live out the rest of my mission. 

Funny: We ended up teaching our neighbor Preston yesterday. Preston is 9 years old. His older brother (Kevin, 19) just got baptized. We started chatting with him on the grass about why he thinks God wants to go to church and get baptized. He said, "Well..cuz like God wants us to follow rules ya know?". It was cute. He doesn't really like going to church though because he said its boring. Then this other neighbor hood boy came over (we are homies with all of the neighborhood kids). This boy is named Jared. He is 11 years old but acts like he is 40. He talks a lot like the rich boy who dates Darla in Little Rascals (not alfalfa). Anyway here is the conversation..

Jared: Hey guys! Can I join you?

Us: Ya sure! We are talking about God and stuff.

Jared: Sweet!! Wait...are you guys christians? (yes) Okay..whoo...good!

Us: We are just teaching Preston why church is important. What do you think Jared?

Jared (keep in mind that he is 11): Personally...I LOVE church. I mean...its like you get to go to a place and feel the love of god. Like who doesn't love that?! And plus..I am the kind of person who really likes to trust in God so like it really helps me. In fact, I talked to my Pasteur about getting baptized and that's like my biggest goal right now.

Preston: Dang...he beat me. That was a good answer..

HAHAHAHHAA! I am obsessed with small a non-creepy way.

I hope y'all have a good week. I am off to the beach! WOO!!!!
Cassidy don't go to crayy. 14 going on 30. geezman. 

xoxo. be you.

-hermana mcbride


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2. The ballin bowlers of Poway.

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