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Be You! Jan 7, 2014

Familia y Amigos:
iEL MEJOR DIA DE MI VIDA! I am staying in Chulajuana for 6 more weeks with Barnesykins! YAY!!! Today is just so great. I just found out that I get to go to my best friends wedding. I am staying in Chula. Nathalia and Nohemi (my first converts) moved to Utah. Cali weather is beautiful. All is well. 2014 and I are going to be great friends. Sorry if this email is a little bit spanglished. We went on an English Fast yesterday and spoke all spanish so my brain is a lil mexican right now. FELIZ CUMPLEANOS PARKY! 21 years old big guy. and 4 weeks more of the work. LOVE YOU SO MUCH BROSKI!
So first I want to tell you a funny story.The other day we were at Ivette's house. She has been having a really hard time with her son and so the elders came to give her a blessing. We had dinner with the Coca family right after but we were running late. We were about to go to the Cocas and I forgot the address. So I called her. Phone dies. So I look for the directory. Not in the car. So I look in the recent searches on the GPS. Not there. So basically we were stranded with nobodys phone number or a phone or an address. I was pretty ticked haha. So we drove and drove and drove and could not find it. Finally we said a prayer and I got in the driver seat and let me tell you...PRAYER IS REAL. We pull up to the neighborhood...see the minivan...knock on the door...not the cocas but the next door was! haha! (mini-van was a trick). So always pray my friends. We were an hour late but it was a pretty funny story and Hermana Coca is a boss and loves us so she wasn't mad. Then we ate marvelous peruvian food again. WHOO!
Manuel is still on FUEGO! His baptism is this weekend and we are so pumped. He is probably one of the most golden investigators I have ever taught. Some of his one liners this week...
"No Elder Bone I didn't read the entire book of mormon, This book isn't a book you read, it is a book you study. But yes I already finished it once."
"This is it Hermanas. This church."
"My life has just been a refiners fire so that I could find this church.."
SO LEGIT. Loving teaching him. We are pumped for his baptism.
Member missionary work is also heating up so much here in Cali. I love it so much!
Ivette and Freshte came to all 3 hours of church this week! Freshte was a little burnt out but Ivett loved it (i think). I really hope they will get baptized this month. They are so ready to put God first this year. WHOO!
Funny: Bishop Chavez dinner conversation turned into advice for marriage somehow...He used to be a YSA bishop and so here is the advice that he used to give to the Young men that were about to get married:
"If your wife ever pulls you aside and tells you that you need to have a "chit-chat"..what she really means is that she is going to "chat" and you are going to get the "chit" for it."
 BAHAHAHAHA. I was dying.
Spiritual: This week when we were talking to Ivette and Freshte(16), they were telling us about how when the missionaries first came that Freshte was a little stand-offish. She thought that the missionaries were nice but she wasn't really interested. But Freshte then said..."it wasn't until Hermana McBride came when I realized that missionaries are cool. Because we are a lot a like with clothes and instagram and stuff..That is when I really wanted to learn more because I saw that I could have God and be myself too".
 Now I am not sharing this story to boast..although i do know I got more swag then some sistas. But when they told us that I had a strong confirmation of why I am here in California. And why I have served with the people I have. God has a plan for each one of us. But we have the great priveledge to BE OURSELVES! We can always change and try to become better but we can always do that as our own selves. So this new sign off is going to be "Be you." Because that is what you were called here on this earth to do. Always be the best version of yourself as possible and always try to improve as YOU.
I love you all so much. I love my mission(s). I love life.
Tengan buena semana.
xoxo. be you.
-Hermana McBride

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