Thursday, July 24, 2014

Taking It In


Yayy!!! I am so happy for this day. I just want to sing and dance. Most people would say that its pretty anti-climatic to turn 21 on a mission but I don't fall into that category. I planned my own birthday party in the backyard of a very wealthy member here in Poway. We are playing sand volleyball and ping pong tournaments for days. On top of that, we celebrated my birthday as basically a ward activity on Saturday. Mom, remember how I have begged you for a pinata every single year and didn't get one? Don't worry, the spanish members got that one covered. They got me a DESPICABLE ME PINATA!!! The night was filled with food and more food and cake and dulces and then to top it off...SPANISH KARAOKE. Too good to be true I tell you. It really sucks knowing that I am leaving soon.

Okay I know my emails are probably boring and redundant at this point and you are all pretty I will make it somewhat short. 

HOLLMANS BAPTISM IS THIS WEEKEND! Please keep him in your prayers! :)

Oldtown last week with the crew was SO fun. 

We played chair soccer for a ward activity..I won. How? I have no idea. Maybe because I can speak spanish now, I can therefore play futbol also. 

Interviews with President Schmitt were awesome. I love the guy. He is probs gonna be an apostle one day. 

COOLEST STORY EVER...We were biking and Hermana Hofer's tire popped. We were a little ways from home but we just started walking. Some random dude was on a run and said "Hey Sisters!". He saw that our tire was broken and then went on his marry way. 10 minutes later, he comes running back with a bag in his hand. In the bag was 2 tire tubes and a bike pump. He is visiting from New Zealand and happened to run into our path. I think he was one of the 3 nephites but who knows? hahaha. 

Spiritual Moment: I had my last mission presidents fireside this week. I got to sing a duet with the AP in the mission. We sang if the savior stood beside me. Then I got to sing with a group of the sisters that our leaving. As I looked out into the crowd and saw so many of my favorite people in my mission it was like the world went still. I was able to just take it all in. I can't really explain the feeling it is when you are about to leave a mission. So bittersweet. But I am grateful for the moment I got to just take it all in and give thanks to my heavenly father. 

Funny: So there is a new sister here in Poway from Thailand. She is such a squisher. She is still learning english but ya she is adorable. So this week when her and her companion were doing a practice she said, "Can we come teach your neighbors more?"..then her companion said, "Um...No..I don't think they would listen". Then Sister Saidan screamed, "HEY! GO TO HE%%!!!". Her companion just busted up laughing and said, "hahaha! NO SISTER SAIDAN THATS A BAD WORD!!". She is now famous in the mission for that and so now she says, "GO TO HOME!". So if I ever tell you to GO TO HOME its not a good thing hahaha!

One more of these bad boys left. Thank goodness. Emailing time is the most stressful time of the week. Every RM will agree. 

Loves youu all. 
xoxo. be you.
-Hermana McBride

Finally! A piñata for my birthday! 

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