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Mami McBride - Feb 18, 2014

Well well well...
That daunting transfer phone call came today. I was really hoping I would stay here in Chula Vista with Hermana Barnes FOREVER but God has other plans for me apparently. Want to know his crazy plans? He is sending me to a new area to TRAIN. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! I am kind of freaking out a little bit. I am already a basketcase...lets add a child and a new area. hahaha. Nah.  I am super excited and I think it will get me working super hard. I am super crushed to leave the promised land of Chula but I am ready for a new challenge and to be a mom again.
I want to just thank every single one of you for your love and support throughout my whole mission, especially this last month. I am doing better everyday. I feel your prayers working through me, my companion and our area. I love reading your emails and getting your letters. I LOVE YOU ALL OF THE DAYTH.
So...Ivette and Freshte are scheduled to be baptized on MARCH 1st!!! YAY! I am hoping that I will be able to come back for it. They are doing so good. Freshte is on fire right now. She is reading and praying and really pushing her mom to do the same. It is so cool. I am so happy for them.
We are teaching the Schacht family still. I think I mentioned them in the past but they are SO solid. At first we knocked on his door because his sister wanted us to visit him. He wasn't very open and didn't make an appointment. Then a couple weeks later they were coming to church with some other members that they are friends with. Basically, over time we gained a lot of trust and we have been teaching them the lessons. Antonio (the dad) has a TONS of questions but he sincerely wants to know. Seleni is the mom and she looks like she is a member already. We have been over there a bunch this week and they are so cool. They think we don't ever eat or something because they feed us SO much everytime we go over there. It is always DELICIOUS though. Yesterday they told us that after they get baptized they want to get sealed in the mormon temple. YAY!!! I WILL BE THERE! So exciting. They are going to be SO heartbroken to hear I am leaving. In every prayer they ask that we don't get transferred. :(
Spiritual: Yesterday we went by Manuel's trailer but he wasn't home. As we were leaving we heard "HERMANAS!!! WAIT!". He had just gotten home from walking 2 and a half hours (because he doesn't have a car) to go to a doctors appointment. He was just telling us how much he had missed us and that he has been reading so much and how much he loved the church. Then he just stopped talking and his eyes filled with tears as he said, "Hermanas, thank you so much. This church is everything to me. You have changed my life.". It was so cool. I just wanted to give him a big hug. He is still trying to find a job to get money to get his daughter back from Cuba but he got approval from immigration and all he needs is $420. I know that I was supposed to come to San Diego to meet Manuel. He has shown me what it really means to be converted and to be humble. Please keep him in your prayers so that he can find a job and bring his daughter here from Cuba.
Funny Moment(s):
1. On valentines day, we ate at cheescake factory with the sisters and while we were waiting we walked to an investigators house to teach a lesson. She wasn't home but Hermana Barnes REALLY had to use the bathroom. So I made her pee in a bush. hehehe. She is a squisher.
2. We were doing service as a district at a park and after we were walking to our car and I told Elder Bone to do a cartwheel. He was like "SURE NO PROBLEM!". In the middle of his cartwheel we all just heard a loud RRRRRRIIIIIIPPPPPPP. Then we heard Elder Bone.."OH SSSSHHHHHHHH........ooooooot". We were all on the ground laughing so hard. His favorite Pday pants were ruined. haha.
I love you all so much. I will let you know where I am getting transferred next week. I am freaking out a little bit but there is a good chance that I am getting transferred to BARRIO 20 which is in the most talked about ward in the mission. So we shall see...MISS YOU GUYS!!!!
xoxo. be you.
-Hermanita McBride
Pictures above:
2. SWAT meet with the district
3. Me and Ivette and Freshte
4. The Schacht Family :) (on the right with the 2 little kids)

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