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Little One - Jan 21, 2014

Buenos Dias
I just got back from the San Diego Temple. It was AMAZING as always. I am spiritually exhausted though and I haven't eaten this email might be a little short hahaha. FOOD is what this week has been all about. For some reason, we just got loaded with food. AMAZING FOOD. Homemade Lasagna with Mimi. Carne Asada with Ivette. Baked Ziti with The Cocas. 3 Hamburgers (each) with The Morales. Soup and Salad with The Ruelas. I am super grateful and all...but I proably gained 5 pounds haha. Until I got sick yesterday...then I lost all that 5 pounds haha. Its been a good week though.
Right now we are kind of in rebuilding stage. We had to drop the Sanchez family because they weren't progressing anymore. It was like a 180 turn. Super sad. Manuel is like the most GOLDEN convert. He went out with the missionaries for 3 hours yesterday.  Ivette and Freshte are still awesome. They are praying to be prepared for baptism in February. Keep them in your prayers! They are so close! We had an amazing lesson with them this week and they are so great. We are also teaching the family of one of my favorite members. They are The Schacht family. They are so solid but they just have lots of questions. I will update you on them later.
Spiritual Thought: When I was in training...Hermana Pierce would always call me "little one". Okay she still calls me that. :) Well we had stake conference this week and the stake president was talking a lot about the hastening of the work. He read a scripture from Isaiah (60:22). It says: "little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the Lord will hasten it in my time". I am a little one. Compared to God, I am nothing. I am a speck of the sand. One star in the giant sky. BUT..this scriptures says that he needs me. He has called his little ones to come do his work. And a little one will become a thousand. My 18 months is nothing but over time, my part will pay off. We are all his little ones. It is our responsibility to do our part in the work of salvation.
Funny Moment: When I first got here to Chula Vista we were teaching Salvador and Lupita. They promised they would come to church. The called us on the way and then they never showed up. We tried over and over again but could never find them home. forward til yesterday (2 months later) we decided to try them back. They were SO excited to see us. They thought that we were mad at them and thats why we stopped coming. They told us that they had tried to come to church twice! The first time they got lost and just gave up. The second time they thought they found it, sat through all service, and then went and asked the pastor where "The Hermanas" were. He didn't understand. Then Salvador said.."This isn't the mormon church is it?..." The pastor just pointed to the door. HAHA! Well..they tried right? They are going to follow us to church next week haha.
Sorry So Short.
Love you all so much. Que Tenga Buena Semana.
be you. xoxo.
-Hermanita McBride
Pics above:
1. Bowling with my besties
2. Temple trip
4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENJI COCA (such a lil squisher)

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