Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happy July 7th - July 1, 2014

Hello Hola Konichiwa:

SOOOO much can happen in one week. Alright so #1...last week, like i said, we didn't get the transfer call. I thought that was SO weird that they were keeping a trio together for 2 transfers. Jones was writing me and told me that same thing happened to her so they called the Assitants to confirm and they made a mistake. So..I decided to text Elder Garner JUST IN CASE. And what do ya know? They made a mistake. Hermana Sanchez was transferred to Chula Vista (my old area) on Wednesday. It was super sad but we were all expecting it anyway. 

So with one less hermana...#2 we decided to add a little fun to my last transfer...BIKES. Yes. Bikes. We got some bikes that some sisters weren't using and we now can bike or drive a car whenever we would like. Our area is pretty big but we are mostly working in one part of it right now and so we hop on our bikes with our swagged out helmets and go go go! My booty hurts real nice and I have a sweet farmers tan but its all worth it. SO MUCH FUN! And we get honked at by members all the time now. I finally feel like a real missionary hahaha. 

#3..We got a new mission president!!! I haven't met him yet but I am super stoked. 

The biking is just bringing miracles 4 days. Yesterday was our first full bike day and here is the story. So we made it a goal to try to 1. ask for more referrals from EVERYONE and 2. Master the art of street contacting on a bike (its so awkward). So we make a goal that if we ask for 5 referrals we would get to reward ourselves with a tacobell slushy during happy hour. So we went out and we saw this 17 year old girl with a bike but she was just walking it. So we stopped and said, "Hey! Do you know anyone who knows how to fix a bike? Our chain is struggling." She said.."Ya! My dad. He worked in a bike shop for 10 years. Just follow me to my house." We thought her house was just around the corner..No. 3 Miles later we got to her house, her dad fixed our bike, we got a referral, and we added their neighbor as an investigator! Then we went to our appointment and ended up biking 8 miles and with a big giant slushy from Taco Bell. IT WAS SWEET. My arms are SO burnt hahaha (see picture). 

In other news, our strive for ward activities is actually happening! When I got here they only did one activity every 2 months and I was soooo annoyed. Me and my companions worked really hard to change that and we are now having an activity every wednesday night. SO LEGIT. There are 2 members of our ward who are getting married and it has been like the center of the universe in the branch haha. Her wedding is being considered the ward activity of the month. BAHAHA! #SpanishBranchProblemas

Our investigator Holman is doing awesome. He is progressing a ton and has a baptismal date for July still. Whoop whoop! I am pumped to hopefully watch a baptism before I go home. 

Spiritual Momento: This moment is brought to you from an email I got today. I have been really trying hard to stay focused and bang this last transfer out. Today I got an email that clicked right into that sports-minded head of mine:

"Don't just finish.  Go hard til the final whistle. Leave it all out on the floor. And make them carry you out on a stretcher."

If that doesn't get you pumped, I don't know what does. Its clutch time. Time to go hard or go home. 5 weeks to get things done!

Funny Momento: 1. My companion ran into a trash can on her bike yesterday hahaha. 
2. We were visiting one of my favorite members here in Poway and we were planning a trip to go to the mormon batallion to show our investigator. 
Us: How about we go on monday night?
Him: No hermanas! It won't be open..right?
Us: umm...why not?
Him: Its JULY 7th!!! America Day!!!
Us: Hermano...thats the 4th...

bahahahahhaha!!!Too good. HAPPY 7TH OF JULY!! #GodBlessAmerica

Love you all so much!
xoxo. be you. 

-hermana mcbride


1. Helmet Hair..lets go.
3. Farmers tan.

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