Sunday, July 13, 2014

Shock - April 1, 2014

What upppp!

nothing is up. Why? because transfers suck. Wahhhhh :( Sister Hyde is getting transferred tomorrow. I am so sad. It was a complete shock. We are HOMIES. goes on. 
on the up homie from the MTC had to come home early for health reasons and she was at the same activity as me (she lives in cali). SURPRISE!!! I WAS SO HAPPY. she was the one that I was friends with on instagram before the mission. Her name is HERMANA JAEGER. WHOO!!! I was one happy camper. 

One of our eternal investigators is progressing a ton. Her name is Karen and her sister is Abby. They are both juniors in high school. They came to church and Karen finally set a baptism date. WHOO!

Marlen is still a boss. We didn't see her for 2 weeks and we were super worried and then we stopped by yesterday and she told us the COOLEST story. Like one of those stories people tell at their homecoming but don't actually happen to real missionaries. So..she had a dream that God showed her the whole world. Then she looked at Him and Jesus Christ and said.."is the book of mormon true?". And He looked at Marlen and said "Yes, the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith was a prophet". SO COOL HUH?! the crazy part is that she has never doubted it but still prays to know. And..she wasn't even expecting it! She is so awesome. She is talking to her new boss today about getting sunday off because she wants to follow the commandments. WHOO WHOO!

On more of a sad note, we went by that new family's house (the diaz family) to see why they didn't make it to church. We went in and she just looked at us and very sadly told us that her husband is SO angry because they wanted to come to church. He told them NO WE ARE CATHOLIC. It is so sad. The dad still won't talk to one of his daughters. They still want us to come and teach them though so that it is good. We taught them a lot about hope and trying to keep on going. 

Spiritual: My spiritual thought comes kinda from that experience with the Diaz family mixed. Yesterday after we left the Diaz's house, I was so grateful for agency. I am grateful for parents and siblings that love me and support me no matter what I choose to do. God is a God of Love, not control. In the plan of Satan, control was key. In the plan of Jesus Christ, love was the key. Thank you so much to all of you who support me and love me no matter what. I love you so much. 

Funny: Okay. Culture shock this week. These english members from pointloma randomly pulled us over in their mini-van and took us to a Mediterranean restaurant! Like..where are the tortillas? #pitabread THEN Let me tell you about my good friend Margie Johnson. She is this lady from the English ward and she gave us carrots with brownies and crystal light and she FREAKING GAVE US MAKEOVERS yesterday. Oh AND her 5 year old was running around accidentally saying the eff word. haha.  I just didn't know what to do. Me and Hyde were DYING. The English world is honestly another world. I was in culture shock. I might be a little weird when im home hahaha. 

Love you all. Pray that I get another homie companion. 
have a great week!!!

xoxo. be you.

-hermana mcbride

1. Me and Jaeger REUNITED
2. Margie
3. Photo Shoot..?
4. Me and HESSIE!!!
5. Our district drew the plan of salvation with side walk chalk :) 

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