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F O M O - Mar 11, 2014

Hello Family!

Happy MISSIONARY APPRECIATION DAY! bahaha..ya that is my own made up holiday and I am pretty sure that I am the only one celebrating it. haha. its all good. Welp, today was going so good and then i found out that freaking MOMMA PIERCE AND MOMMA JONES are back together for their last transfer in the mission. If there was ever a time to miss is the day. I AM SO JEALOUS. Back in my first few emails in Yakima, i talked about how we came up with a phrase called "F.O.M.O". It means, fear of missing out. I HAVE SO MUCH FOMO RIGHT NOW. nothing can top the 1st transfer in Yakima though. That was legit. 

Anyway...besides that sad piece of news. I am doing well. I love my companion. We are doing work here in City Heights. It is getting toasty up in the 619. This week, we hit 83 degrees and I was wearing tights. bad idea. The 5 months to Flaca is going fairly well. I lost 3 pounds already but I am pretty sure that the 5 tacos I got fed last night counteracted that. I am also still the little pianista here in Barrio 20. I have a testimony in the gift of tongues (spanish and piano)..thats for sure. 

Last week we had a way fun BBQ with the zone and I was put in charge of being the new "P-Day Coordinator". This, with many other random planning activities on my mission have persuaded me to change my degree. I am going to probably major in marketing and minor in spanish. I want to be an event coordinator for like the NFL or something cool like that. I think it would be pretty fitting since I have planned my birthday parties since I was 3 years old. Idk..

Marlen and Chrisleen are doing so good! They are super pumped for baptism. We went to the Mormon Batallion with them this week and they LOVED it. Junior, her 5 year old, is so good at saying prayers and this week in his prayer he said, "thank you for the sisters to be here because when they come here my life is just happy". It was so freaking cute. I just wanted to squish his little face. 

We are on the grind trying to find more people to teach but we are working hard, being obedient,  and expecting miracles. 

IVETT AND FRESHTE ARE GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY! whoo!! I get to go back to Chula. I am so pumped! Also, me and Hermana Barnes are singing at a fireside in the Mission Valley building this sunday. I am playing the uke. whoo! We are excited for that too.

Spiritual: I have been reading Jesus the Christ a lot lately and this week I read about the difference between pleasure and happiness. It talked about how Satan has used the last 5,000+ years to figure out how to work his magic and he is doing all he can to keep us from being happy. He has a whole workshop of tools that he is ready to use on us. We need to be ready. Happiness is forever and everlasting, not just temporal. We have to strive everyday to stay away from the sadness that Satan wants us to feel. He wants to win this battle. We need to win. 

Funny: I was talking to Hermana Hyde about how she thinks her Spanish is coming along and she says.."honestly, all you really need to know is 'hi we are missionaries from the mormon church'. By the time they hear that, they just leave anyway. So ya..I would say my spanish is doing pretty well." hahaha. sad but sometimes true. 

Love you guys. (except pierce and jones. im mad at you.) 
have a great week. 

Guadalupe (mom of marlen, member)
Marlen (right)
Chrisleen (little girl)
Junior (little boy)

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