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Summa Time - June 3, 2014

Hey. Yo. Whatup.

I am trying to keep my introductions of my email new and fresh. Its getting kinda hard. Can you believe it is June?! What the crap? How is that even a thing? Summer is in the air and so is my sister missionary tan line. 

This week was a good one. First of all, I got to go be a coach for MTE's. I basically got to go to Chula Vista and be in a trio with some sisters down there and we do a 24 hour exchange to learn more. I didn't get to go to Chula 4th but I got to go to Rio Otay/ San Ysidro which is literally 1 mile from the mexican border. That was a good time. I went with some cute sisters and I learned a lot. 

I got to eat breakfast with Sisters Hess, Barnes, and Pendleton the following morning and it was fun to just reflect on all the good times that we had in Chula.

Then Saturday came...KAREN AND ABBY WERE BAPTIZED!!!! Freaking miracle. It was by far one of the coolest baptisms. Their Mom came and sat on the side of the font with us. By the end of the baptism, their mom asked us how she could be baptized. The sisters are now teaching her the lessons. It was such a testimony to me about how our example effects the lives of others. I remember making a bold statement to them promising that their mom would support them and it was so cool to see that it was not me talking but the spirit. And that is what happened. YAY! Words can't really explain how amazing that moment was. I have so many cute pictures but I left my camera at home :/ week.

The branch is doing good. I came here and I wanted to change the vibe a little because there is a little bit of a negative vibe of missionaries calling Poway "the hard area". I like to make things happen and change that. So we started with visiting more members and presenting a plan of activities every Wednesday. We are getting the ball rolling and I am PUMPED!


1. I had a really cool realization this week. My patriarchal blessing talks about how I will be a leader and teacher to particularly the Young Women of the church. I counted and realized that 6 of my 11 converts have been young women. That was pretty cool.

2. I was going to share this poem with you and i forgot it last week. So here it is..basically sums it all up..

You're on a mission and things seem tough'
Doors are slammed with voices gruff;
Your companion refused to do his share
You feel discouraged and even despair.
You question your testimony and belief in God;
You wonder about the path you've trod;
Memories of pleasure dance in your brain;
a siren's song, an old refrain;
"The work is hard," and with a taunt,
Whispers, "Not as He wills but as you want."
You tire of rules and feet worn to the bone,
And suddenly decide you want to go home.
You'll never know if you say goodbye,
What might happen if you stay and try,
To follow the rules and do your best,
To serve the Lord and pass your test.
Where do you think that you would be,
If Christ, In the Garden of Gethsemane;
His soul in torment, a trial of fire
Had selected not duty before desire?
He set the pattern for you and me,
To meet our own Gethsemane.
From boy, to man, to Elder with fire,
Comes only when duty can master desire.


1. Question...Why is it acceptable for Hispanics to name children Jesus but that would be completely weird in English? Just a thought..

2. You know your a spanish missionary when you are writing Senior (as in a senior in high school) and you write SeƱor.

3. That awkward moment when you are at a meeting and they ask you to read your scriptures before starting and so you flip open and act like your reading...then you realize that you are in the Topical Guide...then you realize that it is under the term nakedness #EPICFAIL

Love you all so much its ridiculous. Have a FAB week. Do something crazy and change someones life.

xoxo. be you.
hermana mcbride

1. Our laundry room...
2. Lupitas yummmm!

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