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Step It Up - Mar 18, 2014

iBuenos Dias!

This week has been a little crazy. Definitely has been one of the best weeks in the mission. We had a bunch of trainings and meetings and baptims and exchanges. It was cray. But it was really good. I learned so much and my battery was charged. AND I GOT TO GO TO CHULA! whoo! We are on that rebuilding flow right now. Sometimes it is tough but we are just talking to everyone and expecting miracles. We saw SO many miracles with that yesterday. We added 3 way solid people on the street and we got to teach some cool lessons too. 

Here is kinda a run-down of my week.

Wednesday: We had Zone Conference. It was amazing as always. President Clayton taught us so many cool things. We hit my all time high record of dinners in one night. 3 FREAKING MEALS BACK TO BACK TO BACK. That is like 15 tortillas. So much for my diet huh? I thought my life was going to end that night haha. It was rough. 

Thursday: We had Trainer/Trainee meeting and got to learn more about how to be better trainers. I was just pumped to see sister pendleton from chula haha. 

Friday: Exchanges.. On exchanges I learned a lot about the importance of doing things out of love rather than obedience. Sometimes as missionaries we get in the habit of talking to everyone because we know that is what we are supposed to do. But now, we are trying to talk to people because we genuinely want to. 

Saturday: Ivette and Freshte got baptized! It was such a good day. I was so happy. They were both glowing and just so ready. There was SO many people there. It was so good to see all of my peeps in Chula. Especially the Cocas, Chavez, and Manuel. Manuel didn't know I was coming and I scared him and he almost started to cry! haha. It was so great. I played the ukulele for the Cocas while they sang at the baptism. It was so cute. President Clayton came to the baptism as well. 

Sunday: To top off the week, we got to go to the mission president fireside. Me and Sister Barnes sang with 2 other Elders to "Senor, te necesito" and I played my ukulele. Manuel shared his testimony to the congregation. I was just so happy. Moments like those can not be replaced by anything in the whole world. 

I am a happy missionary this week. 

Spiritual Moment: (Pops you are going to love this one..its a track analogy) We had district meeting and at the end, Elder Bone was giving his closing thoughts. He was talking to us about how when he was in 8th grade, he ran the mile in track. The most important laps in the mile are the first and the last. Our district has half of us that are brand new and the other half are about to go home soon. We have some who are just starting the race and some who are ending it. The first lap is important because you are finding your pace. The last lap is important because even though you have no energy left, you are going to push as hard as you can until you get to the end. He then looked at each of us and said.."I invite each of you to step up. Do better. Run Faster. Set your expectations higher." 
It was then when I realized that I really don't have very much time left here. I am going to step up. I am going to sprint. And when I get home I want to be completely exhausted

Stupid Moment: Okay..this is a really sad moment in my life. The other night, me and Hermana Hyde were talking about "specific prayers". She was telling me that a specific prayer is when you pray about something very specifically as an "if..then" situation. So..I decided to put it to the test. For some stupid reason, i decided to pray about that one school called BYU. I said in my prayer, "If I get my 'trunky papers' (the letter that the mission president sends when you are going to finish your mission soon) on p-day then I will think about transferring to BYU". So...we went to go get mail on pday and i grabbed my mail and just fell to the floor. I started yelling and sister hyde hahaha. MY STUPID TRUNKY PAPERS CAME. I was pretty ticked for about 10 minutes. So..we will see what happens. BYU could be a possibility in the next few years. I will wear RED every single day though. #GoUtes

Funny Moment: We were contacting some black guys on the street yesterday. One of them was wearing a shirt that said "como se llama" with a llama on it. hahaha! The other one was wearing an Allen Iverson jersey so of course we talked about sports for a bit. We argued about the lakers and agreed on the 49ers and it was pretty funny. Just these 2 white chicks in skirts trying to act cool. Well, as we were going to knock on the door, one of the guys yelled..."ayyy! Be careful..they got doggs!" Sister Hyde says (in a very unintentional thick black girl accent) "WE AINT SCARED OF NO DOGS". We were all just laughing so hard. SISTER HYDE YOU ARE WHITE. haha. You can take the girl out of Rose Park but you can't take Rose Park out of the girl. We both still question why we were called to send us to Loisianna or something!

I hope you all have a FAB week. (see picture)

xoxo. be you.
hermana mcbride

1. Ivette and Freshtes Baptism!
2. Me and my homie on the street...haha
3. HASTEN THE WORK..ITS FAB (apparently this is the new sign that the kids are doing nowwadays)

 hasten the work! 

ivette and freshte baptism


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