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Livin' La Vida - May 6, 2014

Hola Holaaa:

Happy Mothers Day to every single mother that I have out there (Mom, Ange, Pierce, Jones, Lena, Gma etc.) I love you all and hope to one day be the woman that you all are. I am pumped to see the fam on skype this week!

This week has been really good. Just another week but another great week. We put on a Noche de Talentos (talent show) and it was so funny! I sang a song by the Justin Bieber of Mexico on the uke and the members LOVED it haha.

Anyway..I remember getting emails from family and friends from their missions and I would usually skip the whole updates on investigators part haha. And so because there is nothing crazy to report, i will skip the whole thing for you. Free pass...only this week though ;). Miracles for days are coming in hot next week. So be ready.

Spiritual: Well..I guess the highlight of the week had to have been shaking the hands of an Apostle of the Lord. As most of you know, my mission mom is Elder Ballard's daughter. So.. Elder Ballard came to visit our mission yesterday and just boosted us up. Apparently he came last year and told the missionaries to do more and to work harder and stuff and so that is what I was expecting. It was quite the opposite. He just told us how grateful he was for our service and just talked to us about how our success as missionaries is not determined by numbers. I want to share a few cool things that I wrote down.

-"If you have confidence, you will be a different kind of missionary finder. You will talk to everyone because you will want to. You will have the spirit. You will have the words to say." I love that because sometimes I feel like I have a good testimony but that doesn't mean that I am always confident. I am going to try harder to be confident and share with the world one of the most important things in my life, the gospel.

-In the spirit world, all of us members of the church are going to be doing missionary work. So why are we waiting til we die to do the work? LETS JUST DO IT NOW AND GET GOOD AT IT! haha. 

-At a conference of 100+ recent converts, I asked the question of when they all knew the church was true. Every single one of them that stood up said the words "I FELT". That is because the feeling comes from the holy ghost. I want to invite each of you reading this email to remember a time when you FELT that holy ghost.

-Funny moment with Elder Ballard: He was talking about how much his wife misses Holly (our mission mom) and how she is always counting down when they will be finished with their missions in June. A month ago or so, Elder Ballard's son was called as a mission president. As Elder Ballard and Sister Ballard ate there morning breakfast, Sister Ballard found out that her son would be leaving on a mission and said "Honey...STOP SENDING MY KIDS AWAY!..." He looked at her and said.."Hey! It wasn't Russel Nelson..He is Chairman of the Missionary Department". Bahahaha! 

Funny Moment: So..last night after teaching an amazing lesson with Karen and Abby, we realized it was getting late and we tried to rap up the lesson but it just kept going. Finally we left and we had to take our member home too. We ended up hitting a ton of red lights and rolled into the apartment at about 9:45. We felt so bad and disobedient haha. So we pulled in..and just some info about where we live..we live in an apartment with 6 other companionships of elders that are all either Zone Leaders and the AP's (Assistants to the President). So we were gonna sneak our way back into the apartment. No. Not possible. We pulled up and we see some lights about 10 feet away..the AP's. We both just started screaming..."OH SHOOT!!!!!".  We tried hiding behind a sketchy white van  and then Elder AP Garner yelled "Hey what up Apostate Sacs!" hahahahhaa. We lost it. We all just laughed and ran inside. Good stuff.

Les Quiero Muchisimo.

Tengan Buena Semana. See you on Sunday!
xoxo. be you.

-Hermana McBride

1. 2. Madison Avenue has been in every area that i have served. Even in Washington. REPRESENT
2. Me and Hermana Hyde...reunited. (Elder Ballard was 10 feet behind us but we still got the swag face on)
3. RayBan Swagggg.

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