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Because of Him - Apr 13, 2014

Hola Hola. 

Sometimes..i write these emails and I am 100% lazy. Sorry if this email is lame in advanced. haha. 
HAPPY EASTER! whoo!! I never really considered Easter as one of my favorite holidays or anything but I feel like now that I understand The Atonement a lot better, I understand why this holiday is so great. I am pretty excited.

Also, shout-out to Hermana Pierce and Hermana Jones. They go home this week. I want everyone of you to pray tonight and thank our Heavenly Father for sending me those 2 angels in my life. They really got me through my mission. I am so grateful for the friendship I gained and the many memories we have to come. They did work. Love you mommas :)

This week was great. Me and my companion finally found our groove and we are ready to light this place up. We had interviews this week and the mission president told us both that it is super rare that 2 really experienced/power-house missionaries get put together. He told us that he expects a lot of us and our area because he knows we can do great things. Whoo...the pressure is on. But it feels kinda good knowing that the mission president trusts us so much. We are really excited and pumped. We don't want to let down!

We had a little bump in the road with Marlen. It is a personal issue that I won't write about in my email but pray for her. She really wants to be baptized but we are just gonna have to work a little harder. 

Margie...ya know the one who gave us makeovers? ya she is still a boss. She gave us 3 bags of food. I love english people. We spoke in her relief society class on Sunday and I was legitimacy in culture shock. Going back to an English ward is going to be SO weird!!

This week that comes is gonna be cool. We have lots of cool potential coming in. We are excited to see what happens. 


1. In my interview with President Clayton he asked me where I see myself in 1 year. I didn't really know what to say. School...Work...Boyfriend..(probs not)..Life. I contemplated my answer in my head for a few seconds and told him that in one year from now I still want to be a missionary. I want to share the gospel and not let "well..i live in Utah" be an excuse. I want to read my scriptures everyday and pray 10+ times a day. I want to serve others and be a representative of Jesus Christ at all times. I want to paint my name tag on my heart and never take it off. When Jesus Christ went to Peter and the Apostles after his resurrection he asked them to leave their nets and never go back. I am changed from my mission. I am still crazy goofy squishy Madison McBride. But I am a representative of Jesus Christ and I will be forever. 

The church is doing a world wide media campaign for easter called BECAUSE OF HIM. The video is SO GOOD! I love it.  

Funny: Yesterday we were talking with a member who is SO cool. She just was re-activated with her family and is planning on getting sealed in the temple with them in the next few months. She was talking to us about how she really wants to live the commandments with exactness. Reguarding the Sabbath Day she said..." and my family don't buy ANYTHING on sunday. NOT EVEN TORTILLAS!!!!"
hahahahaha. I was trying so hard not to life. Tortillas in this place= Life and Death.

HAPPY EASTER. I love you. 
remember because of him, we are here and we can return. 

xoxo. be you.

-hermana mcbride

1. Making cookies for our ward members with our district
2. We sang with Hermana Hess and BARNESY at a fireside this week
3. We are painting little Ori-Dianna's Play house right now :)
4. THROW BACK TUESDAY? 1 year ago with my 2 favorite peeps! (yes i know i am skinnier..don't judge..the tortillas will do that to ya..)

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