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Posted Up With Angels - June 24, 2014

Good Mornin' Sunshines!
Another transfer call today. I AM STAYING! We are all staying in a trio which is super rare. Yay!! No more anxiety of transfer calls. My next transfer will be to the Salt Lake City airport. Wheeew! We made it team. We at the finish line. These next few weeks are going to fly. It is soooo weird. We have something (meeting or event) every week this transfer. Oh and its my birthday month...cough cough ;)
Anyway, I am planning on doing what is called a "40 day fast". It resembles the 40 day fast that Christ did. But i will eat food don't worry. hahaha. I have picked about 5 different things that I want to fast from and do them. For example, I am going to actually make my bed every morning for 40 days. haha. You would think I would have learned that by now...nope...sorry parents. I am also going to speak spanish for at least half of the day. I am also going to finish Jesus The Christ #pray4me #NoEntiendo hahaha. So if any of y'all want to do the 40 day fast with me, it starts tomorrow! 40 more days! Weiiiirrrd.
It was fun to see Aunt Wendy this week. It reminded me that world hasn't changed one bit. Just that everyone and their dog is married.
We had the coolest miracle this week. One of my favorite member families here brought their cousin, Hollman, to church and he loved it and now we are teaching him. He just got out of Jail and wants to change his life around. He already read the entire Book of Mormon in jail. He has a baptismal date for July 12th! WHOO!
We got to go help out at an english ward activity and they had a giant water balloon fight. That was super fun..except when the elders got a hold of the balloons. #SOAKED
As you know, my companion is from El Salvador and so this week we went to a members house and made Papusas. YUM!
Spiritual: We sang my favorite song (Abide with Me) in church this week. I love being reminded of the beautiful lyrics to that song but I love it more in spanish. It says (translated):
Come, Lord, the night is already here.
Everything is dark and it gives me fear.
There is no peace; A lot of bad in sight
In the darkness, accompany me.
Always grace, I want to have
Who else could defeat Satan?
Only in you I will find my guide
In the sun and shadow, accompany me.
gooodddd stuff.
Funny: We were teaching our recent converty Kevin yesterday. He is 19 or something and we are homies cuz he is our neighbor too. Well, yesterday we were teaching him more about the priesthood from D&C 84. He was like..kay this is confusing and I don't really understand. So this is what I say to help him understand.."Kay kevin, there were some O.G's that were posted up in the olden days like before Jesus. They got the priesthood. Now you have it and if you used it right then angels will be posted up around you. Jesus Christ is like your number 1 amigo, ride or die, wingman. So use your priesthood right and he will blow your mind with blessings." hahaha. He understood PERFECTLY. And that is when you know that you were called for your own personality #McBreezyIsBack.
Love you all!
Have a fabulous week.
xoxo. be you.
-hermana mcbride
1.Bowling with some of my besties :)
2. Me and Aunt Wendy

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