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The Broken-Hearted - June 17, 2014

iBuenos dias!
Last P-day ended with me chillin on the pier of Ocean Beach. Not bad eh? Then I ended up with a really nasty looking farmers tan but oh well. I hope you had a wonderful fathers day daddy! I still don't understand why they don't just let us give you a phone call too. I am just doing fabulous. Life is good. No complaints.
Fathers day was quite non-climatic. We had dinner at the church though so that was fun. I am enjoying being in a branch again because I can get to know pretty much everyone haha.
We had zone conference yesterday and it was amazing. It was President Clayton's last zone conference and it was super sad. I gave him a big hug and thanked him for all that he has done for me while I have been here. I am so grateful that I was able to finish my mission here in California. Although I don't always understand why, I know God had people here for me.
We met an awesome lady yesterday who is ready to learn. Her name is Raffa. She is the housecleaner for some members. The members just got home from being mission presidents in Iowa and were recently called as the new temple presidents. Whooo..No break. I am greatful that they never took off that title of being a missionary though. I got super pumped to share the gospel with Nora (dads housecleaner) and mom's lanscaper. I think it should be fun :)
Spiritual: We went on exchanges this week with Hermana Hess. She is my homie. I love her so so much. We had a heart to heart on life and how the mission is going. She told me something that she has learned in the last few weeks and it has really helped me look at things differently...
My success as the Lord's missionary is not based on how many baptisms I get or how many lessons I teach, how many new investigators I find, or many rules I break or keep. My success is determined by how many broken hearts I have had. How many times that my heart broke when my investigator didn't read or come to church. How many times I watched someone choose something that wasn't right. How many times I cried because I felt alone. Failed baptisms. Switching missions. Depression. Sickness.
It was in those times, when I had to turn to The Savior. Jesus taught us that, "he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted". Our success in this life will be determined by how well we understand the atonement and use it. That is why my success as a missionary is determined on my broken-heart.
Funny: We are now eating with 2 english people a week. That is always either way fun or just a culture shock. This week we were calling to confirm dinner and the man answered "HELLO! This is Brother Walt! And Im a mormon! How can I help you?". Welp, I about peed my pants and I thought this would probably be the weirdest family in the ward. Quite the opposite. They are actually way cool he is just freaking hilarious. We were asking them if they had any pass-along cards and he said.."ya i think so..Is it the one with a picture of a dude with a hoodie on?.."
I said, " don't think so?". He brings over the card with Jesus in his robe. BAHAHA! Jesus in a hoodie. I will never look at that picture the same.
Time is windin down my friends. I would ask you for your prayers even more than before. I am gonna need it for this last transfer to stay focused and to transition back into the world.
Love you so much kiddos.
xoxo. be you.
-hermana mcbride
Picture time:
1. We put coconut oil in our hair every night...#swag
2.Saying bye to President and Sister Clayton
3.Exchanges with Hessykins
4. Lets go to the beach beach..lets go get away!

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