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Lovin' the Laughter! - March 25, 2014

Hola Hola..

So this morning started as a little bit of a doozy. We locked are keys in the trunk. Luckily me and Sister Hyde just laugh at everything and ended up just laughing it off. The elders tried to break into the car but failed so we just made sandwiches and had a picnic until someone came to the rescue. Me and Sister Hyde are doing awesome. We just laugh at everything. Nobody else understands why we are laughing but its all good. We both just talk as if we were tweeting to each other. Transfers are coming up and I am going to cry if we get split up. WE HOMIES. I don't think we will though. After this transfer, I only have 3 transfers left. HOW WEIRD?! I am trippin out a little bit. 

Its been a little weird of a week. The work is going good. We have had some really up days and really down days. Days that you question why you are even a missionary.  Here are some of the random updates:

-We had 2 days this week with PACKED schedule and everyone of them cancelled and then we couldn't find anyone home. It was comical. Me and sister hyde just came home and sang "YOU HAD A BAD DAY, YOU TAKE A WALK DOWN, YOU SING A SANG SONG JUST TO TURN IT AROUND..". Then we laughed about 1990's disney movies. so all is good. We ended up having a pretty decent week though. 

-Marlen called us and told us she got a job and can only meet with us once a week. That was a bummer. Her baptism will be pushed off til April. They still came to church though!
-Last night the elders came to give one of our investigators a blessing cuz she has epilepsy. Then we taught her the plan of salvation with the elders. I think it might have been too much information or too overwhelming. Cuz when were saying our goodbyes she had a siezure right in front of us. It was really scary. :/

-I found out that one of the elders in my zone (from new york) is my 2nd cousin. That was awkward. haha. His step mom is my great aunt vicki. We even have been at the same family christmas party. #SmallWorld

-We added a new family, La Familia Diaz. There is a mom who just survived cancer, 19 year old and 17 year old daughters, and a dad who we haven't met yet. They seem super promising and we are excited to teach them. 

Spiritual: In our lesson with the Diaz family we wanted to really emphasize the Book of Mormon. Sometimes we just go and tell them what it is and give it to them. We often forget how freaking incredible The Book of Mormon really is. So at the beginning I just started by saying, "Today..we are going to change your lives. We are going to teach you about a book that can help you with so many things." It was so cool to see how different their perspective was of the book of mormon was. It was almost as if they were hungry for it. I realized this week, how important the book of Mormon is. I am so grateful for it and I know it changes lives. 

Funny: We were going out of our apartment and we were going to find a blue mailbox so that we could drop our letters off and they could go out that day. As we were driving down a main road, I saw that there was a mailman next to us. Mailmans drive on the right side of the road right? okay so I am driving, going about 30 miles an hour, and I stuck my head out the window and said "AY! MAILMAN! WE GOT LETTERS!" He acted as if this happened to him all the time. We just reached across the cars and I handed the letters to him going 30 mph. It was pretty legendary. Only a missionary would do such a thing. It was pretty legit though. hahaha. 

I am headed off to downtown. Going to go walk into a Nordstrom for the first time in a year. It should be a good day. YEAAAYEAHHH!

Love you all so much.
xoxo. be you.

-Hermana McBride

Pictures time...

1. We got 1 dollar matching t-shirts..#Irish
2. Me and Hermana Rivas..the worlds best ward missionary.

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