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Feliz Ano Nuevo! Dec 13, 2013

iFeliz Año Nuevo!
Today I will be spending my new years in an apartment with my lil compa and a glass of sparkling cider..reading the scriptures. WHOO! PAARTTTTYY! It should be fun haha. This week was a little up and down. I got sick with a sinus infection (surprise surprise..i love my immune system) the day after christmas and was in bed for 2 days. NOT FUN. But my amazing companion was a great mom to me and the elders bought me ice cream. So all is well now.
Manuel- The man from Cuba. He is still just so freaking legit. He tells us all about his past life. He lived the HIGH life. He was an entertainer on cruise ships. He knows 6 languages and has traveled all over the country. Now..he is living in a trailer in the backyard of one of his friends. He is so humble and so freaking cool. He told us yesterday that he just feels like his life has been a refiners fire until now. And he went through all of the things he went through so that he would be able to me us and be baptized. He loves church and can't wait for January 11th! It will be a great day.
The Sanchezs- Welp..all was going good but they just got super sketchy all of a sudden and we were really nervous becuase it was the week of their baptism. Basically satan is winning this battle. He told us he isn't ready and that work is just too much for him right now. It was really frustrating because when we met him he didn't have a job and was super humble. Last night was super hard. We wanted to reteach the restoration and it just turned into a bash. It was like a switch went off. They were the most golden family at one point and now they are really hard to teach. It is really sad. I was so mad last night. But we are trying not to give up and help them understand poco a poco.
Spiritual: Last week we had our mission christmas party. President Clayton made us a promise. He said, "I can promise that this will be the best Christmas that you have ever had, IF you are willing to serve and lose yourself." He was so right.
Christmas was just amazing. We started the day with a nice breakfast at one of the senior couples houses. Then calling the fam. Greatest thing ever. Don't even remember what was said but it didn't even matter. It was just so good to hear from you all. INCLUDING Elder Vassau. That was probably one of the coolest things, to talk to him for 2 seconds and just know that we are both doing the same thing. We opened presents at Bishops house. THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERY SINGLE THING I GOT. I loved everything. Then we went and sang at a veterans hospital. It was so cool to spend time with the people who didn't have family around. Then we ate dinner at bishops and ended with some cool lessons with people who didn't have much to do on Christmas. It was the first christmas I have really felt the real meaning of Christmas and THATS why it was the best christmas.
Funny: The other Hermanas had a lesson with this lady who is about 80. And they thought it was going SO solid. They were building up the baptism invitation a ton so that this lady would understand the importance of it. So Hermana Kelemen says to her, "Okay, so if Jesus Christ got baptized..what do you think we need to do?". They were really feelin like the lesson was just so good and that she was feeling it too..She puts her hands on her head and sits back in her chair and in a loud voice says..."PUES...ORARRRRR (well...pray)." haha. Hermana Kelemen just started dying laughing in the lesson.
So many moments like that as a missionary. EPIC FAIL. Nice try. maybe next time.
Be good tonight. don't do anything to crazy. kiss someone at midnight for me. haha. jk. just my kiss my mom for me.
xoxo. smile always. be you.
-Hermana McBride
Pics above:
1. Our friend Arnold that we met at the veterans hospital
2. Us with Manuel at church
3. Peace and Love..spendin christmas with my favorite 90 year old.
4. Christmas Breakfast

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