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Tender Mercies - Feb 11, 2014

Hey Family.
Good news to report, I am on the up and out. I am feeling a little better everyday. I wouldn't say that everything is sunshine and butterflys all the time but I am definitely improving. That came with time, a great counsilor (finaly), a chat on the phone with an amazing stake president, and MANY tender mercies haha. And of course little Barnesy. I have had a few moments where I really just feel down and so we have learned to take little breaks when I need them. Hermana Barnes has been cool and telling me stories and distracting me from feeling sad. I am so grateful to feel a little better everyday and find the joy in my journey again.
This week we had what we call an "MTE". Which is when one of the Sister Training Leaders comes to our area with us and helps us improve basically. I was so stressed out for this and I prayed SO hard that I wouldn't be. is true...they had Sister Hess (one of my favorite sisters here) come with us on our exchange. TENDER MERCY. She was so cool and she helped me SO much. We ended up working hard and having a way good time.
I got to talk to a counsilor this week...round 2. And this was SO HELPFUL. I met with a lady named Andy and dang that woman is good. She helped me so much. I have 2 more visits with her in the next couple of weeks. She has been so helpful on showing me that it is okay to be sad but recognizing that it is possible to be happy. TENDER MERCY. haha.
Manuel...still the most golden thing that has ever walked the earth. This week when we stopped by his house he said he was super tired. We asked why...he says, "Hermanas, I stay up reading the scriptures til 4am everyday...". LIKE WHO DOES THAT? TENDER MERCY. He is so so cool. Can't wait for you to all meet him one day.
Ivette and Freshte are doing so well too! This week we had an amazing lesson with them. We invited them to be baptized on March 1st and Freshte finally said she felt good about it. She said that all of her friends from highschool give her crap about going to a mormon church but that she knows it is right and she is starting to like church more and more. SO COOL! We are hoping that March 1st will really stick. They are so ready.
Spiritual Moment: Talking to President Sturt on the phone was probably one of the most spiritual phone calls that I have ever had. It felt like I was right in his office and he just LISTENED. He didn't judge or try to convince me to leave or stay. He just heard me out and then gave me some great advice. He talked to me about the principle of light and darkness. It is impossible for dark to exisit with light. But unfortunately, light doesn't come over night. So, he challenged me to look for the lightbulbs in everyday. To look for things that made me happy or think about a time when I was happy and why. As I have done that, I have felt a difference. The spirit communicated right to my heart through a telephone. It was so cool. God is real.
Funny Moment: I have been slackin on the funny moment recently so this week I will share 2.
1. We were at a Zone Meeting and we were discussing some ideas of what we could do on Pday. One of the elders yells out "We could go to the swimming pool and not get in the water..." another Elder (very obedient) yells out..."That is like going to a Strip Club with a blindfold on!"
I. was. in. tears. laughing. so. hard. So many distracted Elders for about 20 seconds. hahaha. too good.
2. We were at Hermana Morales' house and her son Aaron (5 years old...can do a mean bellyroll) was playing with their dog.
Me: " your dog a girl or a boy?"
Aaron: "DUH HERMANA It has a heart so it is a girl..."
oh of could I forget? Words of Advice from a 5 year old...#HappyValentinesDay #AllMySingleLadies #MenDontHaveHearts
Anyway...I am off to the best P-Day food of my entire mission. AKA...We found a NOODLES & COMPANY IN SAN DIEGO. BEST DAY EVER.
Love you all so much. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers in my behalf. They are working. Lets bang this last 6 months out shall we?
xoxo. be you.
-Hermanita McBride
Pictures above:
1. Exchange sleepover in the living room with Hermana Hess
2. Me and Barnesy and my girl Hermana Oliver
3. We have a rule where we can't walk on the sand..but this was alright for me.

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