Monday, July 21, 2014

Give Up or Get Up + Pics

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful mother. I love you and miss your face. Time is winding down so quickly. My next three p-days consist of Old Town with my besties from the mission (today), My birthday party, then the beach, then HOME! Carrrazzyyy. I am super excited to finish here in Poway with Hermana Hofer. She is like one of my besties. We will be good friends for a good while.
Last Pday was so much fun. President and his kiddos came and played ball. It was so intense because of course everyone was trying to impress the guy haha. But it was way fun. My basketball skills have really improved ;) hahah...okay not really. I still struggle to make lay-ups but I make it rain when it comes to those 3-pointers. Speaking of basketball...WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME ABOUT LEBRON?! officially fail as my sports updater. haha.
Hollman passed his interview and is getting baptized on July 26th!!! Nothing like a baptism to send you home huh? We are so excited. He is super pumped too. He wants to go on a mission.
We met a really cute family in the English ward. They are half peruvian. She found out I was going home in 3 weeks and is already trying to set me up with her son. There has been a lot of that awkwardness lately (see funny moment..)
The fun day of the week was biking on 7/11..mostly because we have 4 different 7/11's in our area. FREE SLURPEES FOR DAYS!!! My tan line is gettin nice and thick haha.
The poway zone is good. We are BFF's with our Zone Leaders. There is a bunch of stupid drama with missionaries but we are having lots of fun and staying out of it.
Spiritual: This week was sweeeet. I had straight up revelation. I was in an appointment with an investigator and out of nowhere I felt so naucious. I felt SO sick. I didn't know why because I never feel that way unless I have the flu. So we went home and I blacked out on my pillow for a good hour. I woke up so confused and I was more mad than anything. I was thinking.."WHY ME! I am trying my hardest to finish strong. I am doing my best and this happens. Is this God or is this Satan? What am I supposed to learn from this?" Then I sat and thought and prayed to myself. And then it dawned on me. Sickness and any other trial for that matter happens because of human nature (since the fall of adam). The important part is the way we decide to react to trials. We can choose God or the adversary.
An example of this that came to my mind is when Jesus Christ was on the ship with his apostles. He fell asleep and was EXHAUSTED. He was a natural man as well and he got tired. He layed down and litteraly slept through a huge storm. That is when his apostles woke him up and asked for his help. In that moment, Jesus had the decision to give up orget up. He got up and calmed the sea and said, "Peace, be still".
So everyday we are given trials. We have the choice as well. Will we give up or get up? I am gonna get up and fight until August 5th and I am hugging each of your squishy little faces.
Funny: So..we overlap with a YSA at church. There are some babes..not going to lie. So as we were walking out, I was talking to this english member and she was like "wow! you only have 3 weeks left?!" Then one of the YSA guys was like "Ya sister poulson do you have any young nephews or cousins?"
Me, being awkward and completely oblivious, didn't realize that he was asking FOR me. haha. I say, "Why?..haha". He was like.." get home..just trying to help get you set up ya know?". Then sister poulson says, "Why are you asking about my cousins?! Why don't YOU get Sister McBrides phone number..?". I slowly just walked away awkwardly and said.." realllly don't have to do that...byyye!!". I am so awkward. He was a babe. But ya know..I ain't ready for that dating life yet hahaha.
Love you guys.
Have a good week. Email me on my birthday..#SoIKnowItsReal
xoxo. be you.
-hermana mcbride
1. THE columbian hot dog..its insane. I will make you one when i get home.
2. BIKES!!!
3.  Ballin with President Schmitt
4. It is safe to say that you are a Sister Missionary when you wear this skirt in public..hahahaha. don't worry it only lasted a good 4 hours.


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